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    FAH Auto-start on Win98

    I have the opportunity to get another rig going if I can get FAH to startup automatically; they don't want to see it ever. What can I do to make the FAH 5.02 text console start with Win98 at bootup? This has to be simple, I'm sure; something like a line in the win.ini file or something... Or...
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    Stopping FAH Service under Win2K

    I need to stop FAH for an hour while I transfer the WU in queue. I tried to stop process FAHConsole, but it didn't work. I know that stopping the Core process will result in a deleted WU. How do I get around this? I am thinking registry hack, but I need to know what I am doing before I lose...
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    FS: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe MB, NIB - $255 Shipped

    As title states, one Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard, new in box (opened to verify contents) shipped to your door for $245 (USA only, others ask). Sob story omitted; just take the deal and run with it! Price is firm ATM; not interested in trades as this is FS only. Prefer PayPal (any form...
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    Fruits of the Garden

    So, today stands to be a banner day for 4 of the 6 local boxen (no b0rgs included in this count), as they bear their fruits to Stanford. The fruits are as such: 48, 600, 241, 44 = 933 Now, with that said, here's hoping that Mr. 600 doesn't crap out... My production has been sub-par the last...
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    Fold from USB Pen Drive?

    I've seen the topic before... I can use a couple of computers at work as long as I don't install anything to them. Is there a way to use a 32MB USB pen drive to fold? The computers don't have Intarweb access, so I also need to be able to transport the completed unit to an Intarweb-enabled...
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    Computer service = b0rg

    I know some of you guys/gals here (probably all of us) do minor service work for our friends' and families' PCs. I have gotten a "free" b0rg by offering a small discount on services rendered; and it usually takes $5 to make it happen. Any good business person should be able to incorporate enough...
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    FS: Optical Drives - CD-ROM & DVD-ROM

    For Sale: 1 - Lite-On CD-ROM Drive: LTN-526S Black Bezel 1 - Toshiba DVD-ROM Drive: SD-M1612 Beige Bezel Price is $15 each shipped. Both are in very good condition and fully functional; pulled from my system about 3 weeks ago. Contact info: James Hurt (james.karla.ebay AT
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    CTRL-ALT-DEL as desktop icon on Win98

    As the title states, is there any way to have a desktop icon that performs this function (CTRL-ALT-DEL)? I really just need it for one computer I connect to via RealVNC. TIA - NoXPert
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    Win2K Pro - Can't DL .exe files. Why?

    Title says it all, but this issue needs to be corrected on my laptop. I can DL most other types of files (zip, etc.) but not an .exe file. Where would this restriction be set, and how can I fix it? TIA - NoXPert And yes, I do fold for good ol' Team 33!
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    PS Elements 2.0 "Save for Web" Issue

    When I try to use the "Save for Web" feature in PS Elements 2.0, I get this error found here. Has anyone encountered this before, and if so, is there a way to fix this issue? This really irks me... Thanks!
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    9600XT Compatibility w/ VIA MB chipset (KT600)

    Has anyone had compatibility issues with a 9600XT and VIA KT600 chipset? I read a few places where this occurred and was resolved by changing AGP to 4X. Specifically, I will be installing the Gigabyte 9600XT (GV-R96X128D) into an ASUS A7V600-X. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Follow-Up on Monster Cable License Frame

    A while back there was a thread on a free Monster Cable license frame. I had forgotten all about it until today. Mine actually came! Has anyone else been surprised by the arrival of this long-since-forgotten deal? Just wondering.
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    WTB: South Park Season 3 DVD Set

    The taxman came and crapped a golden egg here, so get a piece of it! I am looking for this set and don't want to pay the $40 retail for it. If someone has a "great/perfect condition" set they don't really want, I'd like to buy it from them. Ideally, it would be priced in the $25 and lower...
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    Volume ID: Pros, Cons, etc. Fill me in...

    When I installed XP (or any OS for that matter), I am not prompted to give the HDD a volume ID. Does this affect the performance or security of the OS or HDD? When I put in the second (storage) drive on this box, I used the disk management tool and gave it a volume ID, mostly to be cute. Now...
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    FS: Samsung 170MP 17" LCD w/ TV Tuner

    Requesting deletion of thread becuase of no interest.
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    H. H. Scott MM2001 3.1 Computer Speakers

    Anyone have any experience with these in particular or this brand? I have a chance to get this set for around $50; just wondering if it would be worth it. I might turn around and sell them if someone wanted them, too. That is, if I get them... Also looking for feedback on this model, too...
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    WTB: 512MB PC2100 DDR Cheap

    Looking for a stick of PC2100 DDR in the 512MB flavor, but if the price is right, I'd go for 2 x 256MB, too. It must be compatible with this MB: ECS K7VTA3 Rev. 8.0c. I would entertain offers for PC2700, too. Most likely, I'd prefer a good ol' sitck of Crucial RAM, but beggars can't be...
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    ECS K7VTA3 Rev. 8.0c CPU Compatability

    According to the ECS website, it will take a max CPU being the XP 2600+ or 2800+, but at the 266 FSB. The box states a FSB capability of 333. Will it take the Barton core XP's? Anyone have experience with this board or know for sure what she'll take? TIA. NoXPert