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    [HDD] Toshiba 5TB 7200 3.5" HDD - $109 (Free Shipping) Performance Interface SATA Capacity 5TB RPM 7200 RPM Cache 128MB Average Latency 4.17 ms
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    Pioneer VSX-1131 7.2.2 Receiver - $300 Prime Shipping

    Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X Ready three-dimensional sound reproduction Pioneer’s exclusive audio calibration system: MCACC with Reflex Optimizer Full Bandwidth HDMI (4K UltraHD 60P/4:4:4) with HDCP 2.2
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    16 O'Reilly Unix eBooks -- $15 @ HumbleBundle

    Insanely good deal.
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    Pi (Zero) GPIO matrix keyboard using linux HID gadget

    Basically a feasibility / sanity check. What I would like to build is a keyboard matrix (5x16 if possible) which connects to and is read by the Pi Zero's GPIO pins, then acts like a standard HID keyboard via Linux gadget. Ideally built in such a way that one could also still be able to switch...
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    $5 off of $30 @ Microcenter coupon

    For those folks lucky enough to live close to one: Coupon Codes and Discounts
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    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B -- $25 @ MicroCenter

    On sale for $30: Micro Center - Computers and Electronics Use $5 off $30 coupon: Coupon Codes and Discounts
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    15% off site-wide at Monoprice Use coupon code HOT15
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    Napoleon: Total War™ -- $2.00

    Courtesy of the Humble Store
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    Intel g3258 and Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H (MicroATX) - $100 w/$10 MIR

    Similar to the MSI Mate z97 deal, but with a MicroATX board.
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    Multi-host Virtualized Lab with shared storage (design stage)

    Hey all. Right now what I'm looking to build is a multi-system homelab with the following goals: * Be able to take down any one node and remain functional * Act as NAS for my workstations and media machines (~10TB will allow for growth) * Rapidly deploy & destroy VMs for testing and...
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    MSI z97 pc mate + g3258 for 69.99 after $10mir

    Nice deal for motherboard and proc combo at MicroCenter. To get the deal, add both to your cart, which should give you a bundle deal of 89.99 with a $10 mir for the motherboard. retailmenot also has a $10 off $50 purchase coupon generator that's good until mid-March. Edit: Sorry for the lack...
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    D-Link GO-SW-5G 5 PortUnmanaged 10/100/1000Mbps

    Fifteen buck shipped. D-Link GO-SW-5G Unmanaged 10/100/1000Mbps Unmanaged Gigabit Desktop Switch Extra savings w/ promo code EMCWWWL55, ends 11/25
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    [RPG] Unknown Armies ebooks $5 -- Bonus content if you beat the average

    The sale is for the core rulebook and a set of one-off campaigns. If you beat the average, at least four other books from the system are included (more may be added as the sale progresses). The sale is here: Unknown Armies overview Unknown...
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    ErgoDox Massdrop round four! Now with reds, aluminum case, & assembly services If you are unfamiliar with the site, yes, you will have to create an account to see the group buy. Options: Switch types -- Black (+$0), Blue (+$0), Clear (+$0), Red (+$0), or None (-$44) Case style -- Classic (smaller) or Full Hand Keycaps -- None...
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    Ergodox mechanical keyboard kit $200 @ Massdrop ~1 day left

    Very nice keyboard for a very low price, considering what one gets. If you balk at a $200 keyboard, probably just want to skip right past this kit, though.
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    DIY Keyboard

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone here has made their own keyboard from parts. I don't think I'll be able to make Jesse Vincent's "Building a keyboard from scratch" bit at OSCON, but after reading up on what he's done, it doesn't seem an insurmountable challenge and figured a few other...
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    ESET v5 (free upgrade to v6) NOD32 or Smart Security -- 3 Pack for $15 @ Staples

    In store only on clearance, YMMV. Includes 1 year subscription. Feature breakdown between Antivirus and Smart Security can be found here.
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    Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8X DVD-R Blank Media -- 200x $42.49 (shipped) 200 Pack Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8X Silver Thermal Lacquer DVD-R Blank Media Shrink Wrapped (DVD-R47VAL600SK) , Free Ground Shipping Only $42.49 Shipped with 15% OFF Coupon Code: TaiyoYuden15P
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    Yamaha YSP-800 82-Watt Digital Sound Projector, Black -- $359.07 Shipped

    Yamaha YSP-800 82-Watt Digital Sound Projector, Black Not quite as nice as the Best Buy deals that are floating around in the B&M stores, but by far the best I've found online. Product description: Multi-channel surround sound enjoyment from a single compact component with IntelliBeam&#8482...
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    Olevia 337H 37" LCD for $547.00 (shipping and tax vary)

    37-inch Olevia 337H for $547.00 plus however much shipping and taxes are to your location. Came out to just over six hundred shipped to my door in Houston. :) Highlights: Dimensions Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 36.7" x 29.3" x 10.2" Unit Weight 53 lbs. Resolution 1366 x 768...
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    Onkyo TX-SR504 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver for $169.88 (Free Shipping) @ Amazon

    Pretty solid deal on a rather nice receiver, especially when you factor in free shipping. Onkyo TX-SR504 at Amazon Ten bucks cheaper than Onecall, whose shipping runs to an additional $46.47 as well for the unit.
  22. X headphones $10 - $15 (AR & GC)

    Several of these have been posted before in various threads, but I figured I'd put them out on the radar again in one thread since several of the rebates are expiring shortly (most on 12/31/2006). Steelsound 5H V2 Headset -- $14.99 final cost $64.99 - $20.00 Google Checkout - $30.00...
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    10% off and free shipping at (DVDs, games, music, etc)

    Link to homepage 10% off and free shipping coupon: MCOCT2006 Pretty sweet prices on a bunch of stuff, here are some highlights: Honeymooners "Classic 39" for 9.99 (after $10 MIR) Seasons 1-7 (Complete Series) of West Wing for 179.99 Mummy Collector's Set for 9.89 Karate Kid I-IV for 13.49...
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    e6600 Retail $297.00 Free shipping

    Available at until Tuesday, Dec 12. Free shipping, but tax in any state that has B&M Fry's. Edit: they also have an Ultra Aluminus Silver Aluminum Full Tower Case for $19.99 after rebate if you were looking for a new case to drop the proc into.
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    Sennheiser Clearance @ Onecall

    Sennheiser PC150 - Open Box PC Headphones with Microphone -- $27.56 Sennheiser RS30 - Open Box Headphones -- $49.56 Sennheiser RS45 Factory Renewed Wireless Headphones -- $69.97
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    Boston Acoustics AVR7120 7.1 Receiver -- $998.97

    Dropped from three grand down to one. Review on the item: Manual:
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    Cold-Dell Coupons might be drying up...

    I suppose the previous thread was locked before it had a chance to be moved, but I figured I'd still toss in my two cents: All of Dell's support (across all lines and business levels) is at least partially outsourced overseas, though not just to India. However, the most recent addition is...
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    Grado SR60s -- nice headphones on clearance for $30+Shipping

    edit: New deals (08/28/06)! Links updated! Onecall has them on sale again. SR60 $39.56 + $11.39 shipping SR80 $49.97 + $11.39 shipping SR125 Prestige $99.56 + $11.39 shipping While not as amazingly hot as back in April (I'm still loving the two pairs I picked up back then, thought it...