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    What should I get for my Ipod?

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    How to remove I/O panel?

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    Drive letters messed up...

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    Where did my USB thing go?

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    Hard drive failing?

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    Best way of backing up data?

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    Tv Tuner card questions...

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    DVD-ROM not properly working!

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    Best codec pack to get? The one I use is getting old.

    I came to [H] to ask this once a couple of years ago. The recommended pack was ffdshow and it worked great. I never encountered any audio or video media tha tI couldn't play correctly. Now, the pack has not been updated for years and I was wondering is there anyything you guys reccomend? Thanks.
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    How to turn of "clicking the user" in Windows XP?

    I do not want to have to click onthe user when I turn on the computer. Also when the computer comes back from the screensaver, I have to click the user again. Is there an option to get rid of this?
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    Any way to reinstall IE? I am having Temporary Internet files problems.

    The temporary interenet files will not save anymore. It won't allow me to set a value of how much disc space to use or mov eht folder. I don't think there even is a location because the current location is blank. I was on Myspace with a couple Windows open and all of them closed. When I view...
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    Very stiff audio port on Abit IS7-V2

    I am using onboard audio on this ccomputer I just built. The audio port is very hard to get a speaker or headphone in. It will go in like halfway and then have a friction point. I could force it is and everything works. It takes a lot of force to get it in and out. Anyone with a similar experience?
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    I just built a computer and when I went to power it up, the power will turn the computer on for like one second and then it shuts down. I could tell it turns on because of the fans. It won't turn on again afterwards unless I turn off the power supply and then turn the power supply back on. Then...
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    How to get that diamond "shine" in Photoshop?

    I was wondering how you can get something such as glass or a jewelrty item to glisten. I have an example of what I am talking about. It's like that bottom of that G or the top of the T. Any help would be great :)
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    Computer I built for work...Opinions?

    Well I just ordered all of it off of Newegg for my brother's cell phone business he recently opened and I will work there also. I wanted to make the computer to not only handle all of the needed things such as faxing, ringtones, emailing, but to also let me play games:D. I wanted something that...
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    Cooler Master Wavemaster...Does it light up?

    Does the Wavemaster light up in the front? I have seen them light up blue but I wasn't sure if that was because CCFL, blue intake fans, or does it come with LEDs there? I really like this case. Any owners with pics? :)
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    No more "C" Pentium 4s?

    I was looking on Newegg to purchase a 2.4C for my SFF I am building. They have no more of any of the "C" processors. Should I just get something else for my Socket 478 motherboard? The "E" processors seem a lot cheaper than the last tim eI checked which was a while ago :p
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    Quick question about my CPUs

    I have been folding on my computer only and then I went and set it up on my brother's computer also. I inserted all of my information into the program. When I check my stats, it is still listing me as having only one CPU when I have two. I have had two for like 2-3 days now. Is it just slow?
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    WTB: Lower end ATI Radeon card (9500,9600,9700)

    I am looking to purchase a Radeon video card that is from the 9500, 9600, or 9700 series. I am not looking to spend much so just shoot me your offers. I am not looking for such a great card since I will only be using it to play lower end games such as CS 1.6 and WC3. Please PM me with your offers.
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    DVD-ROM not properly working!

    Well my DVD-ROM is not reading anything I give it. This wasbefore I formatted and after. The computer recognizes it and the tray can open and close fine. The computer does list the drive correctly as a "Pioneer" drive. What can be wrong with it?
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    I can't get it to boot from a CD! HELP!

    I am trying to get this computer to boot from a Windows XP CD so I can format and reinstall XP on it. The computer is completely trashed with viruses and spyware. I did set the DVD-ROM to the first boot device. When I start up the computer, there is no point in which I am choose to boot from a...
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    Plug-ins for Nero 6.6?

    I know there are tons of them out there and I was wondering if there are any worth getting? A lot of them involve audio formats which I don't know much about. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Reformatting and installing XP on my IDE...Need SATA drivers?

    I always had an IDE drive installed in my computer with XP on it. I recently installed a new SATA drive to increase data space. The drive was basically plug and play except It wouldn't show in "My Computer" until I ran Maxblast 4. I want to reformat my IDE drive which has XP on it and reinstall...
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    Chip in my WC3 disc!

    Well I noticed a crack in my WC3 disc a while back but it was playing fine. This morning I went to play but it wouldn't launch WC3. The crack got bigger and bigger but I didn't really notice it. It starts from the middle of the disc and comes out. Anyways, what are my options? I really don't...
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    66 degrees from Northbridge...

    Well I replaced my cooler for my Northbridge since my other one had the fan die. Now I am getting temps of 66 degrees. This is VERY high, correct? I think I messed up the thermal compound that was on the heatsink when I installed it because it was such a pain to install the two hooks. Maybe I...
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    Setting up my SATA drive...

    What is the step by step way of installing my new drive. I bought it OEM. I should enable it in BIOS first right? In my manual, it lists SATA 1-4. Do I only need to enable one? After I enable in BIOS I can just plug it in and format it?
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    Best way of backing up data?

    I know there are many ways of backing up for valuables on your hard drives. I have tons of media files and pictures that I really would hate to lose. What are some of the best ways to protect your data from something such as a harddrive dying on you?
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    Reformatting my network's "main computer".

    Well it is full of spyware and all that other junk. I am going to format the computer and keep it niec and clean. Anyways, right now that computer serves as the main computer in my home network. It is my is the computer that serves as a print server as well because that is where the printer is...
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    NCQ? What is it? Would it affect my next purchase?

    Well I was planning on getting a high capacity SATA drive since my old WD IDE drive has 6-7 GB left out of 80. Anyways, I was looking at the WD 320GB SATA. Then after looking at reviews, the Maxtor Maxline 3 performs better because of it's 16MB cache. I then read someting about NCQ and wasn't...