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    Re-Thinking (or overthinking) Embedded OOP

    I've been writing some embedded libraries for an ongoing personal project and downshifted to really think about my approach. Particularly, I'm sanity-checking whether an object-oriented implementation for some of this stuff is even a starter, or if my OO approach is worthless. Here's where I'm...
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    WatchGuard M370

    I was able to grab one of these in new condition on eBay this morning for less than $30. I anticipate the UTM license is expired for the unit, but I intend to install PFsense anyway. This is all for home lab work and ultimately a dedicated home appliance. I have been shopping around for similar...
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    Access point w/ 24VDC input?

    Hi all, I’m shopping around for a (preferably compact) WiFi access point that accepts 24V input by either terminal block or barrel connector. Anyone see something like this? While there are plenty of PoE injectors that accept 24V, I’d prefer to avoid the need to carry the extra weight and...
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    Hi all, Background: I'm working on building a lightweight (microcontroller platforms) DateTime builder class that accepts various flavors of dates and times and assembles a formatted string, depending on the client/service selected format specifier. I'm using this link as my point of...
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    Screw for M.2 SSD + Heatsink

    Using a Z390 Maximus XI Hero and one of the M.2 heatsink screws are missing. They're about a centimeter long - would there be a good place to find a replacement? Thanks!
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    Reaching a private address externally?

    Can anyone else also ping Tracert reveals it's external to our network, but am I mistaken in thinking that it should be a private address?
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    iOS 8 released

    Weighs in at 1.1 GB on my 5S.
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    Corsair Carbide Air 240

    Bloody awesome! dual-chamber, accessible layout, but minimal footprint significantly smaller than the 540 purportedly great ventilation no 5.25" bays (finally!) comes in white ~$90 Looking to upgrade the desktop, so it looks like this case will be the system's home. :)...
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    iOS 7.1

    still rocking an iPhone 4 - my cursory impression is that it is definitely snappier.
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    FS: Dell XPS 15 (quad core CPU, 8GB, nVidia GPU, 1080p)

    Has some palmrest blemish, usual wear with some scratches on the underside. Otherwise: Dell XPS 15 (L502X) - 15.4" 1080p display - Intel Core i7 2630QM 2.0GHz quad - 8 GB memory (2x4GB) - nVidia GTX 525M 1 GB - 500 GB hard disk (HGST, wiped) - Blu-Ray RE/DVD-RW - Win 7 Home Premium license...
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    Lian-Li side panel screws?

    I misplaced 1 of the screws for the side panel of my v354. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? I believe they're painted black. Thanks! :)
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    20% off SteelSeries 6Gv2 - $79.99

    You can also get it with Cherry Red switches for the same price. From Amazon.
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    Help me understand a FiiO setup

    I get that both the E17 and E9K are each headphone amplifiers (and with tradeoffs), but what benefit is there to the docking of the former to latter? Charging only? Thanks. :)
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    Battle for Middle Earth

    Oh man, I loved this game. I wanted to continue to play it and its sequel, but EA has shut down the online servers. :( Is the game still capable of doing LAN play? Are there any current LoTR RTS games now or coming? Thanks! :)
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    AMD shorts purchases, Global Foundries 'fines' AMD Ouch. I guess it beats maintaining a non-moving inventory.
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    iOS 6 released

    Weighs in at 599MB on my iPhone 4.
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    BOINC 7 released

    Here's the link. New to BOINC: Simple GUI now localized and accessible OpenCL Support Improved Virtual Machine Support Improved Client Scheduler As for known issues, the 2 biggies are the inability to install on a domain controller, and that GPU detection has been deactivated for all...
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    WCG project(s) issue

    I set in my preferences the Help Conquer Cancer project, but I'm being issued GFAM units, instead. Is there a shortage of other work?
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    ATH-M50 vendors?

    I'm now wary of ordering these via Amazon as I incorrectly received the straight cabled version, from a listing for the coiled version. Has anyone else got experience ordering the non-S? Which Amazon seller did you use? "The e^Basement" struck out, first swing. Thanks!
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    Dino D-Day free weekend! Totally should have an [H] server. :p Downloading now.
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    FS: Core i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe mobo, Evga GTX 260

    I'm looking to sell key parts of my current desktop since I use my laptop 99% of the time and am looking to build a less wasteful home server. 1) Intel Core i7 920. C0/C1 stepping. I barely overclocked and it's been completely stable. Will ship with original box and heat sink. SOLD!. 2) ASUS...
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    Bad Company 2 downtime?

    Has anyone else not been able to log in?
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    FS: Corsair TX750 PSU

    I've had this power supply for ~2 years now, has run 100% perfectly, but I'm getting a modular unit now, so it's still in great condition. Will ship with original manual, box, and Corsair bag. Asking SOLD! shipped to the contiguous US, Paypal only. Heat under rflcptr.
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    Finished with Dell, for good.

    After being rudely treated and hung up on by a member of their "Escalations Team" after dealing with support since March 7 over recurring problems with my replacement of a replacement laptop, I will no longer purchase or recommend products from this company. The endless circles of their...
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    FS: 6 gigs (3 x 2 GB) DDR3-1600

    They're G.Skill of the F3-12800CLT9 model. I've only run them at 1333 MHz since purchasing. No issues. Paypal only, please. Asking $65, shipped, contiguous US. Heat under rflcptr.
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    Win7 taskbar bug

    This is repeatable: 1) Make sure the taskbar is locked, oriented to the left, right, or bottom. 2) Right click any program, running or not, on your taskbar. 3) Leave the jumplist open, and try dragging the taskbar. :p
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    C++: friend classes without breaking encapsulation?

    I've created a friend to the Tv class that gives Remote objects private access. Without success, though, I'm trying to create some friends to Remote so that objects of the Tv class, exclusively, can modify Remote private data without my having to resort to giving both classes (declaring all...
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    Opinions on mounting small LCDs?

    Hey all, I've got 2 Acer 231HL's (23", 1080P, LED [thin and light]) and don't like them sitting standalone on the desk. The problems I have with the setup now is that, while typing, they wobble a bit (distracting) and I want to be able to adjust their heights independently. Increasing my desk's...
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    XtracPads Ripper XXL desk mat?

    Just thought I'd post a few general questions before I get this thing. First off, I'm going to be using a SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard and a new mouse (not determined :p) with it. I basically want something to keep the keyboard stationary. I then found this thing that'll keep the keyboard in its...
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    FS: 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz (laptops)

    Pulled from my Dell for an upgrade. Works great. Asking $20, shipped to the contiguous US. PayPal only. Also looking to build Heat (rflcptr). :)
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    MacBooks and Sandy Bridge discussion

    Sandy Bridge, I think, is going to be the start of a lot of good changes and improvements in mobile computing, especially given the battery discharge figures measured at Anandtech. That was with an early laptop with a quad core running Windows. First off, I'm not convinced that Windows itself is...
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    FS: TI-89 Titanium graphing calculator

    Been using it since mid-2006 and it's still in great shape, case and all. Running at default settings and comes with a ~1.5 ft USB cable. No manual. Payment via Paypal. Asking $90 shipped, contiguous US only. Heat under rflcptr. Thanks for looking! :)
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    The Router NON-Recommendation Thread

    I've just added the Linksys WRT120N wireless router to my list of fail. Even after trying different firmware, internet access was noticeably slower than through a direct connection, connections dropped, settings didn't stick, it couldn't be pinged externally or internally (with or without any...
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    World Community Grid leadership vote!

    Okay, time to vote for the new World Community Grid leader! Will close on Nov 30. :)
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    World Community Grid leadership nominations!

    In light of several members' interest in December challenges (only 10 days away!), ongoing participation, and so on, I think we need to go ahead a nominate candidates for active leadership of the [H] WCG team. I'll leave this thread open for 5 days, then a vote will be run in a new one. Hito...
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    iOS 4.2 on the iPad

    Anyone playing with the GM on their iPad? How is it?
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    SQL nesting question

    This was part of a school assignment, but it's been turned in. The professor only required the correct results (in Oracle 11g), but my query's been bugging me. I don't think it's very good because of the redundancy, but haven't been able to nail removing it. :confused: The problem was to find...
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    WCG Challenges - Let's participate!

    While looking around at team stats, I saw here that there's several challenges, both ongoing and upcoming, we can start participating in. I think it would make the crunching effort more fun, drum up some additional support for it, and draw more positive recognition to [H]. There's not very many...
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    WCG "official" credit versus BOINC stats?

    Through WCG, I've accumulated 1.3 million points, but BOINC stats show only about 185k. No other project I participate in has this discrepancy, so I was wondering what the deal is. Thanks! :)
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    Tesla C1060 + Boinc = Insta-error?

    First off, thanks for anyone's time with this. :) I've had the chance at school to temporarily try some Boinc workloads on this card, but haven't any success, yet. All of the GPU WUs immediately fail. I've tried Collatz, MilkyWay, and AQUA. SETI's been down all day, so that wasn't an option...