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    RTX 2070 OR 2080

    I can't decide if my new laptop should have a 2070 or 2080 (not max-q There's a decent price difference, but from what I can see the performance difference isn't that great. I'll be using the laptop mostly on my lap, but occasionally on my desk hooked up to my 4k 43" TV. I have a laptop right...
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    What to learn?

    I've been away from programming for a very long time. The last stuff I did was VB.Net and WinForms. I want to get back into it, but with C#. Are WinForms still viable? Or should I put my time into WPF? I'm talking Desktop programs, not web programming. I might even write stuff for the...
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    Windows keeps logging off by itself... (UAC issue?)

    When I click on the username, it says "Welcome" and then immediately logs off. I am pretty sure it's because I changed the UAC settings to the third highest setting from the bottom setting earlier, as the problem didn't occur prior to this. I can't get into Windows and I need to urgently. Is...
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    Enabling textboxes with code

    For the life of me, I don't know why this isn't working (VB). I have a singe line textbox that is disabled by default. When the program is running, and I click it, I want it to become enabled so I can edit the contents. I can't seem to make it enabled when I click it. I've tried .MouseClick...
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    Outlook 2010 VBA script help

    I didn't see how I could do this using the rules functions that Outlook provides, so I'm turning to VBA to achieve what I need. I basically need Outlook to look at each incoming message, and if it's from an approved Domain (of which there about 10), let it go into the Inbox. If the message...
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    Odd stuttering on new laptop

    I bought a new laptop yesterday. It's a Toshiba Satellite P875-S7102. Specs: Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory Windows 8 Full specs here if you need to know more: I bought it as a replacement...
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    Nexus 7" or Galaxy Tab 2 10" ?

    I want to get my wife one of these but I can't decide which one. I can't afford the Nexus 10" or that would be my first choice. She has a Kindle Fire from last Christmas but she wants an Android tablet. She's fed up with the Amazon-only crap. She says the Fire is too heavy to be lugging...
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    Which CMS to use.

    I work at a Courthouse, which is one of 5 in a Circuit (5 counties). We're upgrading our website with a CMS, but I'm not sure which one to go with (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal). I'm "ok" with Wordpress, but I've never used the others. There could be many users editing and creating content. The...
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    Xbox with Kinect: 4Gb or 250GB model?

    I want to buy us a new or used Xbox, but I don't know whether to get the 4GB model or the 250GB model. I don't really care to download movies etc on it. It will be used just for gaming. I also understand I could buy the 4GB and add a HD to it later, correct? What kind of HD? 2.5"? I have...
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    Netbook with 1Gb of RAM & Windows 7

    I'm considering getting a Netbook for my daughter's 12th birthday (next week!) I'm looking at one for $228 with 1Gb of RAM, Dual Core, which looks sufficient. Is 1Gb of RAM enough? I'm getting it for her because she loves to write, and this will be a perfect place for her to keep her stories...
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    Shared calendar

    I have about 7 people who want to set up a shared calendar, for their private use only. Each one will have the freedom to edit and create appointments. We use Exchange, but the problem is that one of the users is not on our network, so we can't use an Exchange calendar (so I'm told by our...
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    FS: Diablo 3

    $37 plus $4.00 S/H (or just $37 if you only want the Key). Paypal preferred.
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    VB.Net 2010 / MySQL connection problem

    Any idea what's wrong with this? I have verified that the settings are correct with the database host. VS2010 gives me this error: Cannot connect to database: Unable to connect to any of the specified mySQL hosts. Thanks. SQL = "INSERT INTO `snaps` (`id` ,`username` ,`pictureid`...
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    VB.Net & SQL connection

    I'm trying to make my VB program connect to a MySQL database and retrieve some info from a query, and then have the result of that query show in a message box. I always get a 'blank' message box. I know the connection is being made, but obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be...
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    Building a Gateway

    I'm not sure where this belongs so feel free to move it if necessary. See pic. The Collector will be mounted on a telephone pole, in a weather proof box, and it will wirelessly collect data from radios that are broadcasting their information from a range of up to a couple of miles or so. It...
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    Building a Gateway

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    Compatibility question (CPU and Motherboard)

    I've had a motherboard from this computer ( for a while. The CPU is dead, and I am thinking about buying a new CPU and putting a...
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    Learning C#

    I've been programming in VB.NET for a while, and deem myself to be pretty decent at it. I'd like to get into C#, but I was looking at some books this lunchtime in the local bookstore, and it seems that 95% of pretty much every book (100% in some cases) only deal with the console. I want to...
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    GPU Overheating

    I've been getting a lot of crashes with games just lately, so I installed Everest and found the temperatures inside to be very hot: Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type Asus F8000 (ISA A00h) GPU Sensor Type Analog Devices ADT7473 (NV-I2C 2Eh) Temperatures Motherboard 49 °C...
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    Advice on what language to learn....

    I'm ok with, but I want to learn something else that will put me in good stead for the future. There are so many things I could learn (C#, C++, Silverlight, Java, Flash, PHP, the list goes on). I'm not picky as far as whether I should learn something for the web or for desktop. What...
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    Need advice on shopping cart

    The place I work at have decided they want to sell some items on our website. There probably will not be that many items (20, maybe), so I need a good shopping cart. I don't need anything huge or complicated. I looked at OS Commerce but the manual is 38938943893 pages long, so that seems over...
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    Norton Internet Security for $10, or free MSE?

    Staples sent me an email offering NIS for $10 after easy rebate (instant), but right now I am running Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free. Is the extra functionality of NIS worth the $10 or do you think MSE will be fine? What would you guys do?
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    Windows 7 upgrade question. Can I do this...?

    I bought a new computer in early July, which entitled me to a free W7 upgrade. It's on its way but I don't know when it will arrive. On Friday, I bought the 3 x License family pack from Best Buy for my other 3 computers. I used one of the licenses on the laptop yesterday (all fine and dandy)...
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    Database or 3D Array?

    I have a rather daunting project to do at work, and I'm wondering what the best way to do this would be, so I've come to the people I trust ([H]). I'm going to write software in (2008) that dials into a computer, which could be in another state, retrieves data in the form of a CSV...
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    Programming for Windows Mobile

    I need some advice as to what programming language I should use for a project at work. Basically, we are going to use an HP Ipaq (unless there's a better suggestion), develop our own software (written by me) which will be the only app(s) used on the device. We have hardware that will be built...
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    Javascript calculations

    I have a page where a user chooses a value from a drop down (hours worked per day) and the other fields take preset numbers and display certain calculations, but I keep getting "NaN" values instead of the correct values. I'm not very good with Javascript and I am sure I am doing something...
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    Javascript pause

    I have a Javascript image rotator thingy, as shown in the code below. What I want, and am unable to get, is for the script to pause when a user mouses over one of the pics, and then resumes when the user mouses out. TIA! <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> // Set slideShowSpeed (milliseconds)...
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    Allow users to update webpages

    I need to make a website, but on some of the pages, there will be a window (Div?) where another user will be able to make changes, after logging in of course. What's the best solution? I don't want to be restricted to built in themes/templates that make the page layout difficult to change...
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    How to auto-forward emails with certain criteria

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way using Automator or Applescript to do the following in Entourage. Messages I select need to be forwarded to 1 particular email address, and I also need to change the subject to exactly "thanks". How can I do this? I am using Mac OS X version 10.5.6...
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    Little PHP Problem

    I have a contact us page which is no longer working properly, for some odd reason. It's been a while since I made this, but now it needs to work. First, here's the PHP code: <html> <head> <?php // Contact subject $subject ="$subject"; // Details $message="$subject, $detail...
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    Buying a new video card

    My 8500GT is dead, so I am looking to buy a new card (PCI-E). I would prefer an ATI now, because searching the 'net leads me to believe NVidia has issues with their Vista drivers (not sure about ATI). I run Windows Vista Home Premium, with 2GB of Memory, and the game I play more than anything...
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    SIte not working in Firefox

    I am building a site for a customer. I've got most of the first page done, and it looks and works as intended in IE7. However, in Firefox, the rollovers do not work on the navigation buttons, and the Dashworks button appears at the bottom of the page. Here is the temporary URL of the...
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    Tiger Woods 2008 - which version to get?

    I own a PC, Wii, and a PS2. If I were to buy TW08, which version would you recommend? Is one superior over the others? I am leaning towards PC, because I assume that there would be more online players, and also I can play on my monitor and not have to worry about tying up the TV. Suggestions...
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    PS2 Wheel dead zone issue

    I have a PS2 with a Cobra Pelican racing wheel which I got yesterday. There's a "dead zone" in the steering. By this I mean that I have to turn the wheel a good inch or two before there's any response. I've tried confuguring the wheel per the enclosed instructions but it makes no difference...
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    Recommend a good Ajax book

    My boss wants me to learn Ajax, and he's paying for the book, so recommend a good one for me! I know little about Ajax except what I have read on the web, so I know I need a newbie book. Thanks in advance.
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    Oblivion: Where is this quest?

    When Oblivion first came out, I remember a post about a quest where there were some bad guys around a campfire, with a captive, and if you shot one of the bad guys from a distance with an arrow, the others thought the captive somehow did it, and they started attacking him. I am a little fuzzy...
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    Best PCI-Express card for $100-$130

    I bought a new PC but it's PCI-Express so I can't use my old AGP card. What do you suggest in this price range?
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    Vista and the BSOD

    I get frequent BSODs (solid blue screen, no message), and I have to reboot. I have a sneaky feeling it's my video card, a Radeon 9700. Is there a utility to test my video card?
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    Will WoW work on Vista?

    Before I even think of getting vista, I need to know if the one game I play (WoW) will work ok. Does anyone have Vista yet and is playing wow?