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    Heat traps in new cases

    Does anyone agree with this? Lately when looking at cases I don't even know if I can bother. They're now putting a sort of metal barrier above the power supply that hides the power supply and hard drives. I don't think this is ideal for either the PSU or HD temperatures. I prefer to have a...
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    Does AMD stop support?

    I just read Intel plans on eliminating support for their older iGPUs but this includes the Comet Lake processor which only came out like 2 years ago (which they're still selling right now). Does AMD ever end support for its APUs?
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    Gave up and bought the GTX 1650.

    I was hoping for a long while to buy the RTX 3050. I couldn't really accept the prices. Some of the reasons though were because I bought things earlier without anticipating what was going to happen. Like I bought a Corsair CX 450 watt power supply for example. I usually prefer to have some...
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    Why would Windows re-install video driver?

    I mean I installed a new video card in my machine. Windows 10 seems to assume I'm still using the Intel video on my CPU. So when I clicked to check if I had new updates it went ahead and downloaded and installed an Intel video driver even though I had already installed the latest Nvidia...
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    Are we having too much "beta" lately?

    I mean I just saw a Youtube video about Windows 11 describing the issues. Then I saw of course they had come out with patches for the Ryzen CPUs and also read you have to buy an adapter for Alder Lake CPUs to prevent bending. So, is this acceptable for billion dollar businesses or should...
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    Format & install over written SSD?

    I have a SSD with Win8 & Linux Mint. If I want to install Win10 on the SSD and reformat everything. My motherboard is an ASRock B560M-HDV and I'm not sure if you can choose Boot priority the way the BIOS is made now.
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    The Pentium 5 core processor

    Has anyone even noticed this? I saw it on the Intel web page then decided to google, looks like it's not very popular but a pretty cool idea anyway, even if it's mobile. I mean the Alder Lake Pentium Gold 8500 & 8505. (There's even a second 8505 that has a minimum 12 watt power usage...
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    Which is the GA107 GPU RTX 3050?

    I mean the one that was supposed to use a bit less electricity. And does anyone know why there's such a huge gap in prices between the 1650 and 3050? I mean in Canada it doesn't look like they want to lower the price too much on the 3050. Availability better, prices only slightly better lately.
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    Windows 10 is Aero theme built in?

    I searched on the Internet and it's not clear to me. I clicked to show hidden files and folders and found an Aero theme. But I don't see it in the themes I can choose. EDIT: Oops, I think maybe I found the reason it's there. I see a see-through option on the appearance section although it...
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    Corsair CX 450 enough for RTX 3050?

    The Newegg calculator says total 390 watts with motherboard, 1TB M.2 SSD, 2TB HD, one DVD-RW (probably irrelevant), 3 case fans + on the heatsink, 2 sticks of RAM and i5-11500. I haven't looked at the power limits for the CPU in the BIOS but I want to run stock speeds on both the CPU and GPU...
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    How to determine Auto settings in BIOS

    This question might sound dense but I mean if you look at RAM timings and it says Auto, how can you determine what the RAM timings are? (I want to run at stock speeds, just curious to know.)
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    Should I re-install Windows?

    Years ago I used to install drivers then do Windows Updates. The last time I was rushing and did the Windows Updates before installing drivers. So if I wanted to re-install certain drivers is it better to re-install Windows or is it realistic to just delete some drivers and then use the mobo...
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    Games for my mother?

    OK, some people might laugh. I don't even know if my mother would even play a video game. However, I wanted to build a computer with an Intel i5-10400 (prices are good now) for my mother. And just to show off the capabilities of the CPU I was wondering if there's any games that could play on...
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    Intel stock cooler

    Who would prefer a stock cooler that takes a screw-in replaceable 92mm fan? Or even an option to buy an Intel CPU heatsink that takes a replaceable 92mm fan with heatpipes?
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    Two new builds, no video either one.

    Both have Corsair CX 450 power supplies and AsRock B560M-HDV motherboards. One has an i5-10400 with 16GB HyperX RAM, WD 256GB SSD & WD 2TB HD. The other has an i5-11500 with 16GB Crucial Ballistix RAM, WD 1TB SSD & WD 2TB HD. Both machines turn on, however there's no video at all on two...
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    Intel i5-10400 going cheap

    I looked at the US and Canadian prices. This is only a good deal though if you can find a good motherboard for it. But who would go for this? I mean the 12400 might be coming out but since I read people are irked at DDR5 availability, this might be a solution.
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    Hard drive question

    I'm not use to running two drives. If I have SSD and HD, can I put some games from Epic Games on my SSD and others on the HD?
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    So who's going to invent a front panel connector...

    that actually makes sense. The other day I transferred a motherboard to another case and could not believe this is 2021. I mean you have to manipulate these tiny little connectors that make you want to go INSANE. How can anyone overlook this?
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    Do you even want to buy a CPU right now?

    They seem to be either too expensive or out-of-stock. (Just saying. I'm not complaining because in the last few months I got a Rocket Lake and a Comet Lake at OK prices.)
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    Will power consumption concern you? (future CPUs)

    or even GPUs. They used to talk about gains in efficiency but now they're talking more and more cores which will use more and more power (even GPUs). Would you go down to an i3 just to have a more efficient CPU?
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    4350G vs 5350G

    Is there a huge reason to go for the 5350G? (Posted with the assumption some might be available for a diy build.)
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    small Moto G4 Play issue

    I used to be able to sort of shake the phone during a call to see the numbers so I could choose departments etc. Now, when I place a call after updating to Android 7.1 it goes black and stays black. Is there a setting on the phone to change this or am I kind of out of luck?
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    RTX 3050 Ti for laptops only? What is Nvidia thinking?

    What is the possible rationale. I mean they re-introduced the GTX 1650 but no RTX 3050 Ti for desktop?
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    Antec NX130 availability

    I'm wondering about the availability of the Antec NX130 in North America. I mean this case has the following: -side window -mesh front -no fan holes on top or sides -space for optical drive -front-facing USB ports and power buttons -sleek design The only thing I'd want I'd don't see is a...
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    Budget Rocket Lake build

    I haven't even put this together because I want to build shelves for a while. But here it is (all prices in Canadian dollars): Thermaltake Versa H21 case $67.63 ( Corsair CX 450M PSU $69.99 ( Crucial Ballistix 16GB 3200 MHz RAM $111.99 ( AsRock B560M-HDV...
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    Building shelves

    I don't know if this will fit in this forum but in any case I'll try. I want to build shelves with 2"x3" studs and 1"x10" boards. So I was wondering should I use #8 screws on the side of the 2"x3" studs into the 2"x3" "brace". Should the screws and pilot holes both be about 2-3/4" or 3"? And...
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    Intel i5-11600K benchmarked

    The non-hotly anticipated Rocket Lake benchmarks are now in. (lol, I didn't see anyone posting this.) This shows the Intel i5-11600K in various tests: Personally, I ordered the i5-11500 and it just shipped today from Canadacomputers...
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    Will i5-11500 work on Asrock H510M-HDV/M.2

    I ordered the i5-11500 but now I see that the Asrock H510M-HDV/M.2 motherboard only has Comet Lake CPUs on the support list. Does this make any sense at all? I mean it should be a Rocket Lake board.
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    Win10 what happens when support ends?

    I bought version 2004 and saw it'll be updated until Dec. 14, 2021. What happens after that? Can I pay for updates without re-installing Windows? How much does it cost? Can I click to update it to 20H2? (I haven't installed yet because I'm waiting for the Rocket Lake CPU.)
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    How many online retailers are doing in-store pickup?

    One retailer in Canada is limiting video card sales to one at a time and allowing people to pick them up in stores. Are there many retailers doing this in the US? I was thinking it might be a way to allow more people to get a chance at getting a card.
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    Can't access hotmail or outlook

    Any ideas? I mean the web page won't load.
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    Surveillance camera with 30ft cord

    Do you know of any surveillance cameras with a 30 foot cord? I'd also need software to record like 5 fps. (Unless I can find a video software solution for an old Logitech Pro 4000 on Windows 8.1 and a huge USB extension cord.)
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    i5 prices

    Does anyone else find the difference between different models a bit wide? I mean when I bought a Haswell i5 you could buy the top i5 for a pretty good price.
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    Intel i3-10100 beats i7-7700K

    All your old i5 and i7 are belong to i3-10100. :D
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    Classic Shell question

    I got the Start Menu looking like Windows 7. But the windows like Documents etc. still have a square look and without the Aero Glass look. Do you know how to match the look?
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    How to set multiple desktop photos

    I found some spectacular photos on Bing ( ) like this: Anyway, I am asking how do you set your desktop to use switch automatically to multiple custom photos?