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    ***SOLD*** Model # GV-N108TAORUS-11GD Purchased 4/13/2017 Single owner, non-smoking house. Gaming only, never mined. Asking $600 shipped and insured to lower 48, local pickup available if you're willing to drive to 55901 (discount will be applied). Moved recently, box didn't come with but is...
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    **SOLD** WTS *New* 3DSxl w/games

    **SOLD** WTS a gently used *New* 3DSXL with a small collection of games. Device is black, 2 or 3 very faint scratches on top cover, inside and screens are mint. Comes with power cable, stylus, and the following games: Castlevania: Lord of Shadow - Mirror Fate Mario Kart 7 Fire Emblem...
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    WTB Portal 2 (Steam)

    A buddy of mine and I want to play co-op, I have a copy and he doesn't. Knowing that this game regularly goes on sale for 75% off I cannot justify paying $20 for it, but I'm hoping that somebody has a spare key laying around that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable amount. If you...
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    WTB: Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain (MGSV TPP)

    WTB Steam key of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, payment available via Paypal. Asking $35.
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    WTS: Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming 4G Asking $580 shipped (firm) Originally purchased from Newegg 10/21/2014, had to RMA due to coil whine. Replacement card shipped 11/7/2014. This card doesn't have any noticeable coil whine in my system, but for the games I play (FFXIV, D3, DotA2) there's...
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    Advice Needed for NAS Adapter

    The situation is fairly simple. I have a spare 3TB USB HDD laying around, and would like to use an adapter to connect it into my router. The router does not have a built-in USB port, and therefore a NAS adapter would be needed. The problem: Most NAS adapters only support up to 2TB per USB...
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    FS: iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB (black)

    Mint condition black 4th gen iPod Touch 32GB for sale. Zagg screen protector and Griffin skin on device since day 1, but these show some wear and you'll probably want to replace them. Original box with unused USB cable and unused earbuds available. Zero issues with charging port, battery life...
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    Considering direct-die cooling my 4770k

    MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming 4770k NZXT Kraken x60 I did not win the silicone lottery and my delidded 4770k is 24hr Prime 28.1 stable at 4.5GHz but requires 1.36v to do so. Unfortunately, the only way I can run with these settings is if the ambient temperature is ~20c, which isn't always possible...
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    Intel RST SSD RAID showing 3 instead of 6

    Recently built a new system and I realized I'm not getting everything out of it that I should be. MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming Intel 4770k @ 4.5GHz 2x Samsung 840 Pro 2x 3TB Seagate HDDs 2x 1TB Seagate HDDs Before I installed the OS I set the two RAID 0s that I wanted from BIOS with 128k...
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    FS: Gaming Rig (1090T, 560ti, 8GB)

    Up for sale is my recently replaced gaming rig. All parts are in perfect working condition, but I no longer have most of the boxes or original packaging. System was not used for mining, never clocked over stock/turbo, minor scratches on case but all internal components were well taken care of...
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    Samsung 840 Pro - New build issues

    This is my first time using SSDs, so I will start by admitting that I don't know everything, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I just built a new gaming rig, and after dialing in my OC I decided to test other components. This is where things started to go wrong. MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming...
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    Question for Extreme6 owners

    I'm looking into getting an Extreme6 motherboard for a new build, but there's one small snag. Because of my case (Antec 1200) and the cooler that I want to use (H100i), i may not have access to the x1 slot, which is where I was planning on putting my Xonar DX card. I've looked around for a bit...
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    WTB Antec 1200/900 Front Fan

    I would love to buy this, but it's out of stock. This is my second option, but it's out of stock...
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    Free invite

    The admins at Blackcats-Games have relaxed the rules regarding referrals (meaning my account won't get banned because someone decides to break the rules), and that means that I can comfortably give away some to some members here. No noobies, please. If you want an invite, reply or send me a...
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    WTB/WTTF DOTA 2 Invite

    I've been itching to play this for a while and can't hold out any more. Unfortunately the DOTA store is down, and I'm now willing to entertain the idea of paying/trading for an invite. If you have one available, please PM me and we'll work out the details.
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    Thinking about 7970. What are 'driver issues'?

    I've been treading water in the mid-range video cards for many years now and am tempted to make the jump to enthusiast. Obviously my choices right now are either the 580 or the 7970, and the biggest reason why I haven't pulled the trigger on a 7970 is because I hear stories about AMD's driver...
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    Please Give Me An Excuse

    Currently I have a M4A785TD-V Evo motherboard with a 1090T and 4x2GB DDR3 running 1333 @ 7-7-7-20 and a single 560ti 1GB. I've been tossing around the idea of upgrading to a 990FX board and am curious if I'm going to see any performance gain when making the switch. I'm aware of the greater...
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    [H]forum webpage redirect issue.

    I really have no clue where to put this, so I'm hoping that networking is the right area. Long time forum user here, recently started to have issues with the site though, but only when clicking on links. Anytime I click on a link, it appears to get redirected to a site, perhaps for marketing...
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    FS: MSI GTX 460 Hawk (Talon Attack) 1GB

    Just received this card back from RMA from MSI. Card was originally purchased from Newegg on 11/17/2010 and the purpose for the RMA was an occaisonal noise from a fan bearing. Other than this, it's been a perfect card.
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    WTS Skyrim (PC) Steam Code

    I have 1 'Elder Scolls V - Skyrim' steam key available. $45 Currently I am set for Paypal to and have Heat of 24-0-0 ***SOLD to reechaard***
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    6950 fan profile issues (conflict)

    The short, short, short version. Have to have Overdrive on (for +20% powertune), MSI Afterburner custom fan profile set and loads on startup, but after ~5 seconds another fan profile kicks in. If I leave Overdrive disabled (booo) then the MSI AB profile stays and I don't have to worry about...
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    Need help with 6950 UL/OC issue.

    Old card died, couldn't wait any longer for 7xxx series, so I grabbed a MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II from a local store (with internet price matching, of course). Brought it home, read the articles, unlocked the shaders with RBE, then moved to overclocking. She's at 840/1325 right now and showing no...
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    Need someone who knows more about UPS systems than me.

    I'm aware of the three primary types of UPS systems, and simply put, I cannot afford an Online UPS, but I will spend the extra for a Line Interactive system. My most recent purchase, which was ~5 years ago, was a Cyberpower 1000AVRLCD model, and it's been working like a champ until recently when...
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    WTB Kaspersky AV 2012

    Not interested in IS or Pure, PST if you have one available. I don't care if the UPC is missing, in fact, as long as I can register the key and 'activate a commercial license' I don't even care about the box.
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    Question Regarding Micro-Stutter

    I have always used a single card for all my gaming needs, and until now have always leaned heavily towards single GPU cards. I have read that SLI and Crossfire does cause micro-stutter which the keen eye can detect, and after looking at some videos I believe that I will continue to shy away from...
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    WTB *cheap* Laptop/Netbook

    All I need is something that can get on the internet. Price is the biggest issue, and therefore the features I need are minimal. I don't care if the battery holds a charge, or if it's dinged or scratched (and the display is ok) as long as it works. OS: XP or better CPU: 1GHz+ preferred, but...
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    WTB - *Old* RAM for keychain.

    ... And when I say old, I really mean it. I'm looking for some 30pin SIMMs preferably in the 512k-1MB range; I don't care if they're FPO or EDO, and obviously I don't care if they're working or not. In an ideal world, a small handful of them, but if only 1-2 are available I'll be happy with what...
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    Antec 1200 - Replacement Screws?

    I just bought a Antec 1200 and was getting ready to begin my transition from my old Thermaltake Armor 8003bws to this bigger-and-better beast of a case, but was stopped short because of missing screws, specifically the hard drive screws. I did a quick look on the Antec website and wasn't able to...
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    WTT or WTS/WTB My sound card for yours.

    I currently have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty, and it works great, but I need an internal analog pass-thru for a TV tuner card that I recently added. If possible I would like to trade this card for an ASUS Xonar DX. ***edit***I appriciate all the PM offers that have...
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    Need help finding sound card (specific details)

    I recently added a tv tuner card to my rig but my PCIEx1 SB Titanium doesn't have an analog pass through port like old PCI SB Live 24bit. Right now I have the external audio pass through connected to my line-in for my sound card, but if I want to use my headset for games I have to swap physical...
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    TMPIN0 location?

    Motherboard: Asus M4A785TD-V Evo CPU: AMD PhenomII 1090T @3.7 (200x18.5@stock volt) with H50 push/pull Case: Thermaltake Armor 8003BWS (2x120mm front, , 250mm side panel, 92mm rear + H50 set to exhaust, and of course the PSU) My system has been throttling back since last night, and I...
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    WTB Tv Tuner / Video Capture

    The device I need can be either PCI or USB, but it has to work with Windows 7 x64. All I want to do is hook my Playstation2 up to my computer and play using my monitor and speakers. Since PS2 outputs to component, I would like for that to be possible, but if coax is the only option then I can go...
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    Need help picking out a video capture device.

    I need a cheap video capture device that uses either a PCI or USB interface. The only requirement, it has to have component RWY. Basically, I want to hook my old Playstation2 up to my computer and use my monitor and speakers. I see a few devices on newegg ~$30, but comments show extremes on both...
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    How many CFM to cool a 700w PSU?

    I have a system with a OCZ StealthXStream 700w from a few years ago. Still works fine, but the fan is getting a bit noisy. I know the risks of replacing fans, and obviously don't care about warranty since it's old. I wasn't thinking of doing any soldering, just pulling out the existing fan and...
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    Intersting voltages being seen on 1090T

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The only things that I have changed in my CMOS are memory timings, and cpu multiplier, I left voltages on auto. **Edit** Motherboard is ASUS M4A785TD-V Evo Is this a normal range? Am I seeing signs of an aging power supply (3 year old OCZ...
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    WTS: WoW World of Warcraft Time Card - $20

    World of Warcraft 60 day time card/code, typically retails for $30. My price - $20. All cards are currently unscratched. Paypal - *** all cards SOLD *** Terms: 1:You pay, I ship/email, not the other way around. 2:Paypal only 3:Email delivery preferred, if you want...
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    Trouble finding a red LED

    I have a Thermaltake Armor 8003BWS case and would like to change the blue power on LED to a red one to match the red LED fans that I will be installing to replace the blue ones. Does anybody sell replacement LEDs already soldered to wires with motherboard connectors on them? I can go to...
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    Windows Backup to External Drive... Failed?

    System: Asus M4A785TD-V EVO AMD 1090t 8GB DDR3 1333 Win7 Ultimate x64 2x1TB Seagate 7200.12 in RAID 0 2x1TB WD Black in RAID 0 1x2TB WD Green as single Just bought a brand new 3TB Seagate GoFlex external drive, drive supports USB 3.0 but my board only has 2.0, which I am OK with until...
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    Thermaltake Support is a joke. I need help from people who actually read.

    Although I am quite happy with the case I purchases back in November 2007, I am no longer happy with the company who should at least be able to tell me what size fan was used. I will save the story and copy/paste my email that I sent to their support team. My original question is at the bottom...
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    "My posts" missing

    I used to be able to log in, click Search, then click My Posts to see the list of everything that I had posted recently. However, a few days ago, this option no longer appears, but I am able to go thr long way to look up my username to see my recent posts. Is this a glitch, or a permanant change?