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    Non-POSTing MSI MS-903

    So I'm building a SFF box with a Mini-ITX MS-9803 board and a Merom T7500 Socket P Core 2 Duo CPU. The board is acting strangely. When I power the board on it will be powered for several seconds, power off for several seconds then power on and stay turned on. There is no beep code or...
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    Why so much MicroATX?

    I know this is Hardforum and all but why so much Micro ATX? Is anyone else out there building smaller form factor machines, such as Mini ITX (or smaller)? I don't game much these days (Just Eve Online on my MacBook Pro) and so only take interest in servers and clusters (eyeing Intel's...
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    Very finicky mainboard - which CPU?

    My partner has been building a pair of mini-ITX machines to replace a machine in a full tower. One box is serving up storage over fibre channel and the other is intended to run VMWare ESXi using storage from the SAN. When she was building the processing (ESXi) side she chose an IEI KINO-9454...
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    Visual alert mechanisms

    I'm losing my hearing and right now and I can't hear my main server 6" away from the case. I need something that can alert me if this overheats so I can tend to it. What are my options for something like this? What options do I have for hard disk failure as well?
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    A new scam?

    So randomly I get an email from someone claiming to represent a company (maxhostmedia - dot com. not gonna pimp em here with google juice :p) wanting to pay me $35 to put an advertisement on one page on my site ( I have no idea who this guy is...
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    First mac ever and a problem

    Hi guys, I got a macbook pro last month and I have a problem with it, I think. With any pair of headphones the left channel is staticy. It appears that a standard jack isn't getting a full seating in the side of the mac. Does Apple have some weird size jack? Aside from this I love the MBP...
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    How should I structure the data?

    Going to salvage a post made by LBJuice and my reply. My reply:
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    IE7 Final - does your site render properly now?

    Mine does now! Yay! Before 7 final it rendered very poorly. Too bad IE7 fails Acid2.
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    Postgresql GROUP BY / ORDER BY

    I'm writing a rails app with the paginating_find plugin and the code I'm writing is generating the following query: SELECT * FROM orders WHERE (orders.region_id = 10000033 AND ((is_buyorder = true ))) GROUP BY price ORDER BY price DESC LIMIT 30 OFFSET 0...
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    Ruby on Rails query

    In my database I have a Films table with three columns: id, title, added_at. In the controller for the list action I just do: def list @films = Film.find(:all) end In the simplified list.rhtml view I'm trying to get at a list of attributes (e.g., columns) to print a table with...
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    Any gigabit wired router with G-WAP?

    Okay this is a confusing topic. I need a WAP with at least 5 wired ports that support gigabit. Must be available in the UK and it would be a plus if I could mod it to accept an molex connector for power. Will be used in this project, eventually.
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    Technical queries about HardOCP's webpage

    I've wondered for a while if Kyle and HardOCP has run into problems with the format of links they use. For example, the latest digg article links to In 2003 the W3 published the QA tip Make readable URIs, in which it...
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    What Users Hate About Websites

    Article here Hope it helps ;)
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    Nikon D100, your thoughts?

    My fiancée is thinking of buying a friend's D100 as a gift to me. He's including a Nikon 25-80mm lens, a battery and charger. He's willing to part with it for £300. I'm wondering what I should expect from the camera. I've read reviews and now I'm looking for practical experience.
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    One power supply, five boards?

    I'm in the planning stage for a cluster project which is going to stuff five mini-ITX boards, a whopping six hard disks, and run a five port switch running off of a power supply unit. Now, I fully expect that I'm going to need more than one power supply, but I really don't want to put five...
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    CSS media types and testing

    For a while now I've been blindly ignoring a glaring accessibility problem with my website. Go ahead, take a look at the source. To generate the menu on the left I essentially print an entire site map which, given an aural media type, will be read off. That is not what I had in mind when I...
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    Any VT-310DP users?

    I'm thinking of building a cluster using this board. I'm wondering if any [H] people are using it or have used it and could give me some impressions of the board. And, of course, what you used the thing for. ;)
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    The other side of the lense

    Yesterday my fiancée and I went to London for a photoshoot for a magazine. We were the subjects, and we don't do this as our normal thing. We arrived at the studio at about 12:45, went through hair, makeup, wardrobe and lunch before even starting to get ready to take photos. I never imagined...
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    Gallery 2, any other users

    Any other Gallery2 users out there? How do you like it? I migrated my gallery as a test. So far it seems...interesting. I'm not sure if at this stage Gallery 2 is better. We'll see...
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    Wow. IE7 won't implement XHTML standards - by design! I am flabberghasted! Comments?
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    A short essay on popup windows

    Can be read here. I'm looking for feedback. Technical feedback as well as grammar and spelling. Thanks... (IE users can try this link instead to try and fix IE bugs in CSS rendering with respects to the menu.)
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    The problem with designing for IE

    Can be read here Discuss ;)
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    Nivea Skincare stuff Keep in mind they'll spam ya good, so use a non-vital email. "You are currently registering for newsletters with tips, product information, special promotions, contests, and samples."
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    Time to patch your Apache 2.0 servers

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    Traffic shaping isn't working, advice saught!

    Hi hi... I'm trying to get my shaping working (script) and it seems to be..not working! The goal is to grant priority to realtime traffic (1:10, mark 0x01), however when someone else on my network downloads something via bittorrent my UO traffic grinds to a halt. Any advice would be...
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    Need to pick something to mod.

    Shortly I'm coming into aquisition of a 15" x 15" x 8U rack and even though it isn't standard computing size I want to stick my ATX servers in there. Is there any shops on the `net (that are UK centric) that sell suitable chassises for network gear (that's what the rack is designed for)? Or...
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    For Sale - must be gone in 10 days (or less)

    All this must go. LinkSys 5 port switch model EZXS55W (v3) 10/100 Mbit with AC adapter - $20 LinkSys 5 port hub model EW5HUB 10 Mbit with AC adapter - $15 Prices don't include shipping. If the prices don't tickle your fancy make an offer. Email me or PM. Paypal is...
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    doh's Moving to England Sale - EVERYTHING must go!

    Attn: Mods, I can't delete my old thread cuz of the lost account glitch a while back - please don't hang me! ;) Absolutely NO reasonable offer will be refused! (In many cases that means just pay shipping.) The reason: I am moving to York, UK (from Rochester, New York) to live with my...
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    Searching for an Apple Pro keyboard

    Hey all. Not sure if this is the right forum but here's to hoping... I'm searching for a black Apple Pro keyboard with a Norwegian key layout. I've searched, but unfortunately the website is hard to find anything (searching the site didn't help). I've also searched Google, but...
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    So there I was, riding the bus when...

    a butterfly came to visit me! I wish I had a tripod because I have a distinct inability to take stable pictures. I took six but that one is the non-blurriest.
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    The "I hate backporting" thread

    I'm writing a shell script and it's written on a fairly up to date Gentoo machine. And then I thought "Hey! I know! I'll see if it works on my Solaris 9 box!" And I get tons of errors. o Bash 2 doesn't seem to like the 'local' keyword. o tar, of course, doesn't recognise the 'z' (gzip)...