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    Do You Throw Out Your Boxes and Packaging Materials?

    When you purchase hardware, what do you do with the packaging? What is your reasoning? Also, "cap" is referring to any solid cover that protects a hardware such as a protective cover that protects the CPU socket that you find on motherboards. Some people may throw these out once a CPU is...
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    Games with Controller Support and Integrated Graphics?

    Are there any good games that utilizes the Xbox controller natively and can be played on mobile devices (i.e. Surface tablet, laptop, and book) with integrated graphics? Something to pass the time.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    I had cloned my Samsung 840 SSD (Windows 10) to a Samsung 960 EVO. The BIOS from Asrock Z77 Extreme6 has been flashed to 2.90, which supports NVMe. In the BIOS settings, I have set the NVMe SSD as boot #1. However, the BIOS is not detecting Windows 10 on the 960 SSD. I tried doing bootrec to...
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    Can undervoltage damage electronics?

    If an electronic device receives lower-than-expected voltage due to a malfuntioning psu or dying battery, can this damage the device permanently? I ask this because the battery in my surface pro pen was on its last leg (it was 0.4v instead of the required 1.5v). I thought it was the battery. I...
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    WTB: Surface Pro 4 Pen

    My SP Pen died. WTB a pen. Must be in good condition.
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    Power Bank for Surface Pro 3 and Up.

    I am selling Qi-Infinity Power Bank (NEW, never-opened; still in its shrink-wrap) that's compatible with Surface Pros. Selling for $100 with shipping and fees included (continental US). I bought another power bank and have no use...
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    Email notifications for PMs

    How do I enable email notifications when I receive PMs?
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (T-Mobile) and Power Bank for Surface Pro

    I took advantage of T-Mobile's BOGO sale today and have two of these phones now. So I'm selling the other. It's the 64GB (Gray Orchid) model. I'm selling it for $SOLD free shipping, taxes and PayPal fees included. I am also selling Qi-Infinity Power Bank that's compatible with Surface Pro 3, 4...
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    When are we going to see more >40" 4K monitors from major brands?

    There are a plethora of options for 27"/28" monitors followed by 32" monitors. However, with screens that small, I would have to scale up to 150%-200%. I prefer to keep it at 100% because some older programs don't play nice with scaling. The only two I know of is Dell P4317Q and Philips...
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    Where exactly are the exe files (Windows Store)?

    If you bought a game from Windows Store, where are the exe files located? Logitech's Gaming Software auto-detects what game is running based on what exe I've supplied it with. Problem is, I don't know where these exe files are. I despise Windows Store when it comes to buying games, but I had...
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    FS: SP4 Type Cover, Xbox One, and External Powerbank

    For Sale Xbox One - SOLD Bought it in Dec. 2014. I don't play it as often as I would like to so I'm putting it up for sale. Included in bundle: Xbox One console (500 GB) Xbox One Headset Two (2) Xbox One Controllers Charger Kit (1) Original HDMI Cable Xbox One Power Supply & Cable Original...
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    WTB: mini displayport to 3-in-1 (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

    Title self-explanatory. Paypal only. Heatware: brncao BOUGHT
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    FS: Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Red)

    Used since Jan. 2016. Selling it for $70. Shipping included up to $4. Prefer U.S. residence, but can ship to Canada (you pay extra). Paypal only.
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    Single fan with high CFM vs dual fans with low CFM

    I'm shopping for a cooling pad. The fans are 160mm. Which one is better for cooling a Surface tablet? A single fan that pushes more air (70 CFM) Dual fans (more surface area) that pushes less air (55 CFM)
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    Question about replacing AC plug with USB

    This USB hub comes with a power adapter. The Surface Pro 4 does not provide adequate power to power multiple USB devices. I am looking at this power bank to extend the battery life of my SP4, and to also provide power to the USB hub. The power bank does not have an AC outlet. Would it be...
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    Windows 10 keeps waking up

    Never had a problem with Windows 7. Typing powercfg -requests in the command prompt, I got this message: Does your computer wake up at random? Googling this stuff didn't help.
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    FS: Bullets or Blades code (Assassin's Creed Syndicate or Rainbow 6 Siege)

    My brother is not interested in either games. Selling for $30. iirc code expires 2/26/2016. heatware SOLD!
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    Surface Dock question

    Does it need to be plugged into an AC outlet to power it up? Not for charging of course.
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    Running two instances of a game on one computer

    Would like to know if this is even possible. My brother bought a GTX 980 Ti, but I'm pretty sure he's wasting his money since all he does is watch anime and play runescape and J-MMORPG @ 1680x1050. Talk about waste of potential :rolleyes: Some games natively support split screen on PC (i.e...
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    PC games that have dual screen local co-op?

    Are there any PC games that have local co-op with dual screen support? Preferably if it's on two separate monitors. We have two Xbox One controllers. I may buy this to connect our Xbox One controllers to PC wirelessly...
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    140mm fans - Horizontal mounting

    So my 140mm Aerocool Shark fan has failed (lasted less than 14,000 hours compared to their stated MTBF of "100,000" hours) :mad:. The negative reviews were true afterall. Even though it mostly had positive reviews, it most likely means they owned it for just several months when it was working...
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    Has anyone here used their 4K HDTV as a PC monitor?

    4K on a ~27" screen with DPI set to 100% is microscopic. I'd have to go bigger than ~27", and that's when you approach HDTV size (~40"+) to achieve similar PPI with DPI set at 100%. Can anyone tell me their experience doing work on a 4K HDTV?
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    Is the Logitech G502 better than the G9?

    I have a G9 mouse, but the left mouse button is starting to wear out. It has served me well for 5+ years. I'm looking to replace it. I'm wondering if the G502 is a good mouse replacement?
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    How do you check what Windows version you have on a backup drive?

    I have a hard drive with Windows 7 installed on it. I don't know if it's 32 or 64 bit. I don't know if it's Home Premium, Professional, etc. I need to perform a system repair to restore the MBR after I had deleted Grub. It tells me I'm using the wrong version.
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    Browsers and memory usage

    Before I added in 16GB of RAM, I had 8GB of RAM. With a bunch of tabs open, both in firefox and chrome, my memory usage was around 5GB out of 8GB. Now with the 16GB of RAM added in, it's now 9.36GB out of 24GB, exceeding the 8GB pre-upgrade. Can anyone explain this?
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport very low profile 16gb (8gb x 2) - $129.06

    8gb not enough? Get 16gb instead! These are the low profile variants in case you have a large heatsink, using it for servers, or just want low profile memory sticks for better airflow or looks. Crucial Ballistix Sport very low profile 16gb (8gb x 2). It rarely goes this low on Amazon.
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    [Xbox One] Does your game freeze?

    I've experienced this with assassin's creed unity and watch dogs. I've read several articles mentioning the Xbox has poor memory management resulting in memory leaks. The only way to deal with it is to do a cold boot; this purges the memory completely. Just let your game run for hours (i.e. more...
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    Grainy noise on white background

    I've had this problem with my HD 7950 card (now sold) where there was static on a white background. This happens only on DVI. I'm now using integrated video and the symptom disappeared. I'd like some confirmation. Those with the HD 7000 series and up including the R7/9 200 series, can you...
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    Is the Kinect 2 worth it?

    Title self-explanatory. Xbox One is going for $349.99 w/o Kinect, and $449.99 w/ Kinect. I don't want to regret it later on because the standalone kinect costs $150.
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    FS: Sapphire HD 7950

    SOLD!!! I don't game that often during college so it wouldn't make sense for me to hang on to it while it's depreciating. I bought this back in Dec. 2012. I mined for total of 1 week, but decided it wasn't worth it. It includes everything including the box...
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    Network stress test

    I recently upgraded from 6 mbps to 50 mbps. I want to run some stress tests, but don't know how. I'd like to do something akin to downloading large files, but it has to be perpetual. I want to see how the bandwidth is being distributed across multiple computers and devices.
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    atikmdag.sys bsod

    Has anyone gotten this when watching youtube videos? It's driving me nuts. I have a triple screen setup. Catalyst version is 14.4
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    Kb & Mouse ergonomic chair?

    I plan on getting a midi keyboard, but I won't have any space for my kb and mouse. So I think I'll get a chair where I can use a built-in kb & mouse tray. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    How many of you have reached >80% on 8GB?

    Just out of curiosity. I thought I'd never hit above 80% on 8GB of RAM. But I was wrong... It happened a couple times. I've hit that mark when I have firefox, chrome, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, FL Studio, litecoin-qt, and Outlook (all above 100,000 K) open. If I attempt...
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    4K, single-tile, IPS, 60hz, height-adjustable and swivel?

    Does anyone know if it exists yet?
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    LAN within a single PC

    I would like to connect multiple terminals (monitors and input devices) using my gaming PC as the central hub. We're not talking about connecting two PCs. I need to somehow "split" the PC into two instances rather than buying another PC. Is this possible?
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    WTB: 1x wifi antenna and 2x wifi pigtail cable

    Anyone got a wifi antenna lying around? It can be unscrewed from the card. I also need 2 wifi pigtail cables (see image below).
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    Wifi and Bluetooth mini pcie card

    I'm looking for a wifi and bluetooth mini pcie card for my motherboard. My mobo has a mini pcie slot. I've narrowed it down to these two cards:
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    Is 4k monitor the same as 4x1080?

    In terms of field of view, is a 4k monitor the same as setting up a 2x2 1920x1080 setup? I would think you would get more real estate such as programming and web browsing, but what about gaming?
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    Your opinion on unlockable items and achievements in multiplayer

    What's your opinion on unlockable items and boost-type microtransactions in multiplayer? I.e. weapon unlocks and xp boosts. Things that come to mind are "P2W" and "grinding." Does it make the game more fun? More importantly, do the masses "want" unlockables in the game to be "satisfying"? Look...