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    Dead motherboard audio? ASrock B550 Phantom Gaming 4

    After turning on my PC today, Whatever speakers or headphones are plugged into headphone jacks in my pc, I get this incredibly loud crackling/whining noise. I've tested this with known good headphones and speakers and they all do it. (the speakers/headphones have all been tested to work on other...
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    Connecting Dell Docking Station to USB-C Port on RTX 2070

    I have a VGA cable from my CRT Monitor plugged into my Dell USB-C WD15 docking station and I have the USB-C cable plugged into my RTX 2070 (GPU has USB-C port). So far I have not been able to have the docking station receive video and send it out through the VGA port or any other port, can...
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    4x AMD Radeon R9 290 LOT

    Great for a 4x R9 290 Crossfire, or for miners with cheap electricity. Kept cool and dust free.