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  1. jojo69

    power supply runs fine with paperclip, but not with motherboard

    So yeah, Ive got a little power supply here, unfortunately the only one I have that fits a case I'm playing with. Its a FSP170-60SI, TFX form factor. I have 2 different ITX motherboards that both boot and run with another supply, but will not start with this one. When I do the paperclip the...
  2. jojo69

    The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it
  3. jojo69

    WTB older MacBook air

    With old rectangular USB and 1/8" audio. Like 2015 up until USB-C/thunderbolt came in, something in there. Other specs not terribly important.
  4. jojo69

    FS Cooler Master HAF 912 with fans and controller

    I bought this off a local Seattle area [H]er a few years ago, I think he was moving to Japan or something, so I thought I would offer it here first before going to the usual markets. These are large cases, suitable for powerful builds, with provisions for internal or external radiator mounting...
  5. jojo69

    WTB Noctua NH-C14 with 1366 bracket

    I'm racking up one of the old workhorses here and I see that the new production NH-C14S no longer supports LGA1366. Hoping somebody has an old one knocking around.
  6. jojo69

    Old Alienware water cooling stuff including Peltier TE setup
  7. jojo69

    WTB yet another laptop for the girl

    This forum has been a veritable gold mine of surplussed corporate laptops over the years. I have not purchased a new laptop in many years as the [H] provides perfectly serviceable units time after time. The girl's most recent one suffered some sort of mobo short a couple days ago. She wants...
  8. jojo69

    can't seem to link youtube videos

    is this on purpose? the forum seems to wrap any link in media tags and abbreviate it, at least for me, is it PEBKAC?
  9. jojo69

    WTB basic laptop

    This forum has been a really great source of used laptops over the years, and now it seems that I have become the go to source of laptops for every female I know. Girl is going back to school, needs something solid but not fancy, internet and office suite/adobe stuff will be the use. $150 ish...
  10. jojo69

    FAH has COVID-19 projects

    finally, a way to feel like I am doing something going to swallow my pride, get over myself, and install FAH for the first time in years...then open the windows and doors
  11. jojo69

    WTB basic laptop

    Cat destroyed a lady friends lappy. Nothing fancy needed, it is really just an internet appliance in her hands. Just something reasonably modern without any problems.
  12. jojo69

    Critical Firefox Vulnerability, Update Now

    "Seriously, go update your browser before you even read this." make sure you have 72.0.1 or later help/about Firefox will force an update check, also available in the general tab under the Options gear...
  13. jojo69

    Western hemisphere source for the Jingway DP1200 (EK DCP 4.0) pump

    These are excellent pumps. EK used to rebrand them as the DCP 4.0 but no longer has them available. I had one in a build that ran continuously since 2009 before it started making bearing noise and surging. Due to the layout, and already owning the matching reservoir, I wanted to replace it...
  14. jojo69

    WTB ASUS Rampage III Formula, X58 LGA1366

    Mine was a trooper, but it looks like it's a no POST now I would really like to put this system back like it was, sentimental reasons
  15. jojo69

    recommend a holiday coop game

    I have old buddies that come to town over the holidays. We usually get a "LAN" going, drink some whiskey and enjoy some in person gaming. Had an absolute blast with L4D and L4D2 a couple years, played insurgency one year, was OK I guess, War Thunder last year was meh. I am really hoping to...
  16. jojo69


    Was a time when this was just about the sexiest RAM you could get. 2GB kit, 4 sticks CMX512-3200LLPRO in very good cosmetic condition. These are the ones with the RAM utilization blinkenlights, tell me you didn't want these back in the day. They work fine but I am done playing with the last...
  17. jojo69

    WTB laptop for the lady

    Her old one finally shit the bed. Don't need anything fancy, anything you guys have will be better than the antique Turion she had.
  18. jojo69

    looking for Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R or UD5

    half the RAM slots went away in mine last night, now RAM in the white slots gives the looooooooooooong beep and it won't post no matter what I do would be nice to get a drop in so I don't have to deal with all the mobo diver stuff
  19. jojo69

    oooooh pretty colors

    I see no compelling reason to actually click on anything here, but A++ for the front page. Pretty amazing what you can do in a browser these days.
  20. jojo69

    WTB Samsung 950 Pro

    for my X58 project, hoping for a 512GB but will consider a 256 if the price is right thanks in advance
  21. jojo69

    choosing 24GB for X58

    So, I am still nursing this ASUS R3F/i7 970 setup along and have recently been getting application low RAM notices and crashes with the loads I work with every day. The rig currently has 3x4GB of GSkill Ripjaws PC3-12800 (F3-12800CL9-4GBRL) in it and sits at about 60% RAM utilization without...
  22. jojo69

    WTB DDR3 triple channel kit

    I'm wanting to nurse this X58 setup a bit longer and I'm starting to run up against my installed 12Gb of RAM. CPU-Z shows the existing 3x4Gb kit as PC3-12800 at 1.5V so if someone has something to match that, or a 3x8Gb, or even a faster 6x4Gb kit I guess. Thanks in advance guys.
  23. jojo69

    FS iPhone 5S screen assembly

    brother in law ordered this but his broken phone was a 5C...not compatible, different connectors so it has been opened to discover that it was not the one we needed but never used comes with the cheesy tool set they give away with these; pentalobe and tiny Philips drivers, guitar pick, suction...
  24. jojo69

    WARGAME: red dragon $11.99 steam

    70% off this weekend, best RTS going
  25. jojo69

    Liquid V Luminosity

    some absolutely sick CS going down right now
  26. jojo69

    Astralis vs. NAVI

    anybody else looking forward to this match? about a half hour till live pregame Twitch
  27. jojo69

    FS white iphone 5 screen digitiser assembly

    My dumb-ass brother in law made a botch of trying to repair his phone. Ended up losing most of the screws and some other small parts...gave up. I got the box of what was left, part of the problem was his phone was a 5C and he ordered up the screen assy. for a 5. The connectors are all...
  28. jojo69

    idle hard lock issue, event 41

    recently tore my X58 setup apart for maintenance, when I put it back together it POSTed fine but had lost its clock and all my BIOS settings, most annoying. I got that sorted out, but now I am having an intermittent hard lock issue, USB input devices stop responding, keyboard LEDs go out and...
  29. jojo69

    WTB DELL U2311Hb with bad panel

    power board went bad in one of my 2311s, recapping did not fix it hoping someone on here has one with a busted panel in their closet, I could sure use a power board
  30. jojo69

    where to find 50mm resevoir tube

    Sidewinder was my go to...their stock seems to have fallen on hard times, Top hits are frozen CPU, ummmm, no after that google is failing me, I need a 50mm tube 60mm long, halp
  31. jojo69

    thunder cup..warthunder

    grand final goes live on twitch in about 20 min
  32. jojo69

    thinking about a 980, how much improvement will I really see?

    currently running 2 6950s at 5760x1080, they have been awesome, but obviously are starting to show their age at this resolution. looks like 980s can be had for $470-490 ish these days, and that is pretty tempting I'm just wondering, real world, how much of a framerate boost do you guys...
  33. jojo69

    win7 iso needed

    so yeah, digital river is of course no more neither of my factory DVDs seem to be working making a bootable USB from my old saved digital river ISO, which used to work doesn't any more When I enter my key at it confirms as a valid...
  34. jojo69

    TRIM not

    so fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify returns 0, so trim is enabled but trimcheck-0.7 returns "TRIM NOT WORKING" win7 64...any ideas guys?
  35. jojo69

    its on!!

    like donkey kong Greeks tell EU to go fuck itself Chinese central bank going all in QE it is going to be an interesting week
  36. jojo69

    Do we have a Seasonic rep on the board?

    melted down an 8 pin modular EPS connector, wondering what my options are
  37. jojo69

    unreal engine, constant rotation to the left ? help

    So I scored a beta key for dirty bomb a while back and had this problem, character rotates constantly to the left, you have to actively move the mouse to the right to look in one direction. I figured the game wasn't done yet and uninstalled without thinking too much about it. Now the other...
  38. jojo69

    X58 setup, how much GPU power is really useful?

    So yeah, I am running the old X58 setup still, hexcore gulftown running about 4GHz, really happy with it still. I would like to max out the graphics capability of the machine and I imagine that it has been long enough that it might be possible to overbuy...that is, to spend money on GPU power...
  39. jojo69

    anyone play War Thunder?

    I have been unable to log in since yesterday, parts of Gaijins website are also not working for me. anyone else having trouble?
  40. jojo69

    smoked PSU

    was fooling with the #3 system here, kind of a retro masterpiece ABIT KN9-SLI, black edition brisbane, dual 8800s in SLI I actually just picked up the second 8800 for it and, well, cue taps for the old thermaltake purepower 430 NP. Looking now the poor thing only had 18A on the +12 rail...