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    MS Clarifies why Win 10 is free

    Yea, the upgrade method doesn't seem to have changed, only the price for the upgrade.
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    Advice for building an Atom based router

    I know I'm a bit late to post here, but I just built a pfSense router with a mini-Atom box and it works great. The main improvement I noticed was with Steam downloads. Before they were unstable and now they are reliable. This box was cheap and it worked. I did replace the fan with something...
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    True, but faster than the HL1. That went to PS2 3 years later. Edit: Also, at that time, not all PC shooters moved over to console, and if they did, it wasn't right away. That is a much more recent occurrence. HL2 required Steam registration and that was a big issue at the time, no one...
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    I disagree. Valve previous moves don't indicate they are trying to fracture anything. They've spread to platforms instead of contracting. They've moved previous properties over to other platforms just to promote their existence on those platforms. I think that Valve wants you to run Steam no...
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    That sounds like a problem you need to solve for other reasons, though. Home networks have had to continually advance to take advantage of different delivery methods, even in-home content streaming like your movies or DVR sharing. Your issue can be resolved but you'll probably have to...
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    Valve is in a different situation here, though. The website refers to "in-home streaming". I don't think Valve is going to try and tackle streaming from Valve to you, but just your computer to your Steam box. Hopefully more of the nuts and bolts of it become available in 2 days.
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    From the Steam OS Website Edit: A better quote was farther down the page.
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    Valve isn't attempting to solve a problem, they are trying to grow a market. In their vision, companies would sell SteamOS boxes that would stream games from both Windows and OSX in addition to games that natively run on Linux. The HTPC options are a part of that effort, but with companies...
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    Any PC Gaming Codes you Live By ?

    If a full priced game comes with day-one paid DLC, I will wait until the game is available for a discount at greater than the price of the DLC. I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3. I'm figuring $30 will be a good price.
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    LEETGION | Hellion Gaming Mouse Lucky Draw

    I'd love to try it and write a review.
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    Strongest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hitting Earth

    2005!!! No man, I barely made it last time. I don't think I can take it again.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I'm putting off buying Skyrim until it looks great on my computer. With a 570, I would upgrade the rest and be good to go!
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    Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face @ IGN

    I can't wait for Skyrim, even though I will probably play it about 6 months after it comes out. Bethesda makes large scope games that are buggy. I'm playing through Oblivion with all of the DLC and the mods that enhance difficulty and upgrade the environment textures. It's great looking and...
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    Another Suspected LulzSec Hacker Arrested

    Doh! Didnt mean to quote two posts. I think I clicked something I shouldn't have.
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    Another Suspected LulzSec Hacker Arrested

    It's a lot easier for the government to talk about what it does with individual law breakers. Commenting on potentially government sponsored hackers from a nation where there are delicate trade agreements and other political conflicts is another. Reporting every one of those cases to the...
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    Origin did something right.

    I have never had a reason to contact Valve customer service (and hope I never need to). It's good that people are having good experiences with Origin's CS. As for the service itself? I'll download it if I decide I really want BF3. Otherwise, I'm plenty happy with Valve's service, especially...
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    I'm just about finished with Lion

    I wasn't exactly rushing to adopt it for my MBP but I think I'll leave it on SL for now. I don't see any reasons to upgrade and the bugs I am hearing about make it even less attractive. $30 saved!
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    Why do they make bad games?

    I agree with most of it. As for games borrowing from other games, it doesn't really matter as long as the game is good.
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    Justifying a PS3 purchase.

    For me, it's the opposite. My PS3 collects dust. I don't feel like spending the extra cash to use my Harmony remote with it and I am not going to buy the PS3 Bluetooth remote, so I actually wish I had something like the Samsung standalone BD player that also has the ability to connect to...
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    New Heavy Rain trailer (NSFW)

    It isn't the trying and failing that bothers me about QTE's. It is the mechanic itself. To me, it takes control of the game away from the player, and the player is now simply playing Simon Says to interact with the game (whether you succeed or fail). I think they are copouts. A developer...
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    New Heavy Rain trailer (NSFW)

    I like the idea that the developer is trying to deliver a game that is kinda of like an interactive movie, but the action sequences rely heavily on quicktime events and I loathe that game mechanic more than anything else.
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    FS: 939 CPU, Motherboards, RAM, X1900XTX

    I'll take the 3800 if you still have it. Paypal works for me.
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    Well I am about to be on my 4th 360!

    I replaced my 1st 360 with an Elite. My first one didn't die, but I didn't like having a 1st generation 360 and I had an extended warranty that offered new replacements. I wanted the HDMI port and the extra space since I had been buying alot of Rock Band songs. I use my 360 for everything...
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    Lair got a 4.5 on gamespot.

    Unfortunately, what needs to be fixed, in my opinion, is the dragon to dragon combat and targeting. The lockon targeting makes that aspect too easy and the button matching sequences to takedown dragon riders is just not fun. I would like to see Lair done right because I know I could get into...
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    Best Buy told me to wait new xbox coming?

    What I think is funny about the people that say they can't watch normal DVDs anymore is, what do you do after you've watched all 10 of the movies available that are worth seeing on Blu-Ray? I know that I've been looking forward to seeing Caddyshack in HD too. It will be soo much funnier...
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    Best Buy told me to wait new xbox coming?

    I think that guy drank the internet rumor Kool-Aid. Don't wait for it, because it is very, very unlikely.
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    Gran Turismo (5, Vision, HD, Whatever)

    Don't expect a whole lot better from GT with regards to damage. I think it takes alot of negotiations with car makers to allow damage in the first place. I don't think we'll see beer can crushing like Burnout. I think we'll get more dented panels and missing bumpers. To me the effects of...
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    I played throught the game 3 times. Played light and dark. Yea, hated every second of the 120 hours I put into the game . . .
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    Burnout Paradise

    I'm waiting for my rental from Gamefly to get here for the 360. I generally get the 360 version of multiplatform games. I like the 360 controller more and the online setup. The graphics didn't bother me in the demo. I never really played the previous Burnouts but a split screen feature is...
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    Resistance 2. 60 man MP, 8 player coop, 2 campaigns

    R2 looks like it will be pretty good. Resistance was a little more of the standard FPS faire, but that's fine. I didn't play through the complete single player but the game seemed solid. The graphics certainly look like a great improvement over the first game. I hope that by the time it...
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    Folklore 9.0 on IGN

    Yep, you use the folk you collect to attack. The game clocked in at about 21 hours for me. Without the side quests and leveling folk it would come in at about 13 hours or so. They do have you sit through alot of that speach bubble dialog. The story is decent, but Ellen got on my nerves after...
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    Chipset questions

    I've been out of touch with motherboard chipsets for a while now. I am getting an X2 6400 and am trying to figure out what chipsets to look for now. I like to stay with what is the most stable and compatible. Performance is nice, but if I have problems with certain pieces of hardware on a...
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    360 or PS3?

    The level to which you understated the 360's game library is amazing. No Forza 2? Dead Rising? Mass Effect? Crackdown? Also, be careful about saying the 360 doesn't have anything comng in '08. Microsoft hasn't been promoting it's 08 line up while Sony's titles have recieved alot of press...
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    XBLA - Goldeneye 007 (the N64 version) rumor

    I don't think so, really. The graphics are the only aspect that are dated. The gameplay and level design would still stand up. It's sad that it has been cancelled. I'm going to write Rare, Microsoft, and Nintendo to complain. I hope that people complain enough to the involved players so...
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    How good is the PS3's web browser?

    It has limitations. With some pages you'll get "Out of Memory" errors.
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    XBLA - Goldeneye 007 (the N64 version) rumor

    I think many people would want to see it on the Wii, but I think it is best off on the 360. The multiplayer aspect will be better realized on XBL. The 360 controller is also more FPS friendly than the Wii's classic controller.
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    XBLA - Goldeneye 007 (the N64 version) rumor

    I did and I still though the experience was great. Half-Life came out the year after Goldeneye and Quake didn't have the same gameplay. It stands very well on it's own. It would have done well as a PC game also.
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    Wonder Bread car in Forza2

    There is a market in Forza 2 where you can sell your cars on through XBL. You don't buy it with actual money, you buy them with money you earn in the game. If someone has a good custom design, they can buy a car in the game, slap the saved design on it, then sell it in the marketplace. It...
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    WTB: AMD X2 4400 (or higher) 939 CPU

    I'm looking to buy an AMD X2 4400 939pin CPU or higher 939 processor. New or Used. Obviously must be in good working order. No heat sink, no problem. Please state the core and cache, if known, when responding. Thanks!