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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    I read somewhere that the prices are staying the same and I cannot find the link, but will try to dig it up. I am torn with this change as I have been playing since the first day non stop, but we all know something needed to change to get more subscribers. We will see how it goes but F2P is...
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    Downloading now. Just found out about this game (yes I live under a rock). Really thinking about buying it and will share my guest passes if I do. I will return a guess pass to someone who has one where I can try it if I buy.
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    Firefox 29 Beta (And The UI Overhaul)

    I have not tried Firefox in a long time. Downloading the beta now to give it a shot.
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    Android Users - What is your launcher of choice?

    Using the launcher that comes with the ROM ChameleonOS right now on my SIII. Prior to that I was using Nova Prime.
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    Verizon Upgrade Help

    Did not know some of this. Thanks everyone for the advice. I might look into Ebay and Amazon and just hold out. My phone seems to be acting OK today but it is random.
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    Verizon Upgrade Help

    Ok I have a crappy phone and it is giving me trouble. I am going to try to take it in to Verizon and see if they will allow me to upgrade early. My upgrade is 4 months away. If for some reason I cannot get it, what is a decent phone that is cheap that I should look for? Thanks.
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    Space Wallpapers *56k Warning!*

    Very nice. I am using Lonely out there. Looks real good.
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    So any admins installing java 7u11 notice...

    No I did not know they changed that. How you are mass distributing this upgrade by chance?
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    Do I really need antivirus programs running?

    According to AV Comparitives then only thing MSE excels at is low false positives. Detection rates and real-world are beat by the products pspuria listed. File Detection Test of Malicious Software (PDF) Summary Report 2012 (PDF) I am by no way discrediting MSE as I use it alot and have...
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    issue with new network

    I would start simple and work my way back. Connect your PC directly to your cable box and run it and see if the problem still exits. If it goes away add a piece back starting with the Router then the switch.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I didn't realize it was. Yea that would suck to fight over loot or whoever is the faster clicker / fps.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Only took a couple hours for me. I did die alot at first till I recieved my first Sniper rifle. The pistols / SMG you get initially sucks. So it wasn't too bad. But some quests were tedious and I got them out to sync so I had to fight through the same mobs multiple times.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I went to level 10 last night with Zero. I love Sniper so really my only choice. Starting off was rought especially with 3+ guys and starting weapons. ONce I got my first Sniper rifle from a quest things seemed to get alot better. Zero's hologram and sniping seem to go hand in hand. I...
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    "Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

    While I have not played with Windows 8 that much there were some things I liked and some I did not. I can't say for sure whether I would lose productivity etc without giving it an honest try to learn and be open. Now I only installed /used the beta. My major annoyance was command prompt and...
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    File Sync Solution?

    Purge in Robocopy is simply if the file does not exist in source but exists in destination then delete destination file.
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    Windows 8 RTM vs win8 release preview

    OK this might be a stupid question as I just dove into the Windows 8 RP. Will it continue to "drop" to the desktop when running command prompt etc?
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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    Just started back again. Hopefully I don't fry anything. Went SMP and GPU.
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    About to purchase. Any Advice

    One last question if anyone can help. Is there really any difference between the ASUS P8Z68-V LE and the ASUS P8Z68-V LX minus the LX having some turbo boost functionality. The LE has better reviews and thinking about changing the LX for an LE
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    About to purchase. Any Advice

    Thanks Eagle for those notes. Any advice on a case? I haven't built a computer in 5-6 years and love my antec cases but yes I don't want to be cramped and have good air flow.
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    About to purchase. Any Advice

    This is a gaming rig mainly just for SW:TOR but would like to future proof for a bit. I mainly just play MMO's and overclocking while nice it is not a necessity. ASUS P8Z68-V LX LGA 1155 Intel Z68 Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3...
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    Hardware Purchase

    I am looking to purchase some hardware soon for gaming. I have a list below of what I have found on newegg but I have been out of the loop so long and picked some of these as I saw them based off a couple threads here. I am going to get a GTX580 but can someone tell me a brand I should...
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    Post your smartphone home screens

    MIUI 1.10.7 Lockscreen: Mela HD MIUI Font: Evoluer Icon: Naked Simplicity Clock: mClock + MIUI Clock Theme
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    Where my WoW-heads?!

    Server: Dark Iron - Horde (Used to be Mannoroth - Alliance back in the day) Guild: Brotherhood of Nine Toons: Bôwjob - Orc Hunter Edûn - Goblin Rogue Interest: Mainly PvE with BG's mixed in
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Wallpaper please
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    DroidX Gingerbread Leak!

    Gingerbread - Deodexed and Rooted This will be my third "update" of GB. Good thing is that this is just an update so you don't have to reload stock or GB.
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    DroidX Gingerbread Leak!

    What version of Windows? I heard RSD Lite 4.9 does not work with Windows 7 well and you have to use 4.8. I am using 4.8 on my Windows 7 x64 box and it worked fine. Of course I did right click and run as administrator also.
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    DroidX Gingerbread Rooted Release!

    Yea I went to the rooted version yesterday. Battery life seemed ok, but doing the manual reset of battery stats as I don't have a bootstrapper installed yet.
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    DroidX Gingerbread Rooted Release!

    Only took them a day or so to root GB. You will have to sbf back to stock 2.3.340 before applying the rooted version. Instructions are here -> I haven't tried it yet but will do it...
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    DroidX Gingerbread Leak!

    Installed it today and was running Liberty. I am loving GB right now, but don't know how long till I go back to Liberty. Especially with 2.0 coming out soon.
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    Post your smartphone home screens

    Liberty 1.5 - Frost Theme Minimalistic Text ADW.Launcher Main: Lock:
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    Thinking about Rooting

    I rooted for the first time today and installed Liberty ROM. Love it. Was not hard at all. I had trouble with CWM as it wouldn't boot into the bootstrapper and sucked ti up and bought the Droid X bootstrapper app for $2. Made my life easy.
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    Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

    I have been running IE9 since the beta first came out. I haven't had hardly any problems with it. It has crashed a couple times (CNN video's), but otherwise been fairly stable.
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    How to use Google Chrome on Win7 ?

    There should be nothing you have to do. Nothing happens as in the program doesn't load or pages do not display?
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    General Mayhem
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    Droid 2 Misc App problems

    Yea I think mine is having to do with the music player. I will have to pay attention. That reboot everyday kind of scares me too.
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    Droid 2 Misc App problems

    Anyone have a series of problems where they had to reboot their droid 2 due to application errors. I have had about 4 reboots in less than a week (got my phone Friday). From not playing m4a files anymore to apps freezing in the background. I have only downloaded about 10 apps (facebook...
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    What smart phone to get on Verizon?

    Same here I rarely use the physical and I got the droid 2 last weekend and I got it over the X for the sole reason of the keyboard. I hardly mistype anything on the virtual.
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    Getting Droid 2 Today... Initial Suggestions?

    Thanks for them so far. I won't be getting it till tonight so I have alot of time to waste this weekend on it