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    Free on GOG - sanitarium

    Never played so have no idea if its any good, seems to be getting good reviews for old game.
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    Borderlands 3 free on Epic

    For those that haven't bought it yet.
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    Prime Gaming - Starwars Squadron

    For those of you with Amazon prime sub, enjoy! Plus Ghostrunner which redeems on GOG and Alient Isolation which redeems on Epic. Several other games im not familiar with
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    Brigador free on GOG until 12/25

    Never played it but free on GOG. Might need to receive Marketing Communications for Gog?
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    Europa Universalis II free on GOG (Until Sat 24th Oct 2020)

    I have never played this but its free on gog-
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    Free - Serious Sam the first encounter - til 08/26

    Free on Gog.
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    Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War free til sunday 06/17 on GOG

    I have never played it but its free til sunday.
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    World war z free epic Haven't tried it yet, any good? Edit. 2 more games.
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    [Epic Store] Faeria and Assassin's Creed Syndicate free now til feb27 Once you install Syndicate, you can run it directly from ubisoft launcher, no need for epic client. Faeria i have not tried yet, not sure how good this game is?
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    THE DARKNESS II free on Humblebundle

    Another free one from Humblebundle, enjoy.
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    F1 2015 free on humblebundle

    Never played it but might give it a try since its free
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    Deadlight: Directors Cut - free on GOG

    Haven't tried it but can't beat free., click on banner in the middle.
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    Free game - ShadowWarrior

    Never played it but its free for limited time - click on banner at top.
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    killing floor free - humble bundle

    Never actually played it, but its free for limited time. (click on banner at top)