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    Google Nexus One (unlocked) / 37" Westinghouse LCD (Ohio pickup)

    Yep, I've already purchased the Nexus One and I'm already selling it :o. Unit is obviously in near new condition with no scratches and is already unlocked for the GSM carrier of your choice. All original accessories are included and still sealed in the box. ~ $520 shipped. I'm also selling a...
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    FS: 32GB iPhone 3GS(white)--Unlocked + Jailbroken

    32GB white iPhone 3GS *****Sold to SCSI***** Jailbroken and unlocked with latest firmware (3.1.2) Unit has a few minor scuffs on the edges (refer to pics) Phone works flawlessly with no scratches on the screen Including all original retail packinging, 2 wall chargers, earphones...
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    Wii price drop all but confirmed? $199 soon.

    So someone apparently leaked an internal memo from Best Buy saying that Nintendo is dropping the price of the Wii to $199 starting on 27 Sept. Anyone care? At all? Link: I had a Wii when they first came...
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    Steam - Unreal Tournament Deals/ UT99 @$1.99

    Not on steam at the time of this posting but it is on PlanetUnreal, confirmed by Epic. Link here: UT3 will be free to play this weekend starting tomorrow (17 Sept @ 8 PM GMT /4 PM EST-- preload up now). The game will also be discounted...
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    Apple releases fix for Macbook Pro SATA speeds.

    Just saw this on the net. Looks like Apple released a firmware fix for the 1.5 Gbps/ SATA 1 issue. Not really much else to say except the issue is more or less... not an issue. :D You can update manually from the link I posted or just run software update from your MBP.
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    FS: Aluminum Macbook (2.0GHz, 4GB RAM)

    Looking to sell my 8 month old aluminum Macbook (13.3" screen) due to upgrading. Macbook has no scratches or blemishes and comes with full retail packaging and software. Specs are as follows: PICS: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz (800 MHz FSB, 3 MB L2 cache) ***upgraded*** 4GB (2x 2GB)...
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    How portable is the MPB 15"?

    I currently have one of the now extinct 13" Macbook aluminum models but I'm considering selling it for one of the MPB 15". I really do love the size of my current MB but how much bigger in physical size is the MBP 15" for every day use? I"ve been looking all over for pics comparing the two but...
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    Crysis 2 announced: PC, 360 and PS3

    Nothing else really to say except that Crysis 2 will be on this generation consoles. I'm not the diehard PC gamer fanboy I used to be but I suspect there will be a lot of crying just because people like to cry... I guess. Link here...
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    Battlefield 1943 coming to XBLA/PSN this summer.

    Wow this pretty much came out of nowhere. I've probably played BF1942 more than any other FPS online (ok maybe not but I've played it a lot). Yeah it's on a console and yeah it could be nothing more than a re-skin of 1942 (1943 is built on the Bad Company engine) but is that really a bad thing...
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    Tabula Rasa (MMO) now 100% free to play

    Just saw this over at massively. NCSoft announced a few weeks ago that they are shutting this game down (Richard Garriot wanted to play spaceboy anyway) but they decided to make it free for anyone that wants to play before they do. I bought the game when it came out and didn't even get past my...
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    Bioware MMO Official: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I had very little doubt they wouldn't be making this game, but it's now official. It's being said that this MMO was the main reason EA bought Bioware in the first place. 2 factions: Galactic Republic or...
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    How do you enjoy STALKER?

    Yes, people like different things but I keep hearing how "awesome" this game is. I've tried to play it 4 or 5 times and end up quitting and uninstalling. I'm obviously missing something but I just don't feel drawn into the game. I usually get past the first village with all the people that shoot...
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    Video Cards: Asus EAH3870TOP/ MSI X1900XT/ DDR1 RAM

    Just a few things I need to get rid of. All video cards are ATI-based PCI-e cards. Asus EAH 3870TOP; Factory OC'd card. Nothing wrong with it and worked great the 3 months I had it. Comes in retail packaging will all original accessories. I can ship in retail packaging or use a smaller...
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    Time to sell the Wii?

    Do you guys still play your Wii? The last time I've played mine was back in May when I took it to California while I was visiting some friends. We had a decent time playing Boom Blox but I haven't even bother hooking it back up since I got back. The Nintendo E3 was abysmal and I'm not seeing any...
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    Duke Nukem Trilogy "trailer" - DS/PSP

    Yeah, so Apogee is going to be releasing Duke Nukem on the DS and PSP and they decided to release a new trailer. Behold as you watch the most amazing game trailer ever. It's 4 minutes of pure... ah hell, see for yourself.
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    Final Fantasy XIII - Coming to Xbox 360

    Square/Enix just announced this at the MS Press conference. It will release same day/date as PS3 version for North America and Europe. Wow. So much for exclusivity. :eek: Edit: Link
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    MSI Wind U100- Final Specs

    Well, the official/final specs are here and I'm thinking MSI has a winner. The screen is even LED backlit. :D Windows Version (ships June 16): The Linux version is the same for the most part except it will only have a 3-cell battery (brings weight down to 2.3 lbs) with 512MB Ram. It...
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    FS/FT: Aopen Mini PC / ATI X1900XT

    References: Don't have heatware (always forget the password) but I do have 100% ebay feedback here. I have an Aopen Mini PC I need to get rid of. It used to be my HTPC and easily was able to play HD video files wirelessly on my network. This computer is basically the PC equiv of a Mac Mini...
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    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

    So yeah the new MK game officially announced today. MK vs DC comics. Now, I know Capcom had a similar spinoff (Marvel vs Capcom) which I thought was pretty decent but MK vs DC sounds a little... ummm.. lame? I dunno. I'm just not excited about it at all. Then again, I haven't been excited about...
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    WTB/WTTF Intel Mac Mini

    I'm looking for an Intel based Mac Mini. I would reallyl ike one with a superdrive and at least 1GB of ram would be nice. I have an Aopen Mini PC I can throw in for trade. It's basically a Mac Mini but without OSX. Specs: 1.66Ghz Core Duo CPU 1GB RAM 120GB HDD DVD/RW Drive Integrated Intel...
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    FS: Dell XPS M1210 12.1" Laptop

    I've been trying to sell this laptop for 2 weeks on ebay but the auction seems to always end with a scammer. It's very annoying so I'm going to try the [H]. Need to get rid of this since I have a Macbook on the way. No heatware but I have 100% ebay feedback. 12.1" TrueLife (Glossy)...
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    Microsoft confirms Blu-Ray support.

    Didn't see this posted anywhere so here it is. Yay?
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    About to order... How's this (cheap) build for Windows Home Server?

    Ok, I currently have a Shuttle that's dying (network card... yay :rolleyes:) so I'm finally going to replace it. The goal is to go for cheap as possible really since I need to save some cash for a new Macbook Pro (ya I'm going to convert). Anyway here's what I have put together so far, aside...
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    My Shuttle is dying. Need input for cheap WHS system.

    So the network card on my Shuttle has been giving me trouble for a while but I think it's finally starting to die completely. I currenty use my Shuttle (Sn25p) as a file server that runs Windows Home Server. The software has it's quirks but it's amazing when it works. Anyway, the Shuttle is...
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    Looking to finally buy a Mac... but which one?

    I'm looking to get my first mac... just because. I have a pretty powerful gaming PC but I'm planning on converting it to a HTPC and just game on my 360. I only use my current main desktop just to read websites and download movie trailers. I currently have a 24"and a 22" monitor and also a...
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed until Q2 2008

    Didn't see this thread anywhere so here it is. Full press release here. Is anyone really surprised by this?
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    Buying gadgets you really don't need... do you? (Or do I really need a Nokia N95)

    Yeah so I do this all the time. I buy gadgets just because I love gadgets. What usually happens is that I see something and think "Wow, that's cool!" I buy it and after a few weeks I'm bored with it OR a newer version is released giving me a reason to "upgrade". The next gadget I'm looking at...
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    Worth it to go from e4300 to e6750?

    I have a fairly new machine with an e4300 overclocked to 3 GHz on stock cooling and it runs really well. I was wondering if I should bother upgrading to an e6750 and overclock it. Any opinions will be appreciated.
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    Any viable Linux Alternatives going from Windows Home Server?

    Yeah so I have 4 PCs all sharing files and media using Windows Home Server RTM build. I was wondering if there were any recommended Linux distros to use as a server. My 3 clients are all running Vista. I have a HTPC strictly for videos/music, a main desktop for games, and a laptop mostly for...
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    Gears of War officially announced for the PC.

    Cliffy B is demoing GoW at the MS E3 conference. 5 new SP chapters, new acheivements, and new online modes. Gamespot has a link to a live feed. Cliffy said it's going to be for both XP and Vista so none of that Vista only crap. Doesn't appear that it'll have cross platform online play.
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    DVD drive won't power up when connected to mobo

    Pretty odd issue with a PC I have here. The DVD drive works just fine *unless* I plug in the ide cable into the motherboard. I've tried multiple drives and cables with the same result. Anyone have any ideas as to what I could be missing? Thanks.
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    Looking for a 30"+ Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor. Any good ones?

    As the title says, it's an odd request I know but I have a client that needs a large LCD that you can read in pretty bright sunlight. I've found sever 12" ones but I need one much larger. Any tips, hints, ideas? Thanks.
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    New Mass Effect Video on XBL Marketplace

    Most of the footage isn't exactly new but one of the producers does a demo walkthrough and I'd have to say wow. After watching this vid, I'm really glad I bought a 360. This game looks amazing.
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    If you were to buy a LCD-TV 26-32" which one would it be?

    I have one of the Gateway 24" on pre-order right now from J& but I'm seriously wondering if I should just cancel it and get a TV instead. I live in a small studio apartment and I'm looking for a monitor that can multi-task pretty well without being extremely massive. I'd love to get the...
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    Best place to buy used 360 games?

    So yeah I finally did something I'd said I'd never ever do... I bought a Xbox360. Anyway, I plan on getting Gears of War and R6:Vegas new but I wanted to get some of the older games as well WITHOUT paying full price for them. Can anyone recommend some good stores that sell used 360 games for a...
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    New Mass Effect footage? MTV Exclusive

    Yeah, MTV of all places but this game looks so freakin sweet I might have to finally buy a 360. I was one of those peeps that said "I'm never buying a 360!!!" :o You can see the original low res quality one here or a better quality version here.
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    Time for the SN25POS to go -- What other SFF options?

    :mad: This computer is pissing me off to no end. For the most over the last 18 months or so it's worked ok but whenever it gets an issue, it becomes a serious pain in the ass. The latest (and probably final) problem is that my NIC simply refuses to work... at all. The drivers install properly...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Hmm could this be the one?? I'm dying to upgrade my Dell 2005 and since I'm not certain if I can get the Westinghouse 37" shipped to me, I just saw this over at Engadget and it sounds pretty interesting... well... they always "sound" interesting. Anyway, specs so far: $679 MSRP S-PVA --...
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    Best online store to buy games?

    I was just wondering what online stores you guys buy your games from. I've been using for years but if there's something better, I'd like to know. I really don't have the luxury of going to B&M stores since I'm stationed in Germany and I don't want their censored games. :p
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    FS: 8GB Sansa E280 MP3/Video Player -- $215 shipped

    Like the title says, I'm looking to sell an 8GB Sansa E280. I've only had it long enough to open it and put a couple of songs on it. Even though the item is practically new, I'll have pics up later today. Awesome player but I need some cash all of a sudden :( I'm taking a hit on this but it's...