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    MSi 780Ti

    Was looking into picking up a evga 780Ti and saw the MSi 780Ti gaming is $629.99 with a $30 rebate on Newegg. That is $100 and $130 after the rebate cheaper. Has the MSi always been this much cheaper than any other 780ti? Hard to justify buying the evga SC after seeing this.
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    FS: EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP Edition

    WTS EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP Edition I'm asking $100 shipped If you have any questions, let me know.
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    Crucial 128GB m4 - Lightning deal @ Amazon $143.99

    Crucial 128GB m4 - Lightning deal @ Amazon $143.99
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    Preorder Darksiders 2 Digital Download for $24.99 @ THQ

    Preorder Darksiders 2 Digital Download for $24.99 @ THQ
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    Living Social - Shoprunner Membership $30

    <referral link removed> Holiday shopping traditionally presents two unattractive options: Battle the masses at the mall in a marathon shopping weekend, or shop from the comfort of your home and then pay double your holiday budget on shipping and unexpected returns. There's a better way with...
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    Groupon $20 Barnes & Noble Giftcard for $10

    Right now on Groupon you can get a $20 Barnes & Noble Giftcard for $10. Buy video games books and I heard some Barnes & Nobles sell consoles. Make multiple accounts and get multiple gift cards that stack in store.
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    Dell 2407wfp issues

    I've been having trouble with my monitor recently. The buttons on the front specifically the + and - buttons that are used to navigate the menu do not work. I called Dell up and after 1 hour and 46 minutes of being transferred over and over and put on hold, the only answer I received was i'm...
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    DVI Cable

    Anyone know where I could buy a DVI cable? Been to bestbuy radioshack and wal-mart and am not going to pay $30 to $40 for one. Thanks in advance.
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    hi def playback question

    I was wondering if a radeon 9700 pro and a 1.4ghz amd cpu can playback hi def content?
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    Scythe Kama Bay

    Anyone know where I can buy this? It has been sold out at Newegg and FrozenCPU forever. Otherwise does anyone know any alternatives that do the same thing?
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    FPS video gaming causes eye strain...

    Basically, I will play fps games on my PC which is a 24 inch 1920x1200 and xbox 360 which is on a 37 inch tv. It doesnt matter if im close or far away my eye's will eventually always start to hurt. This doesn't happen in games like WoW or burnout paradise. Is there anything I can do to make fps...
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    evga stepup

    So how long does it take EVGA to send the new card? Im allready on my 4th business day since they recieved my old card. Is this normal?
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    anyone know where I can buy a set of swans m10's?
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    Thermaltake ultra extreme 1366

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    Can anyone help?
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    asus p6t deluxe graphic glitch!!!

    Does anyone who has had the same board had a problem with a graphic glitch. I have tryed 3 different gpu's and it does the same thing my screen goes into a blue horizontal diagonal lines and I cant make out anything. I have to hard reboot the system but this only happens when I try and run a...
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    Thermaltake ultra extreme 1366

    I have an ultra extreme and a lian li v2000 there a certain side that I should have the fan on the heatsink? should it go towards the fan on the case that is blowing outside or should i have the fan on the inside blowing into my case?
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    Step up to 285 or 295???!?!?

    I need some help, I recently built an i7 setup with a 280 back in december and saw my step-up has like 23 more days left... So I was checking out the new cards and was wondering if any of you that have been keeping up to date with the new s*** cant give me any suggestions... I payed $420 on...
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    core i7 920 overclock

    I overclocked my i7 to 3.8ghz and my max loads are 85c is this right with a thermalright ultra xtreme? I thought it would be lower then this.
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    LGA1366 Heatsink

    Anyone know where I can buy a good 1366 compatible heatsink?
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    mx518 software problems

    I am having so much trouble with this MX518, everytime i walk away from my computer the mouse sensitivity lowers then i have to up it...even though I have disabled the + and - sensitivity buttons. Does anyone know why it does this constantly?
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    Vista 64 load up screen

    I have multiple monitors and when i boot up my system the load up screen and the motherboard welcome screen start on my smaller screen, is there a way to get it to load on my other screen?
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    MS Vista gtx280 graphical glitch?

    I just installed a fresh copy of vista home edition 64 for a new build of mine..this is my first experience with vista, ive always used XP. With a GTX280 the problem im having is that randomly both of my screens i use a 19 inch samsung and a 24 inch dell monitors will just go to blank teal...
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    MS Vista graphical glitch?

    I just installed a fresh copy of vista home edition 64 for a new build of mine..this is my first experience with vista, ive always used XP. the problem im having is that randomly both of my screens i use a 19 inch samsung and a 24 inch dell monitors will just go to blank teal colored screens...
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    Case between $100 and $200?

    was thinkin about buying the lian li v2000 but it is just to was going to get the v1000 but can a gtx280 fit into it? If not any other suggestions for a good case that has room for a big Gfx card? I really would like to get a Lian-Li just because of the quality. I've always wanted...
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    I have a dillemma.. I have an AM2 mobo with a 4200x2 now I was thinkin about just getting a black edition 5000 and a new headsink...but now im thinkin about just getting an intel mobo and an e6750..obviously the intel route is more expensive but what do you guys think I should do? I mostly...
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    8800gt and green screen?

    i just got a bfg 8800gt and after about 1 day I have a bright green tint...what is this? its a green tint over the entire screen.
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    to upgrade or not...

    I'm trying to decide to upgrade my current PC or make a whole new one. I currently have a amd x2 4200,2 gigs of corsair,asus m2n32-sli deluxe mobo, and a 7900 gt. Basically I was thinking about upgrading the cpu to one of those black box 5000 or a 6000 and a 8800gts 640 because i run on a...
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    static IP networking question...

    At my job we have a computer that has a comcast gateway that supplies the internet with a static IP address and that is ran through a Cisco router. Now my question is this. I want to connect my laptop to the gateway and I know the static IP address but it wont connect to the internet it just...
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    Buying a Laptop for my sister

    I was thinking about going with Dell....But i need help with coupons and prices. Whats the best price I could get on a laptop, she basically is only going to use it for school. So it doesnt need to be the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    xbox 360 or 8800 gtx?

    8800 Gtx for $455 or the xbox 360 for around $400 What would you buy? I really want to play gears of war and some madden and nba2k7 but other then that there is nothing else that interests me. Computerwise the only reason i would upgrade my 7900gt is because I can get the 8800 gtx for...
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    Question about the Westinghouse 37W3

    Ive seen all the posts about how great it is for a computer monitor but how is it for just a TV and for an xbox 360/ps2?