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    strange isp problem

    This is more for my curiosity to get people's opinions on what might have been going on. So I was having this problem with my ISP over the last 4 or 5 days where I could not VPN to work at all. Thankfully I was technically on vacation and didn't really have to work. From a packet capture on my...
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    GPU stock numbers

    I am wondering if anyone knows is there public data available to show things like NV or AMD sold x number of cards? for example NV sold 5,432 3080 GPUs. Or even better broken down to the retailer as an example Newegg sold 3 Asus 3060ti, 4 AMD 6800xt, 1 EVGA 3090 and so on? They may not have...
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    new amd build need help on mobo choice

    I am building a new pc with one of the new cpus just released. still gathering multiple parts for this but trying to decide on a motherboard. Below are a few i have been checking out. One of the things I am looking for is ability to flash bios without CPU since I dont have an existing amd...
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    New Desk build

    Been working on this slowly over time. This was my first woodworking project, had to buy so many tools. Well I say had to really just wanted to buy them. I learned a lot while building this. I know where i messed up on parts, a few things I would change looking back. Overall I am happy with...
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    Cisco NAM replacement

    I am losing my Cisco gear and it is being replaced with another manufacture (long stories not really relevant) so I am looking for something that can replace my NAM. So far i have found a few companies that make these types of stand alone appliances for packet captures, Niksun (NetOmni)...
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    password storage

    Hi all, so i had a friend come to me and ask about something to store passwords. It has been a few years since I needed anything like that so was looking for a few suggestions and pros cons if know for the products. I use sticky notes taped to my monitor then post a picture of them to facebook...
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    Looking to build a lab mini server

    Hopefully I have answered all the questions appropriately, if not let me know and I can try to clarify 1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop (or other intensive programs), Web browsing, strictly HTPC/Playback, etc. This will be running a LAB virtual enviroment. 2. Will you...
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    replacing 8 year old pc for guests

    I am looking at something close to this to replace a very old PC that is only used when i have guests over like my mother or old friends. Maybe is used one sometimes twice a year. They generally don't game really, but i put in a 1050 for some light gaming if they ever do. I am thinking of just...
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    New owner questions

    So I ordered a rift from best buys pre black friday sale, figured 350 was not a bad price to try it out. Anyway I am looking for any tips/tricks on use and or setup you have. I have read the owners thread and saw the tips in there such as dont go right into flight sims etc.
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    Trying to narrow down my choices for new build

    I am down to a few choices and open to suggestions for new build. I will be running a i6700k, with a gtx 1070, 16gb ram(want to pick mobo first before selecting ram). I am looking to buy in about 1 month maybe 2 just depends. So far I have looked at Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7 Asus...
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    Buying a new laptop, just need a little help.

    This is going to be used for school mostly but I also want to be able to play some games. (mainly WoW, Marvel UA, UT2k4, Civ4) I have decided to get a Dell e1505 as was going to get the Radeon x1400, but now they offer a Geforce Go 7300 GS. Both are 256MB with 128 from system memory. What I...
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    PS2 Repair?

    Does anyone know where I could get my PS2 repaired? Everything works fine execpt the rumble feature stopped about two months ago in all games. I called Sony they charge $98 flat for repair and for a little more I could just go buy a new one. Or does anyone know how I could fix this? Thanks...