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    Desk mount monitor arm - new(ish) contender for big screens

    I've had a 48" Samsung TV on my desk for 5+ years now. It's the UN48JU6700, so it's also got a curve. I've been wanting to arm mount it for so long I had almost given up hope that a reasonably affordable solution would come around. HumanScale has an arm that will do it for more than I paid to...
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    FS: A little everything on the older side

    Prices, +shipping, OBO... Heatware. I hate PayPal, but I don't know of a better choice. No interest in crypto. RE-NOTICE: I'm back - daughter's out of the hospital and I start my new job on Monday. So time to get rid of this stuff, new pricing. Server: $115 SuperMicro X9DR3-F (+ io...
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    WD 10TB shuckable - Amazon $170

    Not the best, but probably as good as we're getting from here on out... WD Elements 10TB USB HDD $169.99
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    WD Easystore and 3.3v power issue

    So here's an interesting story, maybe I'll get some feedback, but mostly I expect this to be an FYI for anyone else looking at these drives. I have a Norco RPC-4224 case w/ hotswap drive cages. The backplane power is fed by Molex connections having 5v and 12v lines so I assumed there would be...
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    10TB WD Easystore - what's inside? ($180 @BB, plus 32GB USB flash)

    Anyone know what's inside these? It's tempting to jump on as there's never a guarantee of the 8TB unit going on sale for BF and I need a couple. Thanks!
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    Search feature?

    Any chance to get an option in search to exclude closed threads? Most (only?) useful for the trading forum of course. Thanks!
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    WTB: 2x4GB ECC DDR4 2133 to 2400

    Gave up and went to ebay. :( ----------- As titled, looking for 2 sticks of 4GB ECC DDR4 RAM clocked anywhere from 2133 to 2400. Looking to pay less than $70 shipped.
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    SOLD: LG V30 64GB VS996 Verizon phone

    SOLD - Thanks everybody! Short version: $450 - IMEI 358041080366570 Not one scratch Original box and accessories (charger/cable) VZW SIM if you want it Screen replaced by LG - original was early production with odd brightness streak on lower 1/4th of screen at low brightness. This new screen...
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    Looking for a part for custom case...

    Anyone run across ball stud fasteners at any PC mod supply shops? If the above images don't work: ball stud, receptacle Thanks
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    Dell I350-T2 refuses to work in Z97X-UD3H, help?

    Bought an I350 NIC hoping to play with SR/IOV and my PC refuses to boot with it installed. Any thoughts on why? The only similar story I've found was resolved by disabling PXE on the NIC via a working system and the Intel BootUtil. I'm wondering if the firmware on this card is smart enough to...
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    Build planning - PCIe x1 capable GPU?

    Planning a new build that involves some virtualization. The motherboard I'm interested in has an x16 physical x1-x4 slot that I need to stick a GPU into. It needs to be 4k@60Hz capable, HDMI2 or DP doesn't matter. Quiet would be nice and unfortunately I need to shoot for single slot...
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    Best DP -> HDMI 2 for 4k?

    Search is down and 'google site:hardforum' didn't get me much... For those stuck with an adapter, which one are you using? I've found the Club3d and another from a place called UpTab. I'm running Linux and I'll be using this to convert the IGP on my 4690 to feed to my Samsung 4k so that I...
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    Better design for 'Mark Forums Read' ?

    I like the new design, but I think the Mark Forums Read function could be improved. When in the top level forum list, Mark Forums Read gives you 2 buttons, Mark All Read and Cancel. That's nice. When in a forum or sub-forum you get a radio button option for that specific forum or all forums...
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    Rainbow Six: Siege

    ended - $25 Uplay game code because I don't have enough posts here to list in FS/FT *le sigh* Anyhow, thanks :)
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    Appropriate Alu alloy/thickness for case panels?

    Working on designing a custom case made of aluminum. I'm trying to find information on an appropriate alloy and thickness for what I'm trying to accomplish. None of the panels will have bends/folds however I may be brazing on 6061 extrusions near some of the edges to facilitate attachment to...