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    New PSU suggestion

    800 or 850w would be fine. Don't need more than that.
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    Corsair AX1600i PSU is it worth to buy it/? for futureproof?

    Hard to believe you will need a 1600watt psu for your build. I have 2x 3090s running in my 5600x PC and i'm only using an 850 watt psu lol. What else could possibly be using all your power up to 1600 watts? Water cooling, fans, ssds don't use that much. If worried about future proofing...
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    Is it fried?

    sounds troublesome.. i have a gigabyte 3080ti as well.. hope i don't run into something like this lol would have been nice if they told you what was 'defective' about it.
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    Gigabyte 3080 Thermal Pads are Garbage

    You sure you can sustain 136 mh/s with no rejected shares/overheating? haven't heard of anyone going above like 125-128 mh/s for 3090s lol.
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    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    How does the step up program work? Does it have to be new cards? Can it be cards from anywhere (e.g. ebay) or must be from an official retailer, etc? And do you need original receipt? Thanks
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    Looking for a good asic miner repair service in USA

    What is the issue with your asic miner? not powering on?
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    Notice that I did not mention rx6800.. I only said 6800 XT and above. Also I did not mention or compare 3070s. Have to compare apples to apples. 6900xt vs 3090. 6900xt is just way worse at mining than 3090. What I said above holds true for high end cards. Mid-range cards like...
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    Is still selling GPUs?

    Are you in MST time zone? someone else said 9 am EST, so just trying to figure out what the exact time is. thx
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    The reason 6800xt/6900/6900xts are more readily available is because they don't serve a dual purpose for gaming/mining like 3090s do. The high end radeons have a poor RoI for mining and that is why you see more stock since only gamers want them. If you are a gamer, then it will work for your...
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    Android Storage App

    Maybe try ES File Explorer.. seems to be a popular file manager app and it can do a lot of stuff.
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    Question about current state of crypto mining

    Lots of people looking at ravencoin/ergo as alternative POW mining. Other good power efficient cards: 1660 super, 3060ti, 3070, 6600 XT
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    How long do keyboards last?

    Anything with a plasticky cheap feeling will probably not last too long. However I have several old IBM Model M keyboards (similar to some of the posters above) and they are built like a tank. There were a bunch getting discarded at an office workplace in the 90s and I saved them. They are...
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    3080 tuf repairs

    For $1100.. I would have shopped around to some electronics repair places to see what they would quote.. E.g. a repair shop like "Northridge Fix". Based on their youtube videos, I feel like they can literally re-solder and fix anything. :)
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    Free 240GB SATA 2.5" SSD for new customers @ Microcenter

    Lol.. the 480 gb ssd they gave me died after about 2 weeks. I plugged it into several PCs and none can recognize it anymore as a storage device. Wonder if i can take it back for a replacement.
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    How much do you get out of Videogames today?

    Not much.. though i do like playing competitive fps shooters
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    no idea what im doing, 1080ti FTW3 hybrid low numbers

    I don't have a 1080ti and have never verified this myself.. but i did read somewhere miners now include the ethpill already and using t-rexminer you can just set the memory timing straps high enough to get equivalent hashrates of an ethpill.
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    Best/Cheapest quality 850w platinum PSU for RTX 3080?

    for a budget kind of build.. i like evga/corsair.
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    How often do you replace power supply?

    Never.. only if my power needs change or if the PSU dies.
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    3060 Ti LHR Shipping with Hynix Memory - Further Reduced Performance

    which brand/model did you buy that had this hynix? I just got some zotac 3060 TIs and MSI 3060 TI, but haven't tried them yet.
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    Your favorite price to performance heatsinks.

    price to performance.. i like coolermaster hyper 212
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    symtomps of dying ssd?

    More than likely it's windows bloatware causing your PC to slow down. Over time, when you install all these background apps (and real time virus / malware scanners) and they are vying for your hard drives attention. It will slow down. You should maybe run windows in safe mode or a linux boot...
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    LiteOn Slim DVD-RW Open Box $7.05 shipped

    I'm pretty sure I threw away or scrapped some PCs that still had DVD-RW drives in them. Lol.
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    Cooler Master MM720 **MATTE BLACK** Lightweight Gaming Mouse $29.99 shipped w/ Prime Membership

    shape is a little weird/small for me, but i use the Coolermaster MM710.. and it's great for gaming/office use.
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    Free 240GB SATA 2.5" SSD for new customers @ Microcenter

    Don't know if they ran out or what, but I went and they gave me a 480 gb SSD instead of a 240gb. Not complaining :)
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    Free simple c/c++ / pascal compiler

    any linux distro.. gcc / g++
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    Looking for old bug fixing history on Corel word Perfect

    Sorry not of much help. I had no idea this software was still around and being developed/updated. The last time I heard this name or anyone using it was in the 90s. :)
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    Free 240GB SATA 2.5" SSD for new customers @ Microcenter

    Nice find, but i expect inventory to be pretty limited?
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    AMD 5900X with AMD wraith Prism temps

    Seems normal and those are good temps. Even with a lower level ryzen cpu 5600x using wraith stock cooler, i tried CPU mining and it went up to 95c-100c and my PC would reboot.
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    What to do with the old computer?

    Donate it, or scrap it at a scrap metal yard. build a media pc. use it as a slideshow/weather/clock in your living room. turn it into a NAS storage. printer server. linux PC to play around with.
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    Re-did Thermal Pads on RTX 3080 FTW3 VRAM

    What software is that? looks interesting. Never seen it before
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    Places to buy mining cards in bulk.

    More than likely they will cancel your order. I've had a bunch of orders with them and they all got cancelled eventually after a few months. They just say the manufacturer has discontinued this item and the order will no longer be fulfilled.
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    Places to buy mining cards in bulk.

    Nice.. where do you usually shop to get these?
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    What is this brand?

    scam alert. 6900xt for $1300.. very unlikely :)
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    Mining network question

    The IT Dept will see traffic coming from some unknown ip address and unknown device on their network. You will get busted eventually lol.
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    Vpn recommendation?

    cyberghost is what i use and it's pretty good. It was essentially free for 1 year subscription when i used a rebate promo on it.
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    Looking for help for new pc - whats the best value in desktop pc's today?

    I prefer ryzen for bang for the buck. Prebuilts can be better deals if you buy it on sale with coupon codes/student discounts etc. If you don't game or do any computing intensive tasks, you don't really need a desktop.. a laptop would work just as well. GPU prices are going down as more...
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    Do You Throw Out Your Boxes and Packaging Materials?

    I keep if i plan on reselling the component in the future and I throw it out some time later after the part has become obsolete. (E.g. Windows 3.11 boxes, zip drive boxes, etc. lol)
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    Best GPU for $200, need by early September

    For a $200 budget.. an rx580 used would probably be around that price by September.