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    FS: Asus Strix 3090 Watercooled

    Asking $800 shipped. Comes with EK block already mounted on it as well as original box and accessories complete with stock heatsink. My ebay is towerofpower22. Thanks for looking.
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    Questions for C9 OLED guys

    Hows the gaming now at 1440p 120hz? Are you scaling the image and if so do you notice a softer image? Getting rid of my PG27UQ and going 55 C9. I know it'll be a regression for a period of time until Gsync compatible firmware and later hdmi 2.1 but certainly gain image quality. I have OLEDs...
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    FS: Asus PG27UQ 4k 144hz HDR1000

    Hey guys, Going the 55 C9 OLED route so this has to go. Everything included with original box. I dont need the desk mount either so if you need one let me know ill throw it in. No bad pixels, does 144hz no problem. Asking: $1100 Ebay: towerofpower22
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    FS: Titan X Pascal (2016)

    Asking $500. I'll pay the shipping. Card is only used for gaming. Never mined on. Replaced with a 2080Ti that just came in. I have a PG278UQ so I needed the frames for 4K 144hz. Original box etc. Ebay: towerofpower22
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    2 x Evga 780Ti Kingpin with EK Blocks

    Here you go guys. Cards from my main machine. 2 Kingpins with waterblocks on them. Currently flashed with XOC bios for much lower power limit and disabled boost on LN2 switch. Price: $400 each shipped with block or 350 each if you buy both. Both purchased around March of 2014 so a good bit...
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    FS: 2 x EVGA 690 with EK Blocks

    Price: $300 shipped. · EVGA Signature 04G-P4-2692-KR GeForce GTX 690 4GB · EVGA 04G-P4-2690-KR GeForce GTX 690 4GB Blocks · 2x EK-FC690 GTX – Acetal Selling these 2 cards with all accessories included including EVGA T-shirt :) Can return cards to stock air if your not going to use...
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    FS: 780 Ti KingPin Edition + EK Block

    Hi all, I've had good luck selling some high end stuff on here so here goes. My new Kingpin edition 780 Ti plus EK full cover block installed. Just got it about a week ago and never registered. Changing direction and going with the 295 X2. I flashed the bios already to Skyn3t's latest...
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    Anyone else feeling screwed by all these announcements?

    PC gamers have been begging for innovation for years now and there was none. Many have been buying hardware that gets things done with just brute force. All of a sudden, we get all these announcements such as SteamOS and partnerships with Nvidia and now ATI and partnerships with Microsoft to...
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    FS: Overlord Tempest X270OC

    Listing my Overlord that I kept before when I sold my Yamakasi. I have gone to the lightboost side of things and don't use the overlord anymore. Might as well pass it on to someone who will enjoy it, its a great gaming screen. Great working shape, no flaws or issues that I have seen...
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    FS: Overlord X270OC or Yamakasi Catleap 2B

    Hey Guys, Figured i'd post these monitors here as they are for the enthusiast. Yes I am selling either one depending on whichever someone wants. The Overlord is a Grade OC panel that apparently had 2 dead pixels, although I've tried every color in the rainbow and i'll be damned if I can...
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    FS: 2 x EVGA GTX 580 COD Edition Superclock

    Hi Guys, For sale is my EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Call of Duty Edition card All cards come in original boxes with all manuals, all dongles, cables, original heatsink etc. Price: ALL GONE!. Sorry I don't have heatware but I'm on ebay under towerofpower22. Will ship but prefer local...
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    FS: ASUS 5970 WC + 2x ASUS 5870's

    Hi Guys, For sale is my 2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Call of Duty Edition cards with DangerDen Fullcover blocks All cards come in original boxes with all manuals, all dongles, cables, original heatsink etc. I'll leave the water block on the 580's and the stock heatsink is in the box...
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    SSD shows as 2 GB In WinXP x86

    Hi guys, I installed a corsair force F60 into a Dell optiplex 780 as a secondary data drive on WinXP and it will only show 2GB. If I put it in a Win 7 box it shows as full ~55GB size. I've searched all over and found nothing. I'm guessing it's OS as the bios sees it fine. Sata controller...
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    Odd Problem: Overclock 5970, lose x-fi sound

    Hi Guys, Interesting problem I have. I'm a desktop engineer by trade and I'm stumped. I've been able to run 1000/1050 on my ati 5970 for a while now under water with great temps and no issues. Now about 2 days ago, whenever I go into a game at ANY overclocked settings, my x-fi card will...
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    FS: 2 x XFX GeForce GTX 285 1GB

    Hi Guys, For sale is my ASUS 5970 2GB with EK Fullcover block and backplate. Both come in original boxes with all manuals, all dongles, cables, original heatsink etc... and never registered. I'll leave the water block on the card and the stock heatsink is in the box. Price: $500 +...
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    FS: Silverstone TJ-07

    Hi Guys, Long time member here so I figured i'd offer this up to someone ready to do a monster build. Up for sale is my used TJ-07. It was used a little less then a year. Everyone knows everything about this case so i'll skip that. I moved on to a Mountain Mods extended ascension. Only...
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    135 degree bend possible?

    Hi Guys, I'm putting my loop together and to make a run real short from the outlet on rad to res, I need a 135 degree bend. The rad and res are pointing in opposite directions basically. If I put 3 45 degree bitspower single rotaries in series, it creates a 135 bend that makes the...
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    FX-53 (S939) vs. Oc'ed Mobile at 2.7Ghz

    I'm thinkin about going to the FX-53 but i'm kind of wondering if I would notice a huge performance leap over my current Mobile XP 2400+ 35w at 2700Mhz. I haven't had any experience with the 64bit chips yet but for 800 dollars a proc, its gotta fly I would imagine. I haven't been able to find...
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    NEC FP2141SB-BK settings

    After tinkering with this monitor forever and finally finding the screwdriver that was needed for focus, i still cant seem to get the color right. I was just wondering what other 2141 users were using as their color settings for each color as well as brightness. Thanks.
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    FS: NEC FP2141SB-BK 22" CRT Monitor

    Need to sell this monster in preperation for getting a new car this summer :D Been a LONG time browser of this board and decided to see how this works before trying anything with ebay. Ebay makes me feel kinda funny especially with something of such size. Monitor is in perfect condition and...