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    FS: 16 gig ipod touch

    i have a 2Gen 16 gig ipod touch for sale i have all the original stuff that comes with it. the back is scratched up but that's normal for any ipod. it has some dust under the screen but it doesnt affect the use of the touch screen. it also includes itrip and car charger. i also have 2 silicone...
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    FS: PS3 Dualshock 3 controls, blu ray movies and laptop memeory

    my heat and ebay is under beyondrepa1r. you can contact me at or PM me. blu rays at $10 shipped each obo The Simpsons Oceans 13 NANYA 1GB 2 x 512MB DDR2 533 PC2-4200. $17 shipped
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    FS: Laptop memory and blu ray movies

    my heat and ebay is under beyondrepa1r. you can contact me at or PM me. blu rays at $14 shipped each obo The Simpsons Oceans 13 NANYA 1GB 2 x 512MB DDR2 533 PC2-4200. pulled out of my vaio when i upgraded to 2gb less then a month ago. $20 shipped.
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    FS: blu ray movies

    each movie is $17 shipped obo. my heat and ebay is under beyondrepa1r. you can contact me at or pm me The Simpsons Oceans 13 NANYA 1GB 2 x 512MB DDR2 533 PC2-4200 pulled out my my vaio less then a month ago and upgraded to 2gb $20 shipped
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    comp wont boot...

    when i try to start the computer nothing happens. if i touch the 20 pin connector inside the power flicks on and off. im pretty sure the power supply is dead thanks in advanced for the help.
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    do you have to ground your psu?

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    FS:PS2 game, Linksys stuff and DVDs

    Gran Turismo 3 10 shipped Grand Theft Auto: Vice city 10 shipped Need For Speed Underground 10 shipped Need For Speed Underground 2 20 shipped Tony Hawk's Underground 10 shipped Tony Hawk's Underground 2 10 shipped True Crime 10 shipped Linksys BEFSX41 4 port router. This router is a...
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    FS:PSP Logitech Playgear case, 512mb pro duo, and games

    Logitech Platgear case. SOLD Sandisk Pro Duo 512MB. if you buy this you will have to wait till i get everything on it erased. i sold my psp and forgot to format it before i sold it. 45 shipped Need For Speed Underground Rivals SOLD Twisted Metal: Head-on SOLD Ridege Racer: SOLD *Just...
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    FS: DVD Movies and TV Shows.

    TV Shows CSI complete third season $40 shipped Jackass Vol. 2 and 3 $20 shipped The Osbournes Season 1, 2, 2 1/2 $30 shipped for the set or $10 shipped for one. Punked Season 1 $15 shipped Viva La Bam Season 1 $15 shipped. paypal only. If you have any questions please ask. My non...
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    quick question, how would i ship a cpu

    how would i ship a cpu. i dont have the orginaly packaging. can someone answer my question ASAP. thanks in advance.
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    FS: Hardware, LCD, and other stuff.

    Hardware • A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo rev. 1.01 comes with just about everything in the retail package. There mite be a few things missing. $60 shipped Network • Linksys BEFSX41 4 port router. This router is a referb. $30 shipped. • Linksys EZXS55W 5 port workgroup switch. $20 shipped Other...
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    FS: Aqua-computer gear and XBOX games.

    Everything has been in use since November ’04 and has 10 mm barbs. Cuplex Evo Revision 1.1, with the A64 bracket. This is a universal block. You can buy different brackets from $40 shipped *sold* Airplex Evo 240 $60 shipped *pending* Twinplex for ATI 9000 series...
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    FS:4G 40GIG Ipod, 2100+, Aqua-computer stuff and more.

    First I have a 4G 40 Gig Ipod that has had very little use since January. I thought I was going to use it a lot but it turns out I only used it maybe a handful of time. Mostly when I went on vacation. The back of the ipod has normal ware and tear. It comes with accessories that you get in the...
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    warm? Final Fantasy XI with Hard Disk Drive for $69.99

    I was walking around target today on my break, and i always check out the cleanrace section to see if they have anything good and i saw they had Final Fantasy XI with Hard Disk Drive for $69.99 on cleance regular $99.99. so YMMV i mite pick one up tomorrow after work.
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    xoxide clearance sale 12/8-12/9

    xoxide is having a big clearance sale. over 100 products. go and check it out.
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    FS:Innovatek water blocks, Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer

    I have a few items for sale All items are all brand new. *just added* Brand new Kingston 256mb Secure Digital Memory card. New egg sale's it for $26 shipped. I will sale it for $20 shipped. I bought this card for my camera but i wasnt paying attention when i ordered it, and i got the wrong...
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    whats the dimensions on these psu's?

    well since i get no help over in the WC forum, ill just ask here. i just installed my Airplex Evo 240, and i having come clearance problems. I measured my Tagan and its 6 and 1/4 inches. and i need a psu that is under 6 inches. i have looked on a few site and only a hand full actually list the...
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    need help watercooling a lian li pc-65 what psu do you have?

    well i just cut the hole out for my Airplex Evo 240. and i am having some problems with my psu. when i went to install my psu i didnt have enough room. so i measured the psu and its about 6 1/4 inches long. and i was just looking up some psu's and they are all about 5.9 inches. well i just...
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    FS/FT Danger Den TDX 3/8

    i have a brand new tdx with 3/8 barbs. i still have all the hardware for this block. here are a few pics im asking $45 shipped OBO. if you have anything you want to trade just let me know what you have. Email me at or pm me if u have any questions. Ebay
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    im getting ready to order a pump and have some questions

    im about to order a pump in the next few days. and i was looking at this pump and i noticed the fittings are 1/2 and my set up is 3/8. so what can i do to make it work? also i was looking at this pump and i was wondering where can i find it in the us. and is there a difference in these 2...
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    random shut downs need help fast.

    first of all i just installed some new fans in my system. before i installed them the system worked fine. after that the comp would just shut down. no shut down screns or anything. it would jsut turn off. i had reset my bios to normal settings and it still does the same thing. some times i...
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    trying to flash my bios on my VNF3-250

    so i try to flash my bios. i put the new bios on a floppy and i restart and i press alt+f2 and it says to insert the floppy, so i do it and it sats Decompress "AWDFLASH.EXE" from bios, Pleast wait... and nothing nothing happens. the green light on the floppy stays on. do i need to change...
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    do you have to ground your psu?

    my psu came with a ground wire, im just making sure i have to ground it. it says to hook it up to the mounting spots on the mobo.also another question do u have to connect the 4 pin auxiliary cable to the mobo? sorry if this is a n00b question. i just want to make sure
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    Which 2 drives to get?

    i am building a new computer right now and i still have to decide on the drives i will use. i will be using this computer for mostly gaming and watching movies. i was look at these drives. These two
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    is there a way to turn on my psu with out a mobo?

    well as the title states. is there a way to turn on a psu without a mobo? i just want to test out my fans to see if there going the right way and how they look.
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    i need help with my pc-65

    i just got my new psu and i cant figure out how to hide all the wires. i was thinking about drilling an inch hole right next to the psu. and run them all behind the mobo tray.
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    Best place to buy sleeved psu?

    where is the best place to buy pre sleeved psu? i already know about and is there any other places to buy them?
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    where to buy NF7-S2G?

    so far ive checked newegg zipzoomfly and some other places and they all jsut have the NF7-S2.
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    help me find a black radeon 9800 pro.

    im not sure if they make black ones, but i have seen 9600xt in black. if u know where i can pick one up can u please give me a link. thanks
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    Project Dark Angel

    Well I've decided to make a new computer and take my time making it unlike my first computer. For the case I picked a Lian-Li PC-65B. This is a case I have always like and wanted. I am going to be painting the whole inside of the case in Flat Black. I chose Flat Black because I've noticed every...
  31. F x-hour july 27

    tomorrow from 9:00 - 10:00 EST will be having free shipping on all orders over $25.
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    help me decide on a color theme

    i cant decide what color theme to go with. i already have a rig with black/blue. so i dont want to do the same thing. i was thinking black/white or black/red. or any other combos u think look good. and if u have a pic of the color combo, can u please post it.
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    i just got a lian li pc-65 and have a few questions

    for my first question. how can i take off the black fan pins off? and can i use screws to replace them? for my second question. what color are the power and hdd led's? are they the regular orange and green?. and for the last question. would it be a good idea to cut the grill off of the top blow...
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    i just bought a AXPM 2600+ and an A7n8x-e del.

    i am having problems. i cant get the proc to reach its normal speeds. when i first put it was at 800mhz and its still like that. can someone help me out?
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    going to buy a new proc.

    im hearing all these good things about mobiles. but what is the difference between a AXPM and a regular AXP? and what proc is the best bang for the buck?
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    best video card for around $200

    i want your opinions on what the best video cards are for around $200. doesnt matter if its an ATI or Nvidia.
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    anyone with a Antec or alike cases i need your help

    anyone know where i can buy or someone will sell me some of those brackets that mount to the cd rom and slide in to the bays? i really need them badly and i cant find mine. please help.:(
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    BF:V problem

    i got battlefeild a few weeks ago and just installed it tonight and when i start it the EA games intro is all choppy like really bad infact u cant even watch it. all my specs are in my info if that helps. i restarted to see if that what it was. can anyone help me maybe i did something wrong
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    hard drive only showing 30 gigs? but really is 250

    what am i doing wrong? i remember something liek this happen with my 120 gig drive i got. but i dont remember how i fixed it can someone please help me out? BTW the hard drive is a maxtor
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    Zalman 7000A-Cu question

    i just bought the 7000A-Cu a few weeks ago and im finally going to install it. and i was wondering if i didnt connect the fan mate would it run at 1300 rpm or 2400rpm?