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    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    Coincidentaly, I came across this article: It's somewhat technical, intended for programmers, but in summary: You can read data from an SSD faster than the CPU can process it, even when it's a fairly simple task.
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    Case connector header, e.g. ASUS - timewasting lunacy in 2022

    I have two Asus montherboards in the house at the moment. I just checked the manuals, and one of them (A320M-K) indicates +/- in the manual, while the other (CH7DH) does not. I never even noticed though, since I didn't connect a power LED to that one - it wasn't really needed, since there are a...
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    Case selection = SAD!

    I also dislike most modern cases, and like brushed aluminium. There are a few nicer cases around, but I dealt with it myself by just making a case instead of buying one. I remember doing some tests on this back in the 20th century, and there were cases where removing the side panel would not...
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    Join us on November 3rd as we unveil AMD RDNA™ 3 to the world!

    You can get those already. They're called Intel Arc.
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    i blew up my cheap harbor freight multimeter, what I do wrong?

    Everyone who has used a multimeter very much will have done this (tried to measure voltage when the probes are in the current position) at least once. I've done it several times myself. When it's a proper meter with a big fuse for the 10A range, replacement fuses can cost more than an entire...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    The multiple rails are just have separate current limits applied, they aren't separately regulated. Thus, nothing bad will happen when they are connected together.
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    Join us on November 3rd as we unveil AMD RDNA™ 3 to the world!

    You're too late on that one, as there were real-time ray-traced games years ago. I can't find any to link to now though, as search engines just put stuff about RTX at the top for any search about ray-tracing.
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    The spec says that if the sense pins are open, the max. power is 150W*. That isn't enough for a 4090, so it should refuse to work. * That's from the ATX12VO spec, but it will be the same everywhere.
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    Join us on November 3rd as we unveil AMD RDNA™ 3 to the world!

    That's a 1.3x increase. Depending on how hard the chips are pushed to get them to just 2.3GHz, I would expect that to increase power consumption by at least 1.3³ = 2.2x. Not all of the 355W TBP is core power, so it wouldn't end up 355x2.2W, but it would still be ridiculously hot.
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Taking a good photo of something that small requires a macro lens, and not many people have one of those, even if they can take good photographs otherwise.
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    transient power consumption spikes

    Sorry to bump a thread by quoting myself, but it seems that Intel were way ahead of me, and had already added this to the ATX12VO spec in March 2022. It allows up to 3x nominal power as long as it's no more than 100 microseconds long.
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    I have a Neo G7 and work with text all day. I barely even notice the curve after a while. Maybe it would be different if I did CAD. What is a problem is the local dimming; it's obviously tuned to minimize blooming, so light text on a dark background can end up dim enough to make it hard to read...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    That is interesting, yes. If I might be permitted to engage in baseless speculation for a moment: We know that nVidia was aware of this problem since September, before the 4090 was released. Therefore it's reasonable to assume that they made changes to address it. Perhaps one of the two designs...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    They weren't different gauges, just different voltage ratings. That means one would have slightly thicker insulation than the other. Both are more than adequately rated for 12V, so both are acceptable.
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    It's weird because it's more curved in the middle than at the edges, making things diplayed towards the edges appear to curve backwards. Overall I still prefer it to a flat monitor, it's just... *why* on Earth would they do it like that?!
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    Nvidia "unlaunches" the 4080 12GB

    Industrial espionage very much happens. I'm sure both companies do everything they can to keep tabs on the competition - how else would they manage to make their tiers match up every generation?
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    Nvidias Doogie Heatpipe visits GN

    Presenters have to elicit reponses that will be helpful to the viewer, not to themselves. This means they have to ask questions about basic things, even if they already understand, so that viewers don't get lost.
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    Texas Instruments makes it harder to run programs on its calculators

    That article links to one about the "Vintage Sports-Car Club", for which one of the references from 1961 says that the club was for cars from up to 1931 - i.e. they counted 30 year old cars as "vintage". The TI-85 is now... 30 years old.
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    What do y'all use to synchronize movie framerates to your monitor?

    Most people don't notice it, but if the frame rate can't sync exactly to the refresh rate, there will be periodic hitches as a frame is offset by one refresh cycle. I'm the only person I know who even knows this happens, let alone cares. But then most people don't even notice if the aspect ratio...
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    Texas Instruments makes it harder to run programs on its calculators

    My TI calculator died a long time ago from leaky batteries, but I still use a TI emulator instead of Windows Calc. While there are native apps that are better for graphing, solving etc, I still like the TI because the interface is comfortingly familiar. Remember how when you were growing up...
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    Windows dropping connection while downloading torrents

    If the hardware is the same and only the software has changed, then it sounds like a driver problem. If you're currently using Microsoft's driver for the network adapter, try installing the manufacturer's most recent driver instead (or vice versa if you have already done that).
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    What do y'all use to synchronize movie framerates to your monitor?

    VLC works with Freesync. You'll need a monitor that will work at that low a framerate, which means it needs LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) support, since the "real" Freesync range never extends that far down.
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Reviews

    The efficiency charts in the GN review make the 5950X look really impressive. I'm glad I already got one, and won't need to upgrade for a few years. Maybe things will have calmed down by then. Or maybe they won't, and I should start building a containment vessel now, for the reactor that will...
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    Where are the cheap home 2.5G switches?

    Depends what you mean by "cheap", but Mikrotik make some that are within reach of us mortals, with catchy names like CRS305-1G-4S+IN. You have to spend extra money to get SFP+ modules to actually connect fibre to, but those can be had fairly cheap these days. Switches with SFP+ cages can be used...
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    Is this the most multi-threaded game there is?

    Would it reach 55% usage on a 5950X? A CPU thread represents a set of physical resources. An OS thread is a software abstraction on top of that, but isn't the same thing. You could, for instance, have a process with 100 threads that only ever uses 1 CPU thread, which wouldn't be something I...
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    Is this the most multi-threaded game there is?

    I mean CPU threads rather than software threads, so just spawning a load of threads that do nothing doesn't count. Here's a screenshot of thread activity as shown by ProcessExplorer: Of the total 146 threads, exactly 32 are doing any real work. This looks very much like it's deliberately...
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    Is this the most multi-threaded game there is?

    Behold, the first game I've seen where I was glad to have a 16C CPU instead of 8, or even 12. This is Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, running at 1440p with everything turned up, during a battle with the maximum 1000 combatants on the field simultaneously (over 2000 in total over the course of the...
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    Rumor: Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down

    I'm sure everyone here has had idle discussions about what we would do if we could go back in time. There's obvious answers like "kill Hitler", or "find out how they built the pyramids". But for one person the answer was: "cloud gaming".
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    Don't forget to plug it in the other way around, to go from -48 to +48.
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    A bigger voltage difference means lower efficiency, yes. This would be offset by lower losses in the cables though.
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    I'm pretty sure madpistol didn't intend for that comment to be taken seriously, but the answer is yes, USB-C cables can carry 240W. That's enough for most graphics cards; for higher power ones, just use two or three in parallel.
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    Are we having too much "beta" lately?

    This is only true in a real free market where Customers have full information available. There is actual competition, so customers can choose an alternative. Customers actually make decisions that are in their own best interests. It's very, very common for at least one of those to fail, so you...
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    When should you replace an SSD?

    I run them until they are too small to be useful anymore, or until they break. Ok, so sometimes I don't wait that long because I want something newer and shinier, but I move the old one to a different system and keep using it.
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    What mini tool do I need to remove mini retaining rings from cooling fan shafts?

    Also called circlip pliers. Here's a randomly found guide, as it's important to know that there are variations like internal vs. external:
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    400w silliness

    High efficiency PSUs will have the lower voltage rails derived from the 12V rail, and so will be able to supply their entire rating on the 12V rail alone.
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    Paypal Changes?

    Have you ever used Paypal?
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    The original decision was made based on cost. I would like to say that it was a mistake, but then again USB beat competing standards precisely because it was cheaper, so maybe it wouldn't have won if they had started out with decent connectors.
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    USB passthrough on Headphones somekinda joke?

    I present to you: Audio Accessory Mode. I have no idea if it's ever been implemented in a PC, or anything other than a mobile phone though.
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    transient power consumption spikes

    This is something that's missing from the ATX spec. If there was a standard curve of % overcurrent vs. min/max time to trip, then there would be no need for finger pointing, because either the GPU or PSU would be out of spec if OCP tripped in normal operation.
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    There was pressure applied on manufacturers, for instance the EU effectively said to them "agree on a standard voluntarily or we'll have to force you to do it ourselves". As a result, they all* agreed to use micro USB, then later USB-C. * Except Apple of course, and so now here we are.