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    Low FPS on the 9800XT

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    2 Suggestions

    I know something similar has be brought up before... But, I think the "skin" of this forum needs to change to better match the main [H]ardOCP site, if not at the least match up the logos. Also, don't have a suggestion forum if you're only going to squash every suggestion and close the thread.
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    Core 2 Duo Mobo?

    I want a Core 2 Duo for my next build, however i've been reading some of the reviews of the supporting Mobo's and im not impressed. What is the best Mobo for the Core 2 Duo that has SLI???
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    Half-Life 2 Portals Demo

    Click Here for the Video Wow, as cool the portals in Prey are, this is way cooler. AMAZING, talk about innovative game play... :eek:
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    Revolution renamed!! ...why?

    The Revolution has been offically named "Wii" Source Honestly I like revolution better, what the hell?? Wii??? come one. And its pronouced "We" is that french or something?? I personally don't like it...
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    GU Comics and the [H]?

    Check out this comic, I see the World of Warcraft login on one screen, and could that be....on the other screen??? Take a look, and its a funny game releated comic strip.
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    Played Xbox 360, not really impressed.

    I was wandering Wal-Mart, of all stores, and I caught the Xbox 360 setup of the corner of my eye. So I walk into the electronics department to find no one at the station. So I set my stuff down and pick up the controller. I thought to myself "Thank you god for this Xbox 360" and I scroll...
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    Malware Issue "Smartfinder"

    A friend of mine at work is having issues with a recent malware called "Smartfinder" we've searched forums and worked google to its core and found some temporary soloutions, but it seems that it keeps coming back. I want to know if anyone has come across this, and has a difinitive way of...
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    Problem with eVGA 6800GT

    Right-O I'm up in arms right now. Ok so I had a 6800GT and everything was fine until one day, my screen started to show noise on it. Got a little worried. Then after like 2 minutes of lag and noise on my screen the video droped out. I rebooted and all I saw was blocks of color, UH OH. So...
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    FS: Brand New Olympia 3 Piece Luggage set (not your avg. [H] item)

    I have a brand new, Olympia 3 peice travel set. Its MSRP is $140.00, im selling it for $65.00 plus shipping which sould be around $15-20. I have taken it out of the box only to take pics. Heres a link of the features with pics PM me if you are...
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    Win XP won't save user settings

    I cannot get windows to save the changes I make. For instance the quicklaunch in the taskbar, i don't like that on, so i turn it off. But when I turn off the machine and start windows back up its back up again. Shouldn't windows save that setting and reload it went it boots? Also I have my...
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    Help! XP won't get past longin screen!!!

    Im not sure if this is a hardware issue or a OS issue, but im posting it here. My dad's laptop, HP Pavillion xt412, will not boot past the XP login screen. I try to boot in safe mode, same thing get to where the login would be and stops. No HD activity, nothing. Any insite on what it...
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    No Post Count?

    What happend to the post count!?
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    3d apple G5

    This is a G5 I made in 3d Studio Max 6 for a school project. And here is the link for the commercial I made with it. Feedback is welcome. :)
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    Battlefield 2 in 2005

    This is EA Games new Battelfield, called battlefield 2. This is for all you BF:V haters....
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    FS: NIB George Foreman Grills!!! IM SERIOUS!

    I have 3 George Foreman grills, they are the cool colors kind, the are all blue. Brand New, In Box, never Used! Features 50 Square Inches of grilling space and a bun warmer on top. 25$ A peice, and their are currently 3 available. The MSRP is $59.99. So thats more than half off. I will...
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    FS: HP Deskjet 3650 NIB

    I have a action on ebay for a HP deskjet 3650, its brand new, and unopened. It comes with 4 extra ink cartrigdes 2 black, 2 color. It requires a USB connection, but does not come witha USB cable.
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    City of Heros Opening Beta to PreSell

    Just for those who are interested enough in City of Heros, if you preorder the game, the beta opens up to you on wed, the 7th. Also when you preorder the game, you'll get a special power that you can only get if you pre order and you get a 3 day headstart on setting up you character account...
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    Sick April Fools Day Joke

    So I was in a mall on weds, and I got into EBgames and I notice Half Life 2 boxes on the shelf, "Pre-order now! Release April 1 2004!" I start laughing out loud, and the guy comes over and says "can I help you?" So I say, "Is this come kind of sick april fools day joke?" and he replies "uhh...
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    Get Started on HL2 mods

    Soft Image has released a version of its 3d program, to work directly for Half Life 2 for modding. Best part about it, its free! Get it here: :D
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    Flash MX Browser Pop-ups?

    Does anyone know how to set a button in flash, when it opens the _blank browers to a specific size, for instance. I want the button to be press and a pop up window to be 500x500. Also how do you embed a quicktime movie, in HTML.
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    FireGL X2-256t vs 9800XT 256

    Whats the differance between the FireGL X2-256t and the 9800XT besides one's consumer and the other is pro, and one cost $500 and the other cost $900. They seem to be the same card, and even look exactly alike.
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    Crit my Work

    Im working on a website for my studio. Let me know what you think so far, Ive got the nav bar done ... thats about it really.
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    Overclocking 2400+

    Ok, Im interested in overclocking my Athlon XP 2400+ @ 2.0Ghz. How is that done, do they make an app that makes overclocking easy? Also how much can get out of it? I looking to get at least 2.2Ghz from it. Now if I do overclock it, how much risk is there to fry my cpu? Do I have to add...
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    Half-Life 2 Wallpaper

    My latest wallpaper creation! If you want it take it! Feedback, welcome.
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    For all that hat BFV

    This is for all of you guys that don't like battlefield vietnam. Its the game in its glory! Its the best known use so far. :D
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    New Contenders for April

    Now that BFV has droped and so far the majority say its a peice of crap, although I disagree, I'd like to take a sec and get peoples opinion about 2 major games coming out in April. Doom III (if its really coming out this time) City of Heroes Doom III, very promising, although im a...
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    Why some people just need a power rig.

    A question came up on a thread that someone posted about their new rig that is overly insane by some people's standards. Some one posted a reply saying "why would anyone need a rig like that?" I can tell you why! Some of us PC/Mac users, don't just use our computers for Games, Internet...
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    Low FPS on the 9800XT

    I have the way cool ATI 9800XT, it has a fancy heatsink blah blah. Any who the deal is, Ive been getting low Framerates on all the games that were made before the 9800XT exsistance, for instance, Rainbow Six 3, BF 1942. So whats the deal? Its obviously software issues, weather the game is...
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    Battlefield Vietnam!

    Heads up! Battlefield Veitnam ships on monday, and will be available to buy on tuesday. Pretty exciting stuff, its the frist half way desenct game to come out since HALO's release. WOO!