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    Steelcase Leap Sold by Amazon Brand New $731.62
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    Hi All, So I know I am not the only one who has been looking at the $999 2080TI cards since EVGA posted it to their product page. Very little information on silicon revisions has been seen, with many people wondering if this would be the often talked about 300 revision. So here it is...
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    RP-452X2 P2 Rev. 2.0 w/2 D5 pumps $115 Used

    So I tried out the DIYINHK PWM mod on my old bmaverick ddc1's. While it works, they are still too noisy for my liking. So I went looking for a deal on a dual d5 setup. So this seller is selling multiple (more than 10) Koolance RP-452x2 dual bay reservoir with 2 pumps included. I messaged...
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    EVGA 1080 FE Order Availability

    Stock Tracker NVIDIA GTX 1080 Pre-order & In Stock Tracker - Amazon Pre-Order Live Just ordered one myself for my VR Build for the Living Room. Edit: Aaaandddd...
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    Need Number for a Dell Sales Rep for referral program

    I'm starting a new job and have to work mostly out of hotels, so I won't be seeing much of my desktop, which I just blew most of my money on. Which means I have to buy a laptop. And the only 18 inch laptops are Alienware. From what I have found out, Dell has a referral program where you can...
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    Short X79 report at 7680x1600

    So, I spent almost a month looking around to find out if upgrading to x79 or even Z68 would make 7680x1600 playable at the framerate I wanted. Since I couldn't find any benchmarks showing me this, I decided to make sure I would get the performance I want by going x79 with the extra pci-e lanes...
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    Setting up GTX 260 surround

    So my sig rig is down for awhile, apparently 3 480's draw too much power and fried the 24 pin from PSU to Mobo, thankfully just burned plugs and not total destruction. I'll be buying the EVGA powerboost when released to deal with this problem. So I decided to set up a gtx 260 surround system...
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    Question about Windows Upgrade Keys

    I have a legal copy of Vista 64 and 32 bit, I got the second key for $10 and decided to use it to install 32 bit Vista so I could use the leaked Nvidia beta drivers 256.76, which are only 32 bit, and now I find out Windows 7 only. No Vista compatibility. So I have Vista 64 of my SSD raid and...
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    20% off Mushkin Ridgeback DDR3 1600mhz

    Use coupon code "TWENTY" at checkout when you buy 4gb 6gb I just bought 6 gb and got almost $50 off, figured I'd spread the joy.
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    Weird Microstutter

    So with Fermi coming, I decided to upgrade from my phenom 2 940, to the i7 920. Now on my phenom system, I had no microstutter, and was totally happy with my dual GTX 260 core 216's. Yet on my new i7 system, which I clocked stable at 4.1ghz for 12 hours with Prime95, I now have a weird...