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  1. lilbabycat


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big boys are bleeding and so is everyone else.... Ark is Redder than its logo All my ICO's are down to ICO price or lower My ERC20 tokens have taken a dump My longshot coins don't even get measure in pennies anymore ------------ All that said...
  2. lilbabycat

    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    So i've decided to over-diversify, this is what i'm holding: ~300 ARK (ArkEcoSystem) - Had an ATH in mid-sept then dropped like a rock. Its BTC value has "bottomed" back to where it was in August, but since btc has tripled since then, this coin is still way up from that time. I'm hoping this...
  3. lilbabycat

    Segwit2x cancelled, "The Flippening", the price of Bitcoin Cash and everything else

    Just checking in with ya'll here. Segwit2x on bitcoin got "cancelled". This is turn caused BTC to jump a bit, but for some reason it also caused Bitcoin Cash to start jumping as of friday morning. (the coin that forked off in august, shown as either BCH or BCC depending on exchange but not to...
  4. lilbabycat

    Bitcoin - BIP91 / Segwit / Hard Fork - "Official" Discussion Thread

    Lets have a thread to discuss / panic the upcoming events with Bitcoin. Countdown "clock": As of 10:40am EST: 255 blocks until rejecting non-SegWit blocks. What this sit shows is how many blocks are being sent over with the "signal" of the new standard, which is to be BIP91...
  5. lilbabycat

    June 15th - Eth/BTC Crash or Correction!?

    BTC Down to ~2000, Eth down to ~275 (or lower?) Is this a crash or a correction? Coworkers telling me Bittrex was hacked but i haven't managed to find a reputable story.
  6. lilbabycat

    Titan Cancelled

    edit: Original thread my dumbass didn't find. This is a couple days old by now, but I wanted to properly express my feelings towards the news...
  7. lilbabycat

    FS: $50 In-game currency codes, Heroes of Newerth and Warface

    I have in-game currency codes for Heroes of Newerth and Warface (i used the PoE code) from the Nvidia Bundle. Asking $25 each, paypal. OBO I have a heatware but it has zero feedback (lilbabycat), as I don't really do trades on forums much.
  8. lilbabycat

    Why doesn't X have Y features ? Why did A change B ?

    I've been looking for this comic a long time, and finally found it again today. If you're ever wondering why a company might do something extremely stupid, remove some incredibly useful feature, or do a reboot that manages both, etc etc. Take this comic into mind, especially the last few...
  9. lilbabycat

    Amazon - 15% off Kindles (11/4) Today Only

    Amazon is running a "Thanks for changing the rules FAA" sale, enter code ThnksFAA. 15% off Kindles 11/4 only. Source: Their front page
  10. lilbabycat

    2013 PC Gamer Top 100 (of all time)

    RIP PC Gamer's Credibility Born 1993 Died 20?? Apparently Diablo 3 is better than Diablo 1 and 2. Skyrim is better than Morrowind Starcraft 2 better than Brood War .... 1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2. Mass Effect 2 3. Half-Life 2 4. Team Fortress 2 5. Deus Ex 6. XCOM...
  11. lilbabycat

    Tim Schafer Double Fails despite Kickstarter Funds

    Ouya and Pebble news got you piping? It gets better! Tim Schafer Ran out of Money despite being getting way over the KS budget. $3,336,371 pledged of $400,000 goal
  12. lilbabycat

    MW3's "elite" (premium) service, Beginning of the End

    So Activision announced the details of MW3's elite (ie: the paid subscription premium service) today. $50 a year (in addition to the game) for all the standard 'free' stuff you get from TF2 (or soon to be BF3) as well as all the paid DLC. (which according to them/the press will mean at least...