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    Getting a A10-7850K! What GPU(s) can crossfire with this APU?

    Here are my specs... AMD A10-7850K APU Asus A88X Pro Mothereboard 8GB G.Skill Ares DDR3 2133MHz What GPU(s) can crossfire with the A10? Thanks in advance.
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    It's November 8th at midnight. Where is MW3 on Steam?!?

    I'll never pre-order a game on Steam ever again. Where is Modern Warfare 3?!?! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Where is the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition DLC for PC?

    It's out on Xbox360 & Playstation 3? What gives? :confused:
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    Asus notebook users, I have a problem.

    I have a Asus G2K-A1 gaming notebook I purchased 4 years ago with Windows Vista. I could switch to any resolution & it would fill the entire screen. I upgraded to Windows 7 and I lost that ability.Is there a driver or utility that Asus provides that gives me full screen at any resolution?
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    U.S. PSP 2.0 Firmware Available

    Here is the firmware update.... or use network update on the PSP. If you have the Jap 2.0, it will not update.
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    Noob Dual Monitor Question.

    My buddy got 2 17" LCD's & a Radeon 9700 Pro. He knows how to "extend" the desktop using the video drivers. How do you "stretch" the taskbar & wallpaper to both screens? Thanks in advance. Peace.
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    What the heck is EA trying to do here?!?!?!

    OMG! More EA crap! First the NFL, then the AFL?!?!?!?
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    A update to the Sonic Heroes PC Demo....

    You can download the demo from 3D Gamers .
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    Sonic Heroes PC Screenies -- From Official Demo

    Here They Are.......1280x960 goodness...& YES I HAVE THE DEMO....
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    Geforce FX Tv-Out Question

    I'm thinking of getting a Geforce FX card for hooking up to a tv. ATI has good quality but it doesnt do edge to edge output (full screen. no borders). Can the FX do this? Pics are welcome. Thanx.
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    How To Host Game on UT2004

    I've tried to host a game but for some strange reason, my friends see my server but can't connect. What could be wrong? I've got Verizon DSL and connected to a router.
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    Sonic Adventure DX Demo #3 IN ENGLISH!!!!

    I'm Speechless......... Sonic Adventure Dx #3 English Demo
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    Dance Dance Revolution = teh best

    I Like DDR. I have the PC version, a PS to USB Controller converter & a dancemat. My stepkids have a blast with it!!! :D It's even got downloadable characters!!!! Try The DDR PC Demo
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    Another Sonic Adventure DX Demo??!?!?

    Another Sonic Adventure DX Demo has hit the web. I'm downloading the demo now so I don't know what has changed since the first demo. From what I hear, the demo is STILL in japanese, so prepare for some guesswork. Sonic Adventure DX Demo #2