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  1. Simmonz

    Supernova Buys Shadow Warrior Developer

    Not sure what you're getting it confused with but Romero had nothing to do with Flying Wild Hog.
  2. Simmonz

    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    This is why I prefer stores such as GOG and that allow me the option to to just download the games and stay away from clients.
  3. Simmonz

    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Just because you come across a lot of systems that are pieces of crap doesn't make ARM chips any better. What ARM chip stacks up against my Ryzen 2600X ?
  4. Simmonz

    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam has 19503 Linux games, of which 1780 cost money and the rest are freebies. GOG has 22 pages of Linux games. Humble Store has 815 Linux games that are not tied to Steam. Gamersgate has 32 Linux games that are not tied to Steam. You get the point. Steam may be a huge part of the Linux...
  5. Simmonz

    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    I hope they do this. Will make their hardware even more of a laughing stock.
  6. Simmonz

    Backup Software Recomendation

    That's a program to recover deleted files. Thank you for taking the time to respond though. Fair point about my wording. That actually looks like it may be what i'm after. I'll give it a go, thank you.
  7. Simmonz

    Backup Software Recomendation

    I am trying to find backup software to use on my wife's Windows 10 system. I used to use Iperius until I realized that they don't delete files in the backup that no longer exist so when I restored the files I got back a bunch of crap I didn't want that was long since deleted because it had just...
  8. Simmonz

    Check Clockspeeds and Benchmarks Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

    If you need to be told that laptop parts are worse than desktop versions then you are beyond saving and will make dumb decisions regardless.
  9. Simmonz

    Los Alamos Wants To Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

    Can we cram as many of Earth's stupidest people into the craft as we can before we do ?
  10. Simmonz

    LG Study Claims Xbox Players Are "Better" at Games than PC and PS4 Gamers

    If they want to really test this how about making COD cross platform multiplayer with no aim assist and no segregation of players ? I fucking dare ya.
  11. Simmonz

    The Los Alamos National lab Is Studying Methods of Deflecting Asteroids

    Thought that said "deflecting assholes". Still would have been valuable research.
  12. Simmonz

    Denuvo Fails Again: Just Cause 4 Cracked in Just a Day

    Time and money well spent. I mean I would sure rather have crappy DRM over better physics, AI, more QA resources, etc.
  13. Simmonz

    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    This may be EA's right, I understand how NDA's work but this is why I prefer DRM free stores. If GOG or pulled this with me it would be useless as I have backup copies of all my games.
  14. Simmonz

    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    If people are too stupid to do research before making a big purchase that is no ones fault but theit own.
  15. Simmonz

    Linux 4.20 Performance Decimated by Spectre and Meltdown Mitigations

    I can't decide what issue to blame here. Should I go with maybe they were too 420 friendly while working on 4.20, or I could mention how the new COC is to blame ir should I just blame Intel ? So many options.
  16. Simmonz

    Amazon Is Kicking All Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers off Amazon Marketplace

    Did you just assume my state of mind ? /s
  17. Simmonz

    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    If you were open to buying a Mac it's not like you were opposed to getting fucked over before this.
  18. Simmonz

    Amazon Is Kicking All Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers off Amazon Marketplace

    Whether or not you wish to use third party repairs doesn't mean that others should have their options taken from them. Why should I not be able to have a third party repair a phone just because you're ok bending over for Apple ?
  19. Simmonz

    Samsung Is Bringing the Linux Environment to Smartphones

    While I am glad Samsung is at least trying I don't see this working out in it's current phone. They're trying to tell a group of people that very much like to do things their way that you can have Linux on their phones so long as you use this specific distro with these specific phones. Myself if...
  20. Simmonz

    Game Developer Revokes Game License over Bad Review but Later Apologizes

    Exactly why iTunes has never and will never gotten a penny from me.
  21. Simmonz

    Game Developer Revokes Game License over Bad Review but Later Apologizes

    This is one reason why DRM free is important to me. A store shouldn't even be allowed to revoke anything of mine.
  22. Simmonz

    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Fuck MSI and Nvidia. You shouldn't be bound by an NDA you didn't sign. Having the guts to do things your way in spite of pressure is why I donate via Patreon to [H] and why I trust them. That aside this looks like a great upper mid range card.
  23. Simmonz

    The consolidated Linux gaming thread.

    Feral has confirmed they are porting Life is Strange 2 to Linux. Should be available in 2019.
  24. Simmonz

    The consolidated Linux gaming thread.

    Feral will be bringing Total War: Three Kingdoms to Linux "shortly after" the initial launch on March 7 2019.
  25. Simmonz

    Windows 10 vs Ubuntu on GTX 2080ti

    Phoronix has benched the 2080ti on Ubuntu and Windows 10. There are games as well as rendering benchmarks. Games Ubuntu lost on but rendering it won.
  26. Simmonz

    The consolidated Linux gaming thread.

    Blade Symphony has been released for Linux, is 80% off and got a huge update.
  27. Simmonz

    Librem Key by Purism

    Has anybody given this a shot or heard about it ? A USB key from purism that stores secure keys and can be used to encrypt and decrypt. Also can detect if your BIOS or kernel has been tampered with. Doesn't seem too costly at $59.99 USD. Thoughts ?
  28. Simmonz

    Best email provider for privacy

    I use Proton Mail. Client side encryption and open source. Mobile apps for Android and ios. Free gets you 500MB storage. I opted for the pay version because I use a lot of folders and the free version only gets you 3. Had it for 2 years and I love it. I pay about 8 CAD a month for 5GB.
  29. Simmonz

    Port of San Diego Hit by Ransomware Attack

    If anything positive can come from attacks like this it exposes those who weren't doing a good job in the first place.
  30. Simmonz

    Apple Wants $9 Billion from Google to Keep Its Search as the Default on iOS

    I guess when you can't make a decent product this is how you have to make money.
  31. Simmonz

    Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended for Three Years

    Well their options suck. If they fire here there are two issues: 1. They have to put up with a bunch of whining SJW's crying sexism 2. From what was reported they made offers to possible replacements but nobody wanted the job I would say issue 2 is the bigger one. This gives them 3 years to...
  32. Simmonz

    Epic Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Breast Physics in Fortnite

    Bullshit this was an accident. This doesn't just happen. Someone put work in on it. Just be honest, you thought it was a good idea but are caving to the pressure of a bunch of people who didn't like it and probably don't even play your game anyway.
  33. Simmonz

    Researcher Discloses New Zero-Day Affecting All Versions of Windows

    A company that made $22 billion in profit last fiscal year should be able to get it done if they try.
  34. Simmonz

    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    I hope any contributor that depises this COC has backbone and stops contributing. I sure as hell won't trust future kernel updates as much going forward having to wonder if they written by someone with actual skill.
  35. Simmonz

    Windows File May Be Secretly Hoarding Your Passwords and Emails

    There are other options out there. Those not exploring them shouldn't get sympathy.
  36. Simmonz

    Researcher Discloses New Zero-Day Affecting All Versions of Windows

    I think Microsoft not fixing the issue in the last 120 days is fucking stupid.
  37. Simmonz

    Estonian Startup Undercuts Steam, Taking Only a 15 Percent Cut of Sales

    While I agree with others that and GIOG already give developers with options it never hurts to have more. edited for spelling.
  38. Simmonz

    How to change screen resolution Linux Mint 18.3 sylvia

    On my Mint system that uses Cinnamon I just click on the start menu, click on Display and my resolution options are right there.
  39. Simmonz

    New Steam Play...anyone tried it?

    I have tried a bunch of Windows games I had owned previously. Games that didn't work for me: Blackwood Crossing Master Reboot Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Marie’s Room Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition Batman: Arkham Origins Dark Thief The Bunker Home Sweet Home Demo Incredible Mandy Demo...
  40. Simmonz

    Linus Torvalds is Taking a Break from Linux Development

    I would have rather the crybabies and fragile snowflakes took a break.