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    Old and Uninformed: I need to replace an 8-year old GTX 680. What's the best $200-300 card?

    Would you consider buying a 5600XT or even a 1660 Ti a bad purchase right now? Are we expecting these cards to further drop in value once 3070/6800 are in stock?
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    Everything is gone again?

    Would you consider buying a 5600XT or even a 1660 Ti a bad purchase right now? Are we expecting these cards to further drop in value once 3070/6800 are in stock?
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    Unreal Engine is Getting Destructable Environment Support

    Maps are meticulously designed for balance between teams. Morphing the terrain changes the strat. BF4 had the best implementation of this but it was obvious what they did, they basically designed 2 versions of every map, one nice and fresh and one completely wrecked after a 30 minute campaign...
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    Paramount Is Urging Theaters to Show Ang Lee's New Sci-Fi Movie at 120 FPS

    120hz looks good with CGI and video games because there is no illusion required to sell a shot. Punches can connect, bodies can fly, action can be as hard hitting as desired. But when you introduce real humans into the equation you have to cheat, you have to use stunt doubles, camera angles from...
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    Oculus Quest Features an Active Cooling Fan

    I had a DK1, DK2 and Vive, each representing a generational leap in technology from its predecessor. The quest is the only new VR device that has renewed my interest, and dare I say pretty damn close to the the final frontier of VR. It has always been about freedom. Whether it was the clunky...
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Possibly, but honestly I think pretty much all of the comic book movies since Iron Man have been pure ass. Avengers? Sucked, all of them. Wonder woman? Dont get me started. Black panther? Too much SJW involvement for me. They're making movies just to make movies. They're picking all these...
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    FDA Chief Threatens to Take E-cigarettes off the Market

    Thats fine and dandy but why dont we *also* disrupt the industry's attempt to *market* to minors?
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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    Game breaking bugs, like dead NPC's that require interaction thus making it impossible to progress .
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    Facebook Applies for Patent to Figure Out Who You Live With

    I'm starting to feel less and less like an anti-social media hipster and more and more glad I deleted my Facebook account last year.
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    Nvidia Fakes the Moon Landing

    Do you also look at both sides of the flat earth debate? Or vaccines? It's ok to summarily dismiss the opposition if their stance is complete and total absurdity. We dont need to give "both sides" equal opportunity in some cases.
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    "Sex Robot Brothel" Blocked by Houston Government

    holy shit the niceguys in this thread are overwhelming, gonna step out and distance myself very, very far away.
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    Man Who Uploaded Viral Deadpool Movie to Facebook Sentenced to Prison

    These examples and the one's that followed deserve prison time because their actions impacted the lives of others. Uploading a movie to facebook only cost the studio money (in theory). In that case some kind of civil fine is more befitting.
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    Google Pixel 3 XL Makes an Early Appearance in Hong Kong [Leak]

    It's not so much quality anymore as it is performance. Any custom launcher as big as TouchWiz will basically take 1-2 years off the lifespan of your device. Whereas a Note 9 running stock might perform flawlessly until maybe 2022, now it'll show its age around 2020 as newer resource hungry apps...
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    Case closed guys, data breaches are impossible
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    Senate Passes Bill That Allows Drones to be Shot Down

    Look we all knew something like this would eventually happen when idiots could walk into Target and buy a drone for $200 and do stupid shit.
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    Senate Passes Bill That Allows Drones to be Shot Down

    dont forget helicopters
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    No, but I've watched youtube videos of it and 30 seconds is about all you need to determine that despite it being "the *most* realistic" it is still highly *unrealistic* overall so there is no merit to contrasting levels of realism to something inherently unrealistic *by a very large margin*.
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    This is as big of a horse shit cop out as any I've ever seen. We are talking about a video game. It's all complete fantasy. You dont get to pick and choose. You dont get to have absurdly unrealistic battle scenarios and then whine about unrealistic gender roles. If you're willing to tolerate...
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    So whats the message? Because all I see is that women can now have a more enjoyable experience playing a game they can identify with. You know basically the same thing that enrages you because you feel underrepresented now. RTS is fun. Period piece combat is fun. Not everyone wants to play space...
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    Do the foot soldiers represent any type of playable hero? I’ve never played this game so I don’t know what the mechanics are between a general and a peon. If these characters are just like faceless infantry that die by the thousands then of course nobody really cares about their representation...
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    You said, or at least implied that anyone who wants unrealistic combat scenarios (besides the ones already in the game since those are totally ok) to go and “make their own games”. But the dev owns this game, they did make their own game, and if YOU don’t like it then YOU go make your own...
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    Total War: Rome II Developers Issue Statement on Criticisms of Female Generals Feature

    Someone needs to make a truly historically accurate representation of commanding ancient war. You just sit there on a throne barking orders to a few people while getting BJ's from hand maidens and eating grapes.
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    Why does a video game get such a free pass on wholly unrealistic depictions of war and strategy yet you draw the line at what gender of heroes can be played?
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    Why do you think it was politically driven? And just because there are alternative games doesnt make the alternatives any good. Like saying "just play paladins if you dont like overwatch". Yeah, except one is good and the other is total shit.
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    Ah, “some level of accuracy”. So we both agree there will be levels of inaccuracy, we’re just trying to set the bar. The ability to build castles in minutes and wage war with a dozen horsemen whom die and come back to life repeatedly is ok, but long hair and boobs is a deal breaker, that’s just...
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    Ajit Pai: States Can't Enact Net Neutrality Rules

    Well since you believe that change happens overnight whats with the delay on 5G? Like why dont they just release it tomorrow?
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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    stopped watching after he accused builder of improper ram installation. While *most* boards use an A/A B/B setup I've personally had a board or two that was A/B A/B. Also the fact that he's trying to nitpick on PCI lane bandwidth when he's installing a video card that will have no other options...
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    Google Is Requesting YouTube Clips Trashing Its Design Team Ahead of Pixel 3 Launch

    IMO the curve removes useful screen real estate that would have been better spent on a thin bezel.
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    Razer Phone 2 Confirmed, May Feature "Chroma" LED Lighting

    I played around with the razer at best buy a few weeks ago, really nice phone, shockingly light weight and that 120hz refresh rate felt oh so buttery. I dunno what the deal is with android slowdown, every phone i've ever had, even the rooted/custom rom'd ones did this. I used to get a thrill out...
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    Yes he was a competitor who had won last years event. If you look up pictures of him you immediately see the whole story, no surprise here. Some twitter comments from other competitors say he acts just as weird as he looks, and had been wearing the same clothes all weekend. Prizes were 1st -...
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    Elon Musk’s Kid-Submarine Was “A PR Stunt,” Thailand Cave Rescue Diver Says

    if it's so obvious that this sub is totally incompatible with the cave then how could this be a publicity stunt? What kind of publicity would one hope to achieve by making a fool of themselves? I think the most logical answer is that they didnt know the sub would be such a failure and were...
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    What in the holy hell? What did this coach do, take them on a 3+ hour expedition into a completely blackout cave where they were squeezing through tiny tunnels just to get there?
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    Comcast / Xfinity Throttling 720p Vids to 480p & Hotspots

    I dunno man, Tmobile has always been anti NN and even popularized the whole zero-rating scheme to get around it. Why should you have to pay extra for HD? Data is data. You buy 100GB worth or whatever then you use it however you want. Acting like you should be thankful to share 10GB of that with...
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    Comcast / Xfinity Throttling 720p Vids to 480p & Hotspots

    They're doing some kind of packet inspection, for instance when running my laptop to my hotspot via hacked app my web URLs would get hijacked and redirected to a hotspot subscription page. if I change the user agent in Chrome to mobile all the pages would begin working again, of course then I...
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    EA on Women in Battlefield V: Accept It, or Don’t Buy the Game

    well honestly thats who they're talking to if you're complaining about unrealistic characters in a fantasy driven video game with unrealistic outcomes. "Oh let me just fly my P-52 and eject at 400mph and snipe an enemy pilot between the eyes, steal his aircraft in mid air, kamikaze an...
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    Robots are Learning How to Chase us Down

    why give it legs though? Woulndt something with wheels like a big unicycle or something be faste rand equally capable of traversing terrain like this?
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    Because this isnt North Korea. There's a reason ruthless systems of justice go hand in hand with the shitholes of the world.