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    nvidia 3080 and 3090 cooler dumping heat directly onto cpu air cooler

    Hi All, Just finished watching the (paper) release video for nvidia ampere 3080 and 3090 video cards. One of the fans on the card grabs air from in front of the card, passes it through, and dumps it out the back of the card. . . directly into the CPU's space. For those of us who have gone...
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    nicehash - trust to run on same system as sensitive data?

    Pehaps a silly question. . . but if you had a file server that was already running 24/7 and you thought: "Why not just throw my extra video card(s) in there and mine a bit!?!". . . Would you trust nicehash to run on a file server that potentially stores your backups, and other sensitive data? --H
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    AIO Cooling - Performance Degrades Over Time?

    Hi All, Just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing over the years. I've had two Corsair AIO cooling units. The H100i and the H115i. In both cases, I've noticed that a year or two after initial install temperatures aren't as good as they were initially. Just FYI, ambient...
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    i7-6700K Skylake CPU $288 at

    Haven't seen this price at retail before. Figured I'd share. . . $288 Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz LGA 1151 91W BX80662I76700K Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 530 - newegg and amazon seem to be steady at $333 or so.
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    Dead Skylake 6700K - Was Motherboard Accomplice?

    Hi All, I had my brand new 6700K on an Asus Z170-WS running at 4.6GHz using Offset vcore mode. I was actually lowering voltage via offset mode: At the time of the CPU's demise, it was running offset -0.070 which was resulting in a vcore display of 1.328 in BIOS, an HWMonitor reading of 1.248v...
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    Linux Rescue Mode - Dumb/Paranoid Question. . . (Redhat/CentOS)

    Hi all, Well, I overlooked something and now I've got a production server in place that's got its hard drive space allocated wrong. By default CentOS/Redhat 7 allocates the vast majority of drive space to the /home partition rather than the / (root) partition. I need to switch those around...
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    Mouse Tuning for Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

    Recently replaced my Logitech G3 with a G303. In Star Wars Battlefront, in-game, I've set soldier sensitivity to 0% (zero). Vehicle sensitivity has been left at 20%. I've then setup my mouse to operate at 500 dpi - for starfighters 1500 dpi - for game GUI 7000 dpi - for...
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    Sensitivity - 16,000 DPI - Why?

    Hi All, My hand aches unless I'm using a very particularly shaped mouse. So I've stuck with a Logitech G3 for ages and ages. I finally decided my aim needed some help against you jerk kids (heh) in Star Wars Battleforce. So I went out and got a similarly-shaped Razer Mamba Tournament...
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    Force Multi-homed Windows Servers to Use Private Network (only) to Specific Servers?

    Would tremendously appreciate tips, links, or information on the following problem. . . Consider. . . You've got a standard/normal class c network with servers, workstations, visiting laptops, and such. You've got three Windows servers that must remain on that network so that they can...
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    Devices for always-on VPN link?

    Hi All, I seem to be using our VPN service a lot lately. But when I'm home, it's putting me on a subnet that, while being on our office premises, isn't quite as local to our specific subnet as I'd like. What I'd like to do is set up a device on our exact class C subnet at work. And then...
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    Adaptec 81605ZQ Thread (Powering 12 x 2TB WD RE Drives)

    Hi All, I should have put something like "modest" in the thread title since this is not a "barn burner" setup by any means. Been upgrading the CPUs and storage subsystem in our relatively simple Hyper-V server that uses direct-attached storage. Specs: Asus Z8NA-D6 1366 Motherboard 2 x Intel...
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    Just Received Enterprise Class Hard Drives. . . Packaged Poorly

    Hi All, Newegg has been a lot better about shipping hard drives lately. Except for this latest case, I've always received them in their own individual little boxes surrounded by a thick bubble-envelope within that form-fitting box. Yet. . . today, I received three WD RE 2TB drives from...
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    FS: PCI-E Risers (1x to 16x via USB3)

    Hi All, Decided to bail on the whole mining gig. Power is too expensive where I'm at to wait out the low points. I've got seven of these (the original seller on eBay). PCI-E Risers (1x to 16x via USB3). Actual pics below. They are all tested and work great. Asking $85 for the whole lot of...
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    Need to convert PCI-E connectors to Molex (not the usual)

    Hi All, I've got a bunch of PCI-E risers coming that will only take molex 4-pin or SATA power in. I've got a 1200W Thermaltake Toughpower which only has 20A on the v1 12v rail. . . and that is the only rail feeding the molex and sata connectors. I've got a ton of 12v power to spare on this...
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    Rock solid 4.7GHz 4770K OC - Until I Enable Adaptive Voltage

    EDIT: This has turned into more of a standard OCing thread because it turns out I wasn't as stable as I thought with manual voltages. Hi All, The Problem: My 4.7GHz OC is rock solid with manual voltage set. But it crashes when I try to migrate those settings into an adaptive voltage...
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    What clocks on GTX 780 would match ti performance?

    Howdy all, Has anyone seen any reviews pitting the GTX 780 ti against an overclocked GTX 780? I'd like to get a sense of how far I'll need to push my GTX 780 in order to get a "free upgrade" to a stock ti. If that's even possible. 1920x1200 is my favored resolution at this point. --H
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    Moving GTX 780/Titan ACX Cooler to GTX 780 ti?

    Can't seem to get an answer to this out of evga on their forums. I have a stock GTX 780 from evga. I decided I wanted it to throttle less so I bought the ACX cooler for Titan which also fits the GTX 780. They are available through evga. While I was at it, I also bought the fancy evga GTX 780...
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    Inexplicably Decreased Performance - RAID Array on Live Server vs Test Server

    Hi All, Relevant Hardware Core 2 Quad @ 2.5GHz Supermicro Q35 Motherboard 8GB RAM Adaptec 6405 Intel SAS Expander Norco 4020 case Two 16TB RAID 0 Arrays of 4 x 4TB Drives each. Software Windows Server 2008 R2 Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) Hyper-V (prereq of DPM for restoring VMs) MS...
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    External RAID Enclosure - What Happens When Unexpectedly Disconnected?

    Okay, I'm thinking of making my Norco 4020 case an external RAID enclosure rather than actually putting a server into it. I've never used externally hosted arrays before unless you count dabbling in consumer-level iSCSI. I'd be running an Adaptec 6405 into an SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 adapter...
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    Electrical Tape over PCI-E Connector Safe for Both Card and Motherboard?

    This may be a dumb idea. . . but I've got a SAS Expander card (Intel) that can be powered via PCI-E slot or via molex power connector. I'm out of PCI-E slots and I don't have any backplane slots where it can just hang. So it's got to go in an old PCI slot (doh!). Is it an incredibly stupid...
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    Becoming Disillusioned with SLi

    I have used SLi since the 8800GTX era (earlier, if you count Voodoo 2!). GTX 280s, GTX 580s, and now GTX 780s. Lately, though, I've started becoming less enthusiastic about it. . . because fewer and fewer games seem to work with SLi. Perhaps I'm just unlucky, but here are the last three games...
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    Does hot-swap require special backplane?

    Hi all, To make a long story short, I've got a custom-built server running an Adaptec 5805 SATA RAID controller with directly attached WD RE4 drives. There is no backplane. I was able to disconnect a failed/missing drive that wasn't showing up in Adaptec Storage Manager (Windows running), and...
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    Intel i7-920 x58 vs Haswell @1080p and above - Still no urgency to upgrade?

    So, does the consensus remain that so long as you don't need native USB3 or 6Gbps SATA, that there's no point in upgrading from a decently overclocked "Nehalem"-era CPU and x58 chipset? As someone who likes everything maxed out at 1920x1200 and will possibly be going larger (30" 2560x1600 some...
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    Hyper-v and Windows Server Backup

    Howdy All, Work-around for restoring individual virtual machines via Windows Server Backup? Before I burn several days testing. . . anyone have any feedback here? We've got two Hyper-v servers. I don't want to spend $2-3k on a corporate backup solution. Our budget is somewhat tight...
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    Red Fringe on LCD? Almost Seems Like Convergence Issue! (huh!?!)

    Okay, I know there's no such thing as old-school convergence on an LCD. I'm actually coming from a CRT. My eyes have gotten too old and though I still love my old Sony for its black levels, contrast, etc. . . I've been lured into 2560x1200 LCD crispness. I just hooked up my LG W3000H and it...
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    Old Version of HDDErase (v3.3) -- Freeware -- Anyone?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to refresh my Intel SSD to factory state. HDDErase v4.0 is not compatible. But reports are that v3.3 does work. I've tried various avenues to obtain the older version with no success. Anyone have this version lying around? Best, H
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    Need Replacement Fan for Toughpower 1200

    I realize this is a longshot. But if anyone here has a failed Toughpower power supply that uses the same fan as the 1200W (many do), I'd love to get my hands on one (name your price). The model # for the fan is TT-1425B. Though I've read that it's really a rebadged Yate Loon D14BH-12. I've...
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    RSS Feed Issues on Main Site

    This isn't a major issue considering all the other hard work going on. However, there's a tricky issue with the RSS feed icons/links on the main site. When you first go into the main site at and click on the RSS feed icon on the right in the "Latest Headlines" feed box, you...
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    Five Servers Into One?

    Hi there, So, I've got the following five servers in an academic environment. File/Print server - I'd say no more than 20-25 users ever using it at once. Web server - light to medium academic duty. MS SQL server - provides all the database-driven backends to the web server above. DNS &...
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    Virtualization Forum?

    Howdy! Is there enough demand for a "virtualized computing" section/forum here? I'd like the [H] opinion on whether it's a good idea for me to make use of Hyper-V to move most (all?) of my servers at work onto one "super server." Between Hyper-V, Parallels, Virtual PC, VMWare (etc.), it seems...
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    X-Fi Alternative? (PCI-E)

    I've currently got an X-Fi Titanium Fatality version PCI-E (with the fancy "outer shell" casing around the card). I suspect the BSODs I'm getting in LotRO are driver-related. However, I'd just like to try something other than Creative for a bit. What's the preferred (for under $200)...
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    GTX 280 - Driver 177.41 WHQL Out

    Sorry if this isn't news. GTX 260 and GTX 280 only. Windows XP Windows XP x64 Vista Vista x64 Darn it! Meant to put this in the nvidia area! :mad:
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    Enterprise/Server Class SATA Drives for RAID 5?

    Hi All, Was hoping to pick some brains here. We're looking to build a rather large storage array that will be Raid 5. But I'd like to keep it at four drives. Since SCSI seems to max out at 320GB per drive. . . limiting us to about a TB of usable space in Raid 5 with four disks, I'm...
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    Antec Twelve Hundred Finally Available (Newegg)

    I've been waiting for this case for quite some time. Though I'll be waiting a bit longer since I'll probably combine it with my video card and hard drive upgrade that's coming up. But for those of you who have been interested in checking this case out. . . In stock at Newegg Review
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    "Native" SLi Support?

    Is there such a thing as "Native" SLi support? Meaning. . . are there games out there nowadays that don't require an SLi profile from nvidia and just use both video cards (or more) out of the box? I've seen a few games (CoD4) that have an entry for "multi-GPU support". . . but I always thought...
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    1TB Seagate 1TB HD w/ 32MB Cache for $199 (no MIR)

    I'm usually a Newegg shopper. But I went to Fry's website to see if I could drive the 30 miles to pick up a 1TB drive for my media-box. And was surprised to find this: Seagate 1TB SATA 32MB Buffer ST1000340AS Retail Boxed Hard Drive for $199 $199 with reasonable shipping prices. Heck I even...
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    Vista - Drivers Before SP1 (RC1) or Vice-Versa?

    In all my many years of doing builds, I've always been of the opinion that basic drivers should be installed first before anything else is done on a new system. So, even before service packs, or Windows Updates, I would install motherboard chipset, video card, sound, and network drivers before...
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    Vista SP1 RC1 Now Publicly Available

    Well. . . may be time to give Vista its sixth try on my system. Want that DX10 eye candy in LoTRO! :) 32-bit 64-bit Please be aware that this is a release candidate and not the "final bits." But so far, the response has been good. Though take note:
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    SED is Dead (?). Love Live FED?

    Bah! That title was supposed to read: "Long Live FED!" Ah well. . . I swear english is my first language! :) If a moderator happens to see this, would you please change the title to "SED is Dead (?). Long Live FED! The title as it stands makes no sense. Doh...
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    Dispelling Vista DRM FUD (excellent article)

    Personally, I appreciate this guy's effort to dispell the FUD around Vista, and especially DRM. I'm actually not a Vista user (tried it for a bit, but keep reverting). But I respect how hard it is to dissect illogical and/or erroneous FUD so carefully. It can be exhausting and aggravating...