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    WTB: Forza Motorsports 7 Code

    Prolly a longshot, but wondering if anyone has a code lying around. Can't buy it from MS anymore and thought I'd check here before going to shady 3rd party. Would prefer Ultimate or Deluxe.
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    PSA: Your Kids Halloween Candy May Be Doomed

    Parents, cool uncle's, and wine aunt's of [H]. PLEASE, take the time this Halloween to check your kids candy. You never know what sick, depraved people are out there.
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    WTB: Aquacomputer Quadro or Octo

    Probably a long shot. I need to upgrade fans and I can't seem to find a controller I'd like except one of these. lemme know what you have shipped to 34669
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    GPU With System Requirements, Intel Arc Graphics Hardware Locked?

    Could Intel's new Arc Graphics be locked behind a hardware gate? The answer may be yes. After upgrading my internet here at home, I decided to take a look and see if there happened to be any updated network drivers available. I'm still on the X99 platform with the machine in question, and my...
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    [H]ot - 1 year Sam's club , $10 GC, +more $19.99

    Get you a chicken and 6 cupcakes too.
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    {HOT} Thermaltake 500w PSU $15

    Got 1... Don't even need it. Ships free with prime
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    WTB:120mm Fans

    In need of some new fans. I'm looking for something with an RGB ring ala Enermax T.Bs , NZXT Aer or similar. Must have good static pressure and be pretty quiet. 3 pin or PWM, doesn't matter. The catch? I need 4, 8, or 10 of them, and I do not want ones with the 6-pin power+RGB connector...
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    Drives Read Only After Win 10 Install

    Need halp. Re-installed Windows tonight on a new M.2 drive on the machine in sig. Now my two 1TB HDDs and my 3.2TB SSD are all showing as read only. Using the Google I found the method to remove it using DiskPart, and when checking the disks there, it says they are not read only, but windows...
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    WTB ASUS T-Mobile TM-AC1900

    Looking for one of these Cellspot routers. I've got a Cellspot at my home now, so having the router would be nice to eliminate some equipment. PM me if ya got one collecting dust :)
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    WEBM Attachments?

    Thoughts? I think it would be a great addition, don't take up more space than a .gif. Maybe restrict it to certain subs if worried about abuse.
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    "Sweet Spot"

    I'm pretty happy with my Lenovo Explorer, especially with the limited VR gaming I do. That said my main complaint with it is how tiny the "sweet spot" is when positioning the HMD. a centimeter in any direction causes everything to go pretty blurry. I don't have the funds for an Index, but is...
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    China Bans Online Gaming and Chatting Internationally

    Sounds like the great firewall of China just got a little taller. Taiwan news is reporting that China is banning online gaming and chatting to anywhere outside the Great Firewall. "The communist regime is said to have noticed an authority vacuum in online multiplayer games, which enables...
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    WTB: Fractal node 202 w/PSU

    Probably a long shot but I need a new htpc and if I'm going to build it new, this is the case that has my interest. If it is in a combo without a GPU I'd be interested as well. Don't need anything too powerful, as I don't game on it, but the old i7-860 I'm using now does not like 4k vp9...
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    No Sub/LFE from Browser

    Question hopefully someone can help with. This has just started recently, so I believe it's something software/configuration somewhere. On my HTPC I have an RX570 going HDMI to a Denon AVR-X2500H which then goes HDMI to my display. I'm getting no subwoofer/LFE output when watching anything in...
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    2nd Generation Vega

    Updating my drivers on one of the PCs today and saw this... No idea on any of it except the 7nm Vega rumors from last year...
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    4k60 Streaming Stuttering

    I'm at a loss, I'm wondering if it's my old wifi adapter in the HTPC killing me, but my connection speed seems like it should be rosey for 4k60 streaming. Took this snip from YT just now. old i7 860, 8GB RAM (I've got some more I can stuff in it), RX 570 4GB, Dell 1505 wireless card. Seriously...
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    Chinese Coronavirus

    Kinda silly but has there been a DC thing for studying the plague 2.0 yet? Got me a little freaked out, I'd happily throw every core I have at it if there is one.
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    Anyone Unlock Phones?

    I'm in need of some unlocking. Got a phone from my boss, Galaxy S8 that had a battery pack that swole up and broke the back glass. I repaired it, only to find out it's SIM locked to Sprint. Any [H] bros able to help? I know nothing about unlocking.
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    Toasty - The Division 2 & All DLC 85% off

    Ubishit is doing a Lunar New Year Sale. Highlight of it for me is the Division 2 on sale 85% off. $9 for the standard edition, $18 for the ultimate instead of $119. Bunch of other games too, but this one was the standout imho...
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    WTB: Cheap (but decent) PCIe Wifi Card

    Seems like the price on these shot up for some reason. Figured one of the [H] bros would have one lying around. The ancient Dell wi-fi card (with the square antenna thinggy) won't give me enough to stream 4k reliably. Let me know what you have shipped to 34669.
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    WTB: Cheap GPU with HDMI 2.0b & BL3 Code

    Got a new TV... didn't even think of my old R7 260x in the HTPC not supporting all the bells and whistles. I don't game on this PC, and if I did I'd just use Steam streaming so horsepower is not a priority. Just need 2.0b and cheap... RX 460, 550, GT1030, whatever, something that has the newer...
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    WTB: Thermaltake Core P1

    Long shot but title says it, want to do a new build for the wife's birthday, shipping will be to 34669, or I can pick up in the Tampa st Pete area, or further if the price is right
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    WTB: WMR Controllers

    Probably a long shot but I'm looking for a pair of WMR motion controllers. I bought the Lenovo Explorer a few months back as headset only, and would like to add the controllers, but no one sells the damn things. Thought maybe one of you fine fellows may have some you wouldn't mind parting with.
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    WTB: USB 5.1 Sound Card (Cheap)

    Don't need anything super fancy, but I do need it to have the normal multiple 3.5mm stereo connections (Front, back, center/sub) and be Win 10 compatible. Something like the Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB, but doesn't have to be that specific model, no-name is fine as long as it works in...
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    WTB: RX 580 8GB or Complete PC

    Either putting together my old X58 machine for iRacing, and need an RX 580 for it, or I'll entertain a complete PC with an RX 580 in it if the price is right. Yes it needs to be a 580, no Nvidia cards please, monitors are already here, and Freesync. Willing to drive most anywhere in FL for...
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    [HOT] Lenovo Explorer WMR HMD $100 & Free Shipping

    Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset on sale at B&H for $100. HMD only, no controllers, picked one up for my newly acquired iRacing addiction. They also have 10 condition used ones for $75, YMMV vary on that tho...
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    WTB: Laptop/ultrabook

    In search of a laptop, mainly needed for photo editing, gaming won't be a thing that happens on it. Desire 15", good screen, 4c 8t, 12GB+ memory preferred, but any is fine if upgradeable, and stronk battery life. Good bonus would be an SD slot. Budget is tight, hoping for under $300...
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    Dying is Against PayPal's TOS

    The BBC is reporting that PayPal sent a letter to 37 year old Lindsay Durdle for a breach of agreement due to the fact that she had died. Mrs. Durdle passed away May 31st after a battle with cancer, her husband provided PayPal with copies of her death certificate, will, and ID as requested. That...
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    Intel Wants You to Use Vulkan

    In an interesting post on the Intel Developer Zone page, Intel gives high praise to the Vulkan API with many glowing statements. In addition, they give you step by step instructions on how to render objects in parallel using the Vulkan API, with sample code. I have to wonder if this is a bit of...
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    Hardware Unboxed has benchmarked what they are calling the "Scam" NVIDIA GT 1030. For those who don't know, NVIDIA quietly released a variant of the GT 1030 graphics card that has 2GB DDR4 memory instead of GDDR5, both off which have the same name. How bad is it? Check out the video to find out...
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    Tencent Going After Steam With WeGame Launching Worldwide

    Tencent has announced that it plans to take it's PC games marketplace, WeGame, worldwide starting with a Hong Kong version. The announcement comes shortly after Valve announced a Chinese version of it's PC games marketplace, Steam. While WeGame is tiny compared to Steam, currently having only...
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    U.S House Questioning Apple & Alphabet on Privacy

    Reuters is reporting that four senior House Republicans have sent letters to the CEOs of Apple and Alphabet questioning location data, mobile phone privacy and the handling of customer data. The goal of the panel is, to quote the letter: "to probe the companies' representation of third-party...
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    Two Sentenced to Jail for Selling Kodi Devices

    TorrentFreak is reporting that two men from the UK have just been handed nearly 2 year prison sentences for selling Kodi-powered devices. The boxes, called the OoberStick, were relatively expensive boxes with a custom version of Kodi and various addons, had been on the market since 2016. Glenn...
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    "Stylish" Browser Extension Steals All Your Internet History

    Popular browser extension "Stylish," used for customizing the appearance of webpages, was recently found to also be stealing all of your internet history. Software engineer Robert Heaton noticed the problem last week when he spotted a large number of requests going to After...
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    Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

    Medium has posted an article today that states that even if you're right-handed, you need to put the mouse on the left side of the keyboard. The writer, hb20007, gives 10 reasons why this is a good idea, including citing a study that left-handed mouse use has a positive effect on upper-extremity...
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    New Ryzen Embedded Systems Coming

    PCPer is reporting that Sapphire Tech is now partnering with AMD to offer up a 5"x5" embedded system using the Ryzen V1000 SoC APU. While the website does not specify what model APU Sapphire is using, the small board packs quite a few features such as dual channel DDR4 3200 SODIMM slots, two M.2...
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    A Glimpse Under the Hood of Larrabee

    Back in the early 2000's, Intel was working on a revolutionary CPU and GPU hybrid called Larrabee. Think of a GPU that can use the x86 instruction set. Unfortunately in 2010, it was announced that Larrabee would never make it to the public. Fast forward to November of last year, when [H]ardForum...
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    12 Things to do After Installing Linux Mint

    It's FOSS has posted an interesting article on 12 things to do after installing Linux Mint 19. There are some good tips for new as well as advanced Linux users to get the best Mint experience. I appreciate articles like this, as I've often tried to install Linux, and always ended up getting as...
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    AMD Dominates the Battlefield V Closed Alpha

    Despite Battlefield V being a full blooded GeForce game, the crew at PCGamesN is reporting that AMD is handily winning the battle for performance so far. They pitted the GTX 1060 up against the RX 580 8GB at both 1080p and 1440p, and the results were surprising, with the RX 580 being around 33%...
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    The Original Xbox Prototype is Still Around

    Eurogamer is reporting that the original prototype Xbox, which was first shown at the Game Developers Conference back in 2000 is still alive and kicking. Dean Takahashi's book Opening the Xbox states that each prototype was machined from a solid block of aluminum at a cost of $18,000. The...