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    Router Life Expectancy 2 years

    I've had 3 middle-high end routers die in about 2 years each. By die I mean I start have a ton of dropped connections that replacing the router fixes. This always seems to happen on the 2.4 GHz band and not the 5 Ghz band. that remains functioning fine. The 2.4 is the most used. Just...
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    Windows RT Tablet - What's it good for?

    In haste I bought a Windows RT Tablet because I thought there was a need for a high quality large picture to do video calls. The quality and size and a discount made me grab one. I didn't realize how lacking video call software is. Even Skype seems gimped compared to the desktop version...
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    Adding a Router to a Router

    I have what was once a pricey dual band router with a gigabit ethernet switch built in. The 2.5 GHz lower band is giving me problems lately. Its weak and causing drop outs. I set up a $12 linksys refurb to replace it. And its working much better for wireless. I want to run the...
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    No Hope?

    I have a PC that when it boots it stops at the motherboard logo screen which says Tab for Boot Post Messages and Del for Setup. Neither Tab or Del do anything. Can I presume its unsalvageable? Its been nothing but a problem so I'm not horribly attached to it.
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    Powerline Adapters & AFCI's

    I bought some powerline adapters and learned about the situation where some brands of AFCI's can impair throughput significantly. Figures I would want to put the adapter between two rooms that both have AFCI's. And I checked they are the bad type of AFCI. Anyway, I have a different...
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    Looking for a NAS like unRAID, but

    Looking for system that has a parity disk to help protect against disk failures. But I would like at least some disks to be able to be extracted and mounted in another system. This way I'm not dead in the water if there a failure in the non-disk portion of the NAS. unRAID comes close...
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    NAS appliance vs. PC/External Enclosure

    I have a cheap atom barebones I bought with the intention of making a small server. I realize I would like to allow it to become it bigger than the barebones can support internally and want some hardware failure protection for at least some of what I store. I'm looking at external raid...
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    Noisy Media Extender (aka Xbox 360s) Fan?

    I took advantage of the Target sale and figured by the time a better deal came around, I would lose that money in the set top box rental. So I got an Xbox 360s 4gb. From the moment I turn it on until I turn it off, there's a steady whine that I assume is the fan. The DVD openning and...
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    Time Sunc issues with recorded TV

    I'm having trouble with my recordings getting clipped just before the end. I generally pre-record 2 minutes and post-record 3 minutes under WMC. Which works if there isn't a show on the same channel being recorded right after. So I found my PC is 45s off I think I'm losing...
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    7" Video Player recommendations - Cheap.

    Taking a flight this summer and want to entertain myself with about a 7" (more or less) video player. Not looking for DVD or anything. Looking for expandable with SD. USB file transfer from a PC. MP4 video External audio jack (typical 3.5 mm stereo) About 4 hrs of playback life...
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    Low end processor forum?

    With devices like $100 Android/Linux sticks, prevailence of hobby/educations mini boards like Raspberry Pi, etc. The prevailence of ARM and similar processors in phones, tablets and other devices, I'd like to suggest a forum for those type of devices/processors. Similar to how Intel and AMD...
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    EA Indie Bundle - Huh? (Steam 70% off)

    I believe the 70% comes from the base price of individual games summed together. The bundle savings is based off the individual sale price, so it looks much less. Individual games are 50% off. Bundle Price $20.98 Death spank $7.50 Death...
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    4/13 Gold Box Item - Wireless N Gaming Adapter @ 12 PST

    Its been a while since one of these came up on a deal from my recollection. Its up at 12:00 pm PST for 2 hours. I'm guessing its this adapter: Trendnet TEW-647GA...
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    Audio lag in Media Center - MP4 playback, not TV

    I'm having a strange lag problem on MP4 playback in WMC only. I may have a tiny twinge of lag on this PC in WMC's live TV. Probably something I can live with. I have have a tiny twinge of lag on MP4 playback in Media Player and Flash Video from a website of the same video. (I mean real tiny...
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    Losing internet connection at Cable Modem

    Trying to figure out if I have a bad modem or bad wiring leading to the modem. I'm losing connectivity usually in the evening when I'm sure everything is more loaded. The reason I'm concerned about the modem is that when I lose connectivity, I can't access the modem through my browser. It...
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    adding a router for guests

    I have my main wireless router which I keep locked down pretty tight. This creates a problem when people are over and would like to use WiFi. I happen to have a cheap wireless router that I could use while the guests are over. I was thinking I could plug the device's 'Internet' port into the...
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    Alternating Speaker Audio Sample.

    I bought a soundbar, a D550 mostly because I can link it to my TV. I have 'anynet' control via an HDMI port but audio is by SPDIF. I'm trying it out and I had it on yesterday and I could swear sound was biased to the left end. My TV can play video/audio files over my network and the...
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    Power drop in a closet?

    This is an odd question but I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to do this. I have a bedroom I'd like to turn into an office, but I'd like to move all the printers, routers, etc. to a closet. The problem is that I noticed none of the closets have an outlet. Anyone know if this is code or...
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    Power drop in a closet?

  20. J

    Looking for a lower cost 'Client Bridge' Wireless Router

    Want to connect an xbox to my wireless network using a client bridge configuration on dd-wrt flashed router (old style xbox). I have other devices I would like to network like a internet enabled blu-ray. But I want to get the xbox going first. I'm looking for something capable of at least...
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    What's this icon mean?

    What does this system tray icon in Windows 7 mean? I tried searching on it and don't get much but other people asking what it means. I usually get the 5 bars without any other details. Not sure if this is suppose to be an asterisk or a sun. I am playing with a second external wifi...
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    Xbox sandbox game for 10 year old?

    My nephew wants a sandbox game. He really wants Saints Row 3 really which I hope is because of the screwy off the wall things you can do like Tron light cycles and the sandbox environment and not because he's interested in controlling a city's sex trade. Anyway, SR3 isn't going to happen...
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    Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Xbox Kinect Game $22 @ Amazon YMMV

    This was on and off a couple of times today, already. Vendor also only has 96% rating which is a little on the low side for me. $22 with shipping, new game is normally $50.
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    Everytime I see MW shorthand in a thread title ...

    ... I get my hopes up that there's a Mech Warrior game coming. :(
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    Xbox Racing Game

    10 yr old nephew seems to like racing games. I had a few demos pulled down to my xbox and he seemed more interested in playing them. So looking for a racing game for his birthda? Preferred features - little/no 'career' development. A story arc is ok, but the whole simulated 'tour' aspect...
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    CPU for on the fly transcoding

    I was looking into creating my own NAS. I even had my eye on a AMD E-350 based board, but I want the server to be able to transcode 1080p video. From reading around here, it looks like that board wouldn't be powerful enough. What level (type) CPU roughly do I need to be able to be...
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    Live USB for FreeNAS

    Just some beginner questions. Does the Live USB version of FreeNAS have any persistence. Or do I (can I) install FreeNAS from CD to USB Flash drive like it was a Hard Drive? Also do I need to manually configure the network adapter? Does it recognize an ethernet attachment by default? Does...
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    Force a Window to stay on top?

    Would like to make a pop-out flash player from a website I frequent stay on top. Are there utilities to do this? I don't think it can be done in FF. So I probably need a windows utility.
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    Linux Live USB

    I'd like to make two live USB's for two different purposes. The first purpose is to have a rescue drive for 3 windows machines. Two different desktops and a laptop. They are all on Windows 7. I was thinking I didn't want a persistent build because I'm afraid I'll do something that...
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    [warm]Steam Daily Deal (8/27) $5 Metro 2033

    * * * DEAD * * * Deal hasn't hit yet Metro 2033: Announcement here:
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    What does Wireless Required for GPS mean?

    I'm considering a 7" tablet, Dell Streak. One of the features is GPS, but it says Wireless required? Is that basically 3G/4G service they are talking about? Is it because the info streams in? I planned to only get the Wi-Fi version I wouldn't mind a GPS that would still give maps...
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    US Content steamed to Germany (Netflix, Hulu)?

    We have a person leaving for a temporary work assignment in Germany. He is going to try to use a slingbox set up with a relative. I wanted to augment that with a gift subscription to Netflix or Hulu as a going away gift. Can either of those services be used from Germany?
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    Computer with only a thumb drive

    Has anyone looked at this. I was half-watching something this weekend and the host mentioned something about a USB thumb drive based PC. Wasn't sure is she was joking or serious. But is it feasible? I was thinking of a little project like a ITX form factor motherboard with just a thumb...
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    Amazon 5/18 Gold Box Sale: Video Games. Dead Space 2 $20 (+shp) PC until 7 am PDT. Dead Space 2 $20 (+shp) PC until 7 am PDT. <- SOLD OUT The current price for the PC version is good at $20. The console versions are at $40 with the deal. Eligible for Super Saver FREE shipping if you can find another $5 item or have...
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    32-bit v. 64-bit for a Media PC

    I have a PC that I am updating from Vista to Win 7 finally. Its been a slow project stalled for among other things, buying and moving into a new house. Anyway it was going to be a HTPC initially but because of some compromises, I'm going to re-scope it and make it a Media server, sort of...
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    Roctstar Games Week @ D2D (First Title 75% off)

    Monday - Manhunt 2 - $5.00 (75% off) Tuesday - ??? Wednesday - ??? Thursday - ??? Friday - ??? Not saying any of these will be on sale but Rockstar Titles Include: Max Payne Series Grand Theft Auto Series Midnight Club Series Bully and more...
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    All Day Video Game Gold Box 11/9 @ Amazon

    This won't work until Tuesday, but I'm sure its pretty self-explanatory ========================================================== Wow a whole 5 games. Thought it was going to be an all day. instead there are fewer offerings that usual. Enslaved for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - $25.00 - All...
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    Want to establish fixed divisions on my screen.

    I would like to have two zones on my 16:9 monitor where in one zone, I can maximize my applications but they only maximize to their zone. I'd like the zones to be different sizes. I'd like to websurf maximized on one larger zone while having the free area run streaming video, music, etc...
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    B&M Target $70 WD 1Tb Ext. $700 500Gb WD Portable Ext.[Warmish]|1287991011&sr=1-2&searchRank=target104545&keywords=wd%20element&searchPage=1&searchSize=30&searchBinNameList=purchasing_channel%2Cs...
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    New monitor 75Hz Vertical

    Not that it maters as much as it did for me with CRTs, I'm in a market for a new monitor with at least a little better than 60Hz refresh. Smooth and clear frame to frame is very important to me. More so than resolution. under $250ish 23" at least 1000 vertical (1080p I guess is nice but...