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    AM5 suggestions for 3 full speed NVME 4.0 drives?

    I’m putting together a new system for the first time in 9 years and am looking at a 3x 2TB nvme sticks configuration. I would like a board that supports full speed/full lanes on all of them while still having a 16 lane pcie5 gpu slot. I am assuming this configuration is only going to be...
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    Zen 4 and memory speeds

    New to Zen cpu's and have a question... So I understand that currently the sweet spot for memory performance on Zen 4 is 6000mhz DDR5, with ramped up speeds beyond that not showing significant gains. I loosely understand this is related to the current infinity fabric implementation in the...
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    What to replace a 24" side/portrait monitor with...

    So I've been using a 10 yr old Dell 24" 1920x1200 in portrait mode for the last few years and its finally dying. I am a huge fan of the side portrait monitor setup so i need to replace it. I dont want to fall back to 1080p and lose that little bit of resolution, in fact I'd rather add more...
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    Any news on when the ATX 3.0 PSU's will arrive?

    Hasnt been much information beyond the intel spec briefing back in.... March? Definitely hoping that they will be available with the new cpu's and, more importantly, gpus in the 4th quarter...
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    Are there decent low profile speakers that can fit under a monitor?

    My dual monitor setup doesnt really accommodate flanking speakers so I'm wondering if there are decent quality speakers that are either low profile (<5" high) or *preferably* something like a soundbar that is designed for a computer monitor (so something ~15" wide and a couple inches high). The...
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    Newly installed Sapphire 6870 = HOT?

    So I've just installed a brand new Sapphire 6870 in my system (Quad core, Vista 64, 8gigs ram, Corsair 620HX power supply). Card seems to work, card fan is going. I try a couple of 'easier' games to push.... WoW, Borderlands. Seems to work fine for the most part. Then I try Crysis and after...
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    Asus P5E solid and stable with 4x1 Ballistix?

    Still trying to nail down the final specs of my new, tri-centennial computer. My QX9650 is finally in so I need to get a move on on the rest of the components. The final peices of my setup that I need to figure out are the MB and ram combination. I'm set on running 4gb. I dont really need...
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    QX9650 an IP35 PRO

    Anyone know if the IP35 PRO boards support the penryn chips yet or is the BIOS still 'under development'?
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    2x 2gb vs 4 x 1 gb

    I'm getting mixed messages on which setup of ram i should get for a 4gb system. I'm planning on some modest overclocking (bring a 3ghz cpu to 3.4-3.6 ghz). What are the pros/cons of 2x2gb vs 4x1gb? TIA
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    New Cinema Displays ETA?

    Anyone know when Apples new Cinema Displays are due to be released (or rumored to be released)?
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    New Apple Cinema Displays ETA?

    Anyone know when Apple's new cinema displays are due for release (or rumored to be released)?
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    Anyone in Canada bought an XT PE or 6800GT?

    I swear to god these cards DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE up here. Anyone bought either of them from a canadian retailer? name/webpage?
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    Just bought BenQ FP2091...

    Well after getting burned on a bad Mitsubishi 930SB I bit the bullet and decided to bring a 16ms 20" flat panel home. Settled on the BenQ FP2091. My god this thing is gorgeous. Not a single dead pixel and the backlighting is *almost* completely uniform, just a tiny bit of uneveness on the...
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    opinions: Zalman 7000AlCu vs Swiftech MCX64-V

    Any thoughts/opinions on these two heatsinks? Both from a cooling perspective and a noise perspective?
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    2.2ghz A64 oc to 2.4ghz A64 a sure thing?

    Trying to get a feel how probable this would be. I'll be buying (mushkin) DDR3500 ram, and its a less than 10% overclock but I'm only going to be using air cooling (either the retail 3400+ hs/f or a zalman 7000 AlCu). Also would a less than 10% overclock be havoc on an unlocked pci/agp bus...
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    If you've bought a 3400+ recently...

    You should check to see which version of the cpu you got. The original 3400+ was a 2.2 ghz chip with 1mb of L2 cache. But according to amd's website the 3400+ is now spec'ed at 2.4 ghz with 512kb of L2 (single channel memory bus)...
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    Lowest Latency PC3500 and up?

    Is the lowerst latency PC3500 (and higher memory) still stick at CAS3? I'm thinking about buying an Athlon64 3400+ (since the 3700+ is so bloody expensive) and then trying to get another 200mhz out of it. Thats a slight overclock so I'm wondering if theres any low latency cas2 ram out there...
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    nforce3 250 and socket 939 when?

    Anyone have an idea on when we'll see nforce3 250 socket 939 boards out? Looking for MSI, Asus, or Abit primarily....
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    939 Motherboards?

    Whats the current market for 939 motherboards? All I can see is the Asus KV8 (via). No nforce250 939 motherboards available yet?
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    Lol @ Dell
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    initial socket 939 benchies! I cant read german but whats interesting (unless Im misunderstanding) is that the 939 benches are also single channel only (ie using only one DIMM). So basically the 939 chip with half...
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    New A64's @ cebit?

    I'm going crazy waiting for the new batch of A64's (FX-53 and 3700+). Anyone know whether CeBIT will see their announcement/introductions? How about PCI-E and/or socket 939 based motherboards? Im going nutz here! Must... buy.... soon!!!!
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    2500+ OC and retail heatsink?

    Ok need some opinions. With the new A64 timetables, it looks like I wont be able to buy my new ninja system until late may. :( I simply cannot stand my 1.4tbird/256megs PC133 ram any longer. UT2K4, Battlefield Vietnam and Far Cry are calling. So... I'm looking into a teeny little bump to...
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    Socket 939 essentially a Q3 product

    Surprised more hasnt been made of this: Disappointing to be sure. Alas I cannot wait until the second half of the year. Looks like a socket 754 3700+ is in my future....
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    More Prescott performance numbers