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    WTB: Z690 Aorus Tachyon

    Newegg has 'em for 470, let's see if there are any good deals to be had here.
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    Overclock your budget Alder Lake CPU with BCLK overclocking

    Roman Hartung, a.k.a. der8auer recently demonstrated that BCLK overclocking is possible on all Alder Lake CPUs, even the lowly Celeron G6900. The catch is (there's always a catch, isn't there) is that it seems to only work on certain rather expensive motherboards, though now that this feature is...
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    WTB: Coffee Lake i3 or better

    Looking for a Coffee Lake i3 or better; a 9100F is $74.49 right now so I'd be looking for something below that.
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    WTB: Quadros, K-series or newer

    Looking for a few workstation cards, at least K4000-level or better. PM me what you have!
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    WTT: RX580 for DDR4

    I've got an MSI RX580 4GB that I'd like to trade for 64GB of DDR4 (prefer desktop, but ECC is OK too). I'd also take 32GB of high-spec RGB RAM (DDR4-3200+, think TridentZ RGB or Vengeance RGB) If you bought your RAM before the DRAM shortage you would have paid roughly what I paid for the 580...
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    WTB: Supermicro X10QBL

    An impossible shot I know, but if anyone has an X10QBL they don't want any more (why wouldn't you want it?) I'm looking to pick one up to go with my 8890 V3's. Superbiiz wants $1500 for one, so if you can do a bit less than that I'd be a happy camper.
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    FS: Dual Socket Bulldozers

    Got a pair of Dell R415's, each with dual Opteron 4284's (3.3GHz Bulldozers), 16GB of RAM, redundant 500W power supplies, no drives. If you want I might be able to throw in some token 10K SAS drives, but don't expect anything good. Original config here, but the RAM and drives have been pulled...
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    X99 Extreme4 $100 + shipping

    I have too many motherboards without CPU's, this has gotta go. Bare board and whatever accessories I can find for it. Looking for $100 + actual shipping to your location, figure $15 or so.
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    WTB: GTX 980M

    Kind of a long shot, but I'm looking for an MXM GTX 980M for a reasonable price, not the $500+ that everyone seems to ask for on eBay. If you've got one sitting around that you're looking to move, let me know!
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    FS: Ryzen 7 1700 combo $450

    Had my fun running benchmarks and getting numbers, now it's time for this stuff go to someone who will actually enjoy it. Consists of: Ryzen 7 1700, benched at 3.9GHz Small FFT stable, 4.0GHz Blend stable. Full overclocking figures for this sample here Gigabyte GA-AX370-GAMING 5: not the board...
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    Ryzen 7 1700 + B350 Overclocking Tidbits

    Bought a R7 1700 and an Asus PRIME B350-Plus to play with and to make my token contribution to AMD so they can keep on chuggin', figured folks here would be interested in the numbers. All tests were done using a 400W Antec server supply. CPU currents were measured using a clamp DC ammeter on...
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    Rampage IV Black, i7 6700K, MSI Z170I Pro Gaming

    Up for sale: Rampage IV Black - sealed refurb from ASUS, comes with beat up box and accessories, no I/O shield. $250 shipped, if you want an I/O shield I can throw one in but I'll have to order it first. MSI Z170I Pro Gaming - bought this August, used for a couple months. Board + I/O shield +...
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    i7 980x combos

    980X + P6X58D Premium, yours for 250 shipped - never-overclocked lab workstations I've got the rest of the systems too (cooler master case, PSU, Zalman 9500 - everything but the RAM) if you want bits I can let them go for real cheap, but shipping will cost ya
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    FS: Venue 11 Pro, Rampage IV BE, DL360p Gen8's

    Couple things for sale: Venue 11 Pro - Haswell i3 model, 4GB/128GB, Win8.1 Pro $160 shipped Rampage IV BE - No IO shield, board is in sealed antistatic bag, comes with a smattering of accessories $320 shipped 2x DL360p Gen8 servers - Dual E5-2670, 96GB DDR3, onboard SAS, no drives - $800...
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    FS: Optiplex 980 SFF i5-2400 4GB, Core i3 tablet, box o' GPU's

    Optiplex comes with 4GB RAM, an i5-2400, Win7 CoA, and a Radeon 6350. This is the regular SFF chassis, not the USFF that runs off a DC brick. 120 shipped to you. Would make a decent HTPC if you swapped in a 4K-capable card. Also have a box of misc old GPU's: -Pair of reference Dell 6950's...
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    FS: cheap 3570K rig

    SOLD! wound up with a good deal I don't need so passing it on to you guys CPU: i5-3570K RAM: 16GB (4x4GB) Motherboard: Asus P8Z77V-LK Power supply: Ultra LSP650 650W modular GPU: EVGA GTX 660 Hard Drive: 2x2TB Case: Antec Super Lanboy buy the core combo (RAM, CPU, motherboard) for $250...
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    Macbook Pro, 2600K Rig, X79 boards, Dual 2011 Servers

    Few extra things I had lying around up for sale *Rampage IV Black Edition - new refurb from Asus I bought a couple years back; antistatic bag is still sealed. I don't want to break the seals to test it, but will warranty it from being DOA. $350 shipped, comes with IO shield but no accessories...
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    FS: Rampage IV BE, DL360p Gen8 (dual 2011 servers), laptops

    Few extra things I had lying around up for sale *Rampage IV Black Edition - new refurb from Asus I bought a couple years back; antistatic bag is still sealed. I don't want to break the seals to test it, but will warranty it from being DOA. *Rampage IV Black Edition - this one has been in...
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    FS: Supercomputers and cameras

    Divesting myself of my previous round of toys in preparation for a new toy I just bought SGI Altix UV100: 4-socket system, 32 cores (4x Xeon X7550), 64GB RAM I also have another chassis that would theoretically scale it to 8 sockets, but I do not have the official cables to connect them. I...
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    smallest x86 tablet with (real) SSD

    I'm looking for a small tablet with an SSD good for at least 350MB/sec write for a machine vision recording application; most of the 8"-ers use eMMC. Anyone know of such a beast?
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    wtb: spicy lga2011 xeon

    looking for a pair of cheap C0 or C1 xeons (QBxx). PM me with what you've got.
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    Motherboard with support for 5 GPUs

    long story: I am now the proud owner of 8 Xeon Phi's courtesy of the latest Intel promo, and I'd like to build them into a pair of quad-Phi workstations. Sadly, as the Phi's themselves do not output video (screw you, Intel!) I need an additional discrete GPU. What boards are known to operate...
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    FS: Corsair Hydro H60, GTX460, Auria 27" monitor

    Hydro H60: BNIB, $45 EVGA GTX460 reference 1GB model: $40 SOLD! Auria 27" 2560x1440 monitor: $180 SOLD! All prices include shipping within the lower 48
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    FS: Auria 27" monitor

    AKA the "Microcenter monitor". Looking for $220 shipped, works, good condition.
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    wtb:GTX 580

    Looking to fill up a compute rig I'm building with Fermis; I have one and need four more. Ideally reference design, but depending on your pricing I might go for a non-reference card. A quick eBay search shows them going for as low as $110, so I'd be looking for around that price.
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    FS: 8P Socket F

    Thought I'd give y'all folks here a first stab at this before posting it to the main FS/FT forums. I have a Sun Fire X4600 M2 server with 8x Opteron 8356's, 128GB DDR2, 2x146GB SAS drives and 2x500GB SATA drives that I'm selling on account of having to pay for RAM and CPUs for the first machine...
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    FS: 6990, Cisco Wireless AP, Quad Socket combo

    Need to clean out my piles of crap to make room for more crap now that the local hamfest is starting up again. 25x AIR-LAP1252AG: Really fancy Cisco wireless-N access point, comes with 2.4GHz radio + 5GHz Radio + antennas + mounting bracket. $100 each. 1x Radeon 6990: Converted over from a...
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    FS: Radeon 6990

    For sale is a HD 6990 with an Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo 6990. Gets around 1.05MH/s mining Litecoin at 925MHz core, never goes over 80C but as usual YMMV. It was only very lightly mined on for benchmarking purposes. I converted this over from a Powercolor AX6990 LCS that I bought on [H] in...
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    wtb: Opteron 8431

    There were a whole bunch of these on eBay a while back but the supply has been exhausted...I need one more to complete a 4P. Anyone have an extra one?
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    WTB: Precision M6400

    Looking for this particular laptop, or any other non-Apple laptop with a full-size firewire port (but this and the M6600 are the only ones I could locate). I can get one off of eBay for $225, can anyone here beat that?
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    WTB: EVGA SR-2

    PM me with what you've got In addition to cash, I can offer BTC, and I have the following CPUs I can add on my end to sweeten the deal: 4 X5550 8 L5520 1 E5540 1 W3540 6 Opteron 8435 2 Opteron 8431
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    wtb: Radeon 4850's

    Looking for around $25 shipped per card, stock coolers preferred.
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    For Sale:IBM M15

    Virtually unused. If you want this you know what it is. Will send pics upon request (not sure which computer the photos are on right now...). $400, willing to trade or take offers since I have no idea what the going price of an M15 is these days (a couple years back they sold for $1200).
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    FS: FX8120 Combo

    ~FX8120 CPU ~Asrock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard ~Cooler Master Hyper 212+ ~2x4GB DDR3-1333 $200 + actual shipping for everything.
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    wtb: dual PCIe x16 dual socket 1366 board

    Looking for a dual socket 1366 board with two PCIe x16 slots (spaced appropriately for two GPUs) in the ~$100-150 range, and I figured if I could find one anywhere it would be the [H]orde. Will also entertain pricier boards if they are nice (e.g. if anyone wants to sell me an SR-2 for $250 my...
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    For Sale: High Speed Camera, Thermal Camera

    Testing the waters on these, I figured someone here might be [H]ardcore enough to be interested in them... I have a used-but-perfectly working Redlake MotionXtra HG-SE camera for sale. It can do 1280x1024 ("720p") at 500FPS, and 1280x512 at 1000FPS. It can also do higher resolutions at...
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    For Trade: loads of dual socket 2011 boards

    I have 18 Asus Z9PH-D16 motherboards, looking to trade them for something interesting, preferably a 4P system but will entertain other offers. (for the curious, I received these for free when a local cluster was upgrading their hardware).
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    FS: Cruft Cleanout Sale

    I found a new toy on eBay I want to buy, so this stuff has gotta go fast! Also, a good excuse to clean out my piles of stuff. I take PayPal, please send to Will also trade for eBay gift cards. All prices exclude shipping. 1) Foxconn BlackOps + 4GB DDR3 + Core 2 Duo E8500 +...
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    WTS: Socket F parts

    I started building a cluster, then halfway through I got bored and stopped. Up for sale: 5 H8DME-2-LS006 motherboards - these are custom SM boards made for 3Leaf Systems, and have a third socket for a custom Hypertransport ccNUMA ASIC, sadly, 3Leaf folded and the product never came into...
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    Q19D Spicy Xeon Motherboard

    I have some Q19D Extra Spicy 8-core Xeons. On my Asus Z9PE-D16 board they give a POST code of "00" when installed; I presume this means they aren't compatible. Anyone know of a dual-socket board I can run these on?