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    Not sure where to ask--what happend to PM? Do we use "start a conversaion" or something else?

    Cannot for the life of me find out where/how to send a PM. Did so in the past but now don't find any link anywhere. Trying to offer someone an item and don't want to post in the general forums. Any help in how to send a PM much appreciated.
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    AMD Announces a Red October: Zen 3 on October 8, RDNA2 on October 28
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    Aftermarket RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 card prices revealed

    German website has revealed prices of AIB cards via Techspot and other sources.
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    Jensen Huang just announced 3080 for $699 available 9/17; 3070 for $499 available in October, and 3090 for $1499 available 9/24.
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    Use a different ISP hooked to different LAN cards?

    Have been on the 'net all morning trying to find a simple answer. Motherboard has two LAN adapters--Intel and Realtek. Will be changing ISPs shortly and will have access to both services for a time. Wonder if I can hook one LAN card to one ISP modem and the other LAN card to the second ISP...
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    Dell "Superfishing" like Lenovo now Looks like several of the Dells are coming with some "fishy" software like Lenovo tried. Hate it as have had my eye on the XPS15 as a possibility. Glad to wait and see what they pull...
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    Upper end video processing workstation

    Apologies in advance for the never-ending post. My boss handed me a proposed build from some out-of-town company and wanted me to look over it. He is aware that I build my own machines and wanted my opinion. Noted lots of missing information. Here is that proposal as I received it: Intel...
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    New product from Creative--Soundblaster X7

    Just saw this external outfit from Creative--wonder how it might work as opposed to an internal sound card. Thought at first it was a new sound card. Any thoughts? Not sure if there has been a post about it already. It could be pretty pricey (read $399+ somewhere) but do like the idea of...
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    Asus X99 Deluxe--for real?

    Finding news about this MB--what a stunner if true. Guess I'm saving up money now if it pans out to be for real. Found pricing of $449 at Microcenter but not sure that will hold up either.
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    New Eizo FlexScan 4K IPS monitor Been seeing articles about the release of this monitor next month. Looks like a decent 31.5" 4K monitor using IPS technology. Wonder if it is worth consideration? Cost is rumored to be in the 2,000 USD range. Seriously...
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    Coming back to Nvidia--how to rid myself of ATI drivers and get up and running?

    This is a rather noobish question but just ordered the GTX 580 to replace my 5870. Nothing particularly wrong with the 5870 except it has never been useful for folding. That is one thing I enjoy. Am coming back to Nvidia (still miss the old GTX 285 I gave away). Question is, what is the...
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    XFX 5870--video will freeze in full screen but audio contiues--what gives?

    Enough already. Seems like since I got this card it has been awful about playing YouTube or any flash videos in full screen. The video will just hang on a frame but the audio continues to play. Even does it on the Heaven Benchmark. Plays OK in the small screen but if I open it to full screen...