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    Potential RAM Issue.

    I decided to reformat today, after I botched a driver update for my GTX 260, and the fact that i has been awhile since I have reformatted. When I go to boot from my windows CD, I would recreate the partition and load the files, but when I went to load from my HDD for the first time, I would...
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    Any Word on the Release of Samsung T240?

    Google has turned up a bunch of a online stores that show pricing and everything, but all of them are temporarily out of stock. I know the t260 is out, but I don't know if I want to go that big on my next upgrade.
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    This 26" Samsung good for gaming?

    I am currently in the market to get a 24-26" LCD, as I am selling my two Samsung 204b's, in the fall I will have a 32" LCDTV to use as my second monitor so I want to get rid of them and just get one nice monitor until then.
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    Fan Orientation and HSF in my Lian-Li

    I just ordered a case for my new build on monday and I was wondering what direction I should have each of the 4 fans and which HSF to use to cool the case with the best results. I will be getting an E8400 for my CPU if that helps...
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    Worth it to buy a Blu Ray Drive?

    I noticed on Newegg the other day a Blue Ray/DVD/CD drive popped up for 169.99, and at first I thought wow what an awesome deal. I have a 32" Samsung LCDTV which I could easily hook up to my computer to watch movies in hi-def, but is the drive really a worthwhile purchase? I never payed...
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    Aftermarket coolers for the 8800gts?

    I have an 8800gts 640mb and was just wondering if there are any good aftermarket coolers for it?
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    Cooling an 8800gts in a shuttle XPC

    Is it worth it to get an aftermarket heatsink for it? I'm getting mid 80s as a load temp but I want to do a mild amount of overclocking.
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    Foliage Light problems in Crysis

    I installed the game this morning and when i start it up i see all of the trees/grass/bushes have their edges lit up. This is with the beta drivers specifically designed for crysis performance. I played around with the in game settings and nothing seemed to get rid of the lighting around the...
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    Just bought a thinkpad T61, and it idles with 90 processes?

    Is this large amount of processes normal for a notebook like that to idle with? On my desktop i only idle at maybe 35-40, less than half of that. Do I need all of these "Thinkvantage" things running? If not, is there a way to disable them at startup?
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    Stalker Questions (spoilers)

    What is that voice saying when you enter the sarcophagus? It seems to say the same things over and over again, but alas I cannot speak more than English and a little Spanish:(
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    STALKER has gone gold! About damn time!
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    Can an SN27P2 power a 8800gts?

    Plain and simple. If not, what barebone SFFs around that price (and size preferably) can handle it?
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    Help! My HDD is dying!

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    Buying a GPS system for my pops

    My father has wanted a GPS system for years, so after agreement with my mother, we are going to get him one, the thing is, i have no clue what im doing with this little things. Can someone lead show me a few of them that are decently priced (from glancing at them on newegg, i see anywhere...
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    Any problems with the following potential set up?

    Shuttle case/mobo HDD Vid card RAM CPU That's what I am currently considering buying. I tried making the 5200+ with the 1MB cache fit, but with that instead it pushes the price just out of my range :( The 65W 4200+ helps keep power consumption down, so its not such a bad trade off...
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    So I wake up and my 204B is dead?

    Yesterday morning I got up and come down to notice my 204B is turned off (which is unusual because i just let it go into powersave). I turn it back on and the screen turns grey for a few seconds, then fades to vertical color lines (which are the colors of what used to be my background). I...
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    Any problems with this build I'm looking at?

    Going from the computer in my sig to the following: Shuttle SN27P2 Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Windsor (1MB cache) Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 eVGA 7950GT WD 160GB SE Are there any conflicting parts or things that you guys would want to swap out? On newegg the total price comes to roughly $1300, and...
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    Looking to finally switch to an LCD.

    For a long awhile I have refused to buy an LCD because of their price and slight lack of sharpness when compared to CRTs, but now that the dust has settled I think I will actually buy one, but I am not quite sure as to which I want to get. What I do know is that I love the space of...
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    Anyone find a mirror to the new WoW Patch?

    I don't know if the mirroring is legal (IIRC it is?) so if it isn't, I'll scrap that and just post new discussion on the patch. The new armor models look :cool: as hell, especially the pally model :D
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    Connecting my Gamecube to my Computer?

    If I were to buy a component output cable for my Gamecube (first gen which does have the proper output for it) seen here would I be able to connect that to my 7800gts vivo output cable thinger seen here and have it playable through one of my monitors? If this doesn't work, how do I go about...
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    Did I forget an 20-24pin converter?

    I feel like a retard, do DFI Lanparty's (S939 Nforce4, the $132 version off Newegg) need the 24 pin ATX cable instead of the 20 pin cable my Antec PSU has?
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    Exactly how bad are LCDs in gaming compared to a CRT?

    For this Christmas I asked if I could split the cost of a Dell 2001FP with my parents. I was thinking about moving my Envision 19" CRT over to my secondary position and using the LCD as my primary, since I would be looking at it most often it would ease up the stress on my eyes greatly. I also...
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    Shuttle SN25P or AOpen EZ482

    Well I am upgrading from the rig in my sig to one of these two, a 7800gt, and a 250gb SATAII HDD around the holiday season, but I don't know which I want to pick for my build. I figured I would list the pros and cons as to what I have noticed from me reading up on them. Pros of the...
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    Nintendo Revolution article discussion

    this article which is on the front of [H]ardOCP is what I would like to bring to the boards. It seems that they are going to pull the same pricing as last time with the more of a budget and straightforward gaming machine. I don't mind lower prices :) The lack of HD has also been confirmed...
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    Quick question about my mobos FSB:RAM divider

    in the DRAM config, I states the 133, 166, 200, 216, 233 etc speeds, but are these the values the RAM always runs at or are they the dividers values for the RAM, (say if I set it to 200mhz, it would be in 1:1 with the FSB)Just curious because This could be why my CPU doesn't want to accept...
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    Considering getting a SN25P for putting it on water.

    How feasible will it be for me to achieve this? I plan on putting in most of my existing parts (RAM CPU raptor) and getting a 7800gt and putting both the CPU and GPU on water. I went over to frozenCPU and did a quick calculation and got about $300 for a decent loop for them both, but I have...
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    Looking into buying a new mouse (gaming mouse)

    It's up between either a nice Razer one (probably the Diamondback with blue LEDs), or the Logitech MX518. I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse right now and I love it, but they don't make the model anymore. Does the Diamondback have side buttons that can be used to go back and forth on internet...
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    Ok, admit it, who played the new Pokemon?

    Someone on here has to have picked it up or rented it or something. How is it compared to its Gameboy predecessors?
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    Linksys wireless access point problems

    I have a Linksys wire access point (model befw121s4 v.2) and it has been running fine for a year and a half, but now when I turn it on the red diagnostic light is lit and there is an odd pattern of lights where the link/act full/col and 100 lights should be. I figured you guys are easily as...
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    CS:S not giving proper audio!

    I finally got my MSI motherboard to go along with my 3200+Venice and got Windows up and the chipset/sound/video/ethernet drivers up and all that good stuff. Then I re-downloaded steam and CS:S. I downloaded it all and fired it up, and got into a game. As soon as I joined the [H]ardgaming server...
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    Brother needs a laptop for college

    My brother is going to college (commuting to DeVry) and he needs a laptop for when he is on campus and doing work. He wants something about middle in size and power with 1gb of memory. We stopped at Circuit City and were looking, nothing was quite what he wanted there. I fired up Newegg to...
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    Who has played Geist yet?

    Curious to see if anyone has rented/bought it yet, the concept of possessing people looks pretty neat but I don't wanna get it if it isn't a good game.
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    Safe removal process of stock s939 HSF?

    The last two times I removed the hsf off my cpu (well, off of the motherboard I should say, since the cpu came with it both times) the CPU has been coming with it. Did I apply too much Arctic Silver5 or do they always stick to the CPU that much? I know twisting the HSF can break the adhesive...
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    Best AGP S939 board?

    I'm looking at the MSI K8N Neo2 platinum as of now for my board-to-be, is there anything better?
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    Twilight Princess delayed! :(

    Gamestop called me just now informing me that Nintendo won't be releasing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess until after March '06 :(
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    Abit AV8 doesn't feel like working.

    I bought an Abit AV8 from a friend who assured me that it was in working order and it would be fine for me. Now I had it and got my 3200+ Venice core and installed everything and used my 1gb of corsair low latency and my 6800gt and my 2 HDDs (wd raptor and 80gb SE) i had (sold the abit nf7-s...
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    Problem with my AXP2500+ and abit nf7-s

    I sold my abit nf7-s and axp2500+ today to a friend since he needed a budget system to play CS:S on. He got all of the other parts and I installed everything and cleared the CMOS but when I tries to save the CMOS the computer just shuts off. Sometimes the computer will bootfor about 5 seconds...