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    Can I get 1000hz polling rate in Windows 10?

    I've been using a Razer Diamondback 3G mouse and managed to get 500hz polling rate for it in Windows 7 by using this USB overclocking method: Since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 this no longer works and I...
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    False thermal reading causing shutdown?

    Can a false reading of the thermal sensor on the e8400 cause system shutdown due to perceived overheating? I have a Noctua NH-U12P (all installation brackets have been checked and thermal paste is correctly applied etc etc) and good airflow, but my temps are way too high (like 15-20C too high)...
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    Fallout 3 mouse acceleration

    I can't get rid of mouse acceleration in Fallout 3 no matter what. I've forced vsync off with ATI tray tools (after overcoming some hurdles to install it on vista64) and adjusted the number of frames rendered ahead (a.k.a. the flip queue size). Can't find anything in the Fallout 3 default...
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    Forcing vsync off with a 4870

    Hi I need some help. I need to force vsync off to fix my mouse acceleration / mouse lag problem in Fallout. How do I do that with a ATI 4870 card? Didn't find an option for it in CCC nor in D3D Overrider. Can it be done with Rivatuner somehow? Rivatuner is complaining that my display driver...
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    E8400 temperature way too high

    Hello. I have a problem with my new computer, my cpu temperature is much higher than it should be. Rig: Sonata 3 with earthwatts 500w psu, e8400, 4gb ram, asus p5q Cooling: cpu: Noctua NH-U12P (yes, I know how to apply thermal paste properly and have followed the installation instructions...
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    New system, built outside of case, still doesn't work. Please help.

    Hi. I have a new system with the following specs I'm trying to build. I'm using the "how to bench test your system" guide from tech support forums. Link here: (this is also what I currently...
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    Displays getting bigger and cheaper - How far will it go?

    In 2005 I bought a 19" Syncmaster 940b monitor for 350€ or so. Now in 2008 I can get a 24" widescreen monitor for the same price. If that same development continues, in 2011 I can get a 30" monitor for 350€, then in 2014 a 36" , 2017 42" etc etc This got me thinking, how big will desktop...
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    The Inquirer: Nvidia GTX260 and 280 revealed

    Article from the Inquirer. Seems to be pro-ATI biased.
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    Computer resets randomly

    A few days back I was trying to recover data from an HDD of a broken laptop and I used an external HDD box to connect it to my PC via 2 USB cables (1 for power, 1 for data). When I plugged it in, my computer went crazy making a weird noise while the fans ramped up to full speed. I immediately...