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    StoreMI Upgrade / BSOD Solution?

    Hi All -- I'm looking for some recommendations on what I should be looking at to resolve this BSOD issue I've got. Below is the background, as well as the options I'm considering. Background: I built a 2700X-based PC a few years ago that's run like a champ until recently, when I started getting...
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    Blu Ray Burners

    Not sure if there's a better place for this thread, so I'm posting here... Working on a new build and considering including a Blu Ray Burner instead of just a BR drive... anything specific I should be considering? I was honestly just gonna pick the cheapest BR burner for sale, but are there...
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    Mid Range Z77 Board Options

    Hey All, So I'm slowly collecting components on sale for my new machine, and I think I'm going to hit a Microcenter near my relatives when I'm in the area for Thanksgiving. I'd like to take advantage of their extra $40 discount when I pick up my 3570k, so I'm looking at some of my...
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    16GB Patriot Intel Extreme DDR3 1600 -- $56AR, FS

    Newegg has the 16GB (4x4) Patriot Intel Extreme DDR3 1600 kit for sale for $75.99 - $20 MIR, with free shipping. It's the best price I've seen for a 9-9-9-24 kit of 1600 RAM. EDIT: Per Slickdeals, you can get this down to $48AR with coupon code: PATIEM
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    NFL Jersey: Ed Reed - $45

    Hey everyone -- football season is approaching and I'm cleaning out my closet! I've got a black Reebok Ed Reed Ravens jersey that I got as part of a promo when I ordered new tires. I'm a Redskins fan, not a Ravens fan, so it's just been sitting in my closet, unworn. I believe it's this...
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    External HDD Corrupted?

    Hey guys, I've got a 500GB Seagate external USB HDD that I've used for backup. Earlier this week I started having problems with it, and I'm not sure what to do next. When it's attached to my computer it shows (kinda) as an attached HDD (G:\). However when I click it I get an error message...
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    AMD Drivers Causing Boot BSOD?

    I'm sad to say that the more and more I use my 5850, the more and more I wish I had gotten something else... I've realized that I'm having a regular BSOD with my computer as it boots up.... Here's the timeline 1 - Computer is off, I hit the power button 2 - Computer boots up, starts to...
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    5850 2D Problems?

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my 3870 to an XFX 5850, and I've been having some problems with it. I seem to be having problems on a fairly regular basis while dong "2D" things with the video card, like working in Photoshop or watching streaming videos (youtube,, etc.). The problem...
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    Signs of a Failing HDD?

    Hey everyone, I've recently be struggling with some odd PC issues, and I'm starting to wonder if my primary HDD might be failing. I'll run through the cronology real quick, let me know if a) you think it's the HDD or b) it's something else. Here's the current hardware setup: Intel E8400...
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    PCIE 2.0?

    Hey all, I'm thinking about upgrading my video card in the near future (Thinking a 5850 if prices come down a bit...), but I noticed that all the new cards are PCIE 2.0 cards. I don't believe my motherboard (Gigabyte EP35-DS3L) is PCIE 2.0. I know a new card will be physically...
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    Upgrading a 3870?

    Hey all, I'm starting to think about getting a new video card to replace my 2 year old 3870. It's served me well, but it weaknesses have become more and more apparent since I went from a 1680x1050 to a 1920x1080 monitor. I'm leaning towards ATI (5850 or 5870), but I don't have a strong...
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    Windows Media Center 7 Questions

    Hey all, I just upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and I'm trying to get everything setup with Media Center 7. I've got two questions that both deal with TV... First- I've got a TV tuner that I use to record live TV (used to use gbpvr, now using windows media center), and I'm wondering...
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    Gaming with 2 monitors

    Hey All, My work finally upgraded our monitors (from 17" CRTs to 22" Dell Ultrasharps), so I able to bring my 2nd LCD back home, and now I'm running dual monitors. I just started playing some games with the setup, and I noticed a little problem. I play with the game "fullscreened" in...
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    Recording S-Video thru Tuner?

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking into options to convert a collection of VHS home videos to digital/DVD copies. I've found several services that do it, but it's expensive and has mixed reviews. I've got an HVR-1800 tuner card in my pc, and it has S-Video and L/R audio inputs. I know...
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    Dual Monitor Question

    Hey guys, I'm considering going trying out dual monitors for the first time, and I'd like some input. My main display is a 24" Dell S2409W. I'm considering getting a 19" Dell UltraSharp (4:3) to have as the secondary monitor. I want it to use as a side display for watching TV (I've got a...
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    MX 1100 Connection Problems?

    I bought a Logitech MX 1100 laser mouse to replacing an aging intellimouse explorer, and it's mostly been pretty good. I love the ergonomics of the mouse, but sometimes it doesn't seem to respond consistently. Sometimes the mouse doesn't respond when I move it or when I click... I originally...
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    TV Tuner and Software - Vista Business x64

    Hey all, My roommate just bought a new monitor that has a built-in tuner in it, and he gets a bunch of unencrypted HD channels (like ESPN, History, etc.) straight over the cable, and it look great. I've been kicking around getting a tuner for my new computer, and he'd finally motivated...
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    "No Burn-In" TIM?

    Hey guys, I just ordered all the parts for my new rig (E8400/Freezer 7 Pro for CPU/HSF), and I also ordered a tube of MX-2 to replace my 5 year old AS. The last time I built a computer (A socket A XP-M rig), I remember sitting for hours (really a day) watching the PC Health in the BIOS...
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    8800GT over 9600GT?

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a new build in the next month or two, and I was wondering is there was any reason to get a 9600GT over the better performing 8800GT if I'm willing to pay the $20 price premium? I know people are going to said wait for the next gen (is it coming soon...
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    Solid, Inexpensive Power Supply

    Hey guys, I'm in the planning stages of building a new system for the first time in a long time. It's on a moderate budget (<$900), but I want to get something good. I've had my experiences with a bad PSU (Powmax 430W unit years ago), and I don't want to walk down that road again. Right...
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    Case Fans and HSF question

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I last built a computer (XP-M 2400+ at 2.4Ghz system), and I'm probably going to build something up this summer. Since it's been such a long time since I built a rig, I feel pretty behind on the current cooling components. (and this is a moderately...
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    Download Vista x64 image? (Legal)

    Hey guys, I have Vista Business (32 bit), and I was going to build a system soon that I'd like to put the 64 bit version on... I know my same key will work for both versions, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to just download the disc image and burn it myself for...
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    PP&C Silencer 500W

    Hey guys, I'm looking to build a new system in the near future, and I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about this PSU. It's PP&C unit, so I'm assuming it's top notch, but it seems like a new unit so I was just curious to see if you PSU gurus had anything to say about it. PC...
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    Formatting Maxtor One Touch

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if there will be an dire consequences if I format my Maxtor One Touch drive and don't reinstall the Maxtor software?
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    "Disk is Not Formatted"

    Hey guys, So I have an external Maxtor OneTouch 4 usb harddrive, and yesterday I got the dreaded "The Disk is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?" prompt when I tried to look at the disk. So I'm looking for the best/cheapest/free partition recovery software that I can use...
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    FS: TI-83+ $55

    TI-83+ calculator for sale. Good, working condition. Shipping is included. I haven't anything here, but I've bought and sold items on Fred Miranda Forums, and I have heatware under SidewinderX. please respond here or PM me.
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    Connecting to a Mac Server with Windows?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to connect to a server from my Windows XP Pro laptop. I think it's run on a mac, but anyway.. To connect to it from a mac, all you have to go is goto the "connect to server" page, put in the IP, and then it will prompt you for your username and password... but...
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    10% CompUSA Clearence

    Got this in the e-mail today... save 10% of discounted or clearence items (online and instore) code: fandf10off Link to Clearence Items: Deals (before 10% off): Seagate 400GB (ATA): $150 == 0.375/gb WD 300GB (ATA): $110 ==...
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    Casual Wireless Security

    Hey Guys, My parents have a wireless router setup in thier house and it was completly unsecured and fully accessible to anyone. They asked me to fix that so that the neighbors couldn't get on. Initially, it put WPA on, but I was having some wierd issues with between the router and my...
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    Hot: Netgear WGT624 Wireless Router - $14.99

    Outpost has this router (it's a refurb) for $14.99 + shipping. If you have the corresponding netgear wireless cards it is "108Mbps". LINKY
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    PII 350Mhz, $0.99 (refurb)

    At least keychain material! :)
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    WD 400GB SATA NCQ 16mb --- $139

    over at mwave.... more HDD deals! $0.35/gb
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    D-Link DI-524 b/g router -- 18.99 shipped AR Newegg has it at basically the same price (after you consider shipping) if you prefer newegg to ZZF. decent deal if you can't get your hands on the OD WRT54GC and don't mind waiting for a rebate.
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    New Cable Modem?

    Hey guys, Well, I'm back home with the family for the summer, and I'm thinking about buying them a new cable modem. The one we have right now is the original one we got when we first got cable internet, back in 2002. (Actually... almost exactly 4 years ago). Anyway, we usually have to...
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    [ACC] BBall: Miami @ Virginia

    Just shot the UVA-Miami game tonight. UVA followed up thier victory over then #24 UNC by beating Miami 71-51 at home. This improves us to 4-2 in the ACC (3rd behind Duke and NC State) and 10-6 overall. We play Duke next, at Duke. (unfortunatly, I don't travel w/ the team :( ) Anyway, had a...
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    2005 ACC Football

    Hey guys, With my football shooting season almost definitly over, I wanted to post a little "best of" thread for myself.... Please give me as many constructive crits as possible... these will probably be the photos I use when I go talk to my local newspaper looking for a little job over...
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    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone uses BOINC and/or if there was a hardforum BOINC team? The website is , and I thought it was kinda cool because you can easily split your computer time between a few projects, like rosetta and climatechange research...
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    DVD-RW no longer recognized as such

    Hey guys, In my laptop I have a CD-RW/DVD-RW drive, and suddently it no longer recognizes that it is a DVD-RW drive. It still thinks it's a CD-RW drive, but not a DVD burner. I know it's a DVD burner, I've burned DVDs using it. (With Nero) In searching I found this...
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    Col. FB - (4) FSU at Virginia

    Well, hopefully everyone watched the game last night on ESPN and saw my Cavs beat FSU in a huge upset. I was there, and I have to say it was the most exilerating sports event I've ever been at. And it was the first time I ever rushed a field. It was amazing! Anyway, I had my 300D and my...
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    Useful Creative Programs

    Hey guys, I'm getting my Soundblaster Live! External in today (so I can actually get 5.1 sound), and I was wondering which of the huge amount of creative programs that it comes with is actually useful. The drivers, of course, but beyond that I'd like to keep my laptop fairly clean of useless...