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    Microcenter ESD mat exact fit for Harbor Freight's cheapest Workbench They just FIT. No trimming required. Like a conspiracy or something... Both are metric, 48" is only...
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    Pi Pico now boots to MMBASIC I'm trying to hack a VGA cable with some resistors, as the latest beta theoretically supports. Thinking maybe I can stuff this all inside an old PS/2 keyboard. Without pins, its fairly small. By default or...
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    500TB in silica glass about the size of CD.

    Though a caption originally attatched to news photo said like 1.5GByte per 8.8mm square. How exactly that figures to 500TB? Best check the math, cause I only extrapolate 193GB from a 10cm square without gaps. Something about this article doesn't smell accurate...
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    Using sound to process radio. Not the usual other way round... Surface acoustic wave RF filters aren't new, but Sandia went way beyond and invented new tricks.
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    Spin hole spin! If absence of an electron can carry heat (as proven by the P blocks in a Peltier cooler), maybe could also carry information? A phonon of excited electrons around each hole may be the actual carrier. Sounds like someone got that hot mess to swirl.
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    240W Extended Power Range USB C

    Nice picture of fried cable ends... Unanswered questions: 1) Power Rangers 2.1 you say?!? 2) If 50V good, why stop there? 3) Why my video still only 12V? -Maybe real news above this line-...
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    Monkey Mind Pong

    Only till they finish porting Crypt of the Necrodancer.
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    Muons doin stuff

    Whater's goin on at Fermi smelled portant enough to spew video bout it To the benchmarks: Standard Model Predicts: 18.1 Brookhaven Measured: 20.9 (earlier) Fermi Measured: 20.4 (now) I call BS on neglecting to state wether a high or low score wins.
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    Record Anomalous Nernst Conductivity

    What she said... I gather this is thermoelectic somehow turned sideways by magnetism? To generate more Volts, just make wider instead of thicker. Dunno how this compares for cooling, or even if it can... Colossal anomalous...
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    NEC now using Quantum Parametrons for Annealing I once wanted to do this (slowly) with room temp audio oscillators that all fit significantly under a quarter wave by dubious virtue of making the waves I'm working with...
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    Revenge is mine! Enter the Adiabatic Quantum Flux Parametron. Doubtful how running a fridge down to zero compares to Watts saved in a CPU that uses no energy? And no for all my bookreadings, don't get me lying how those damn...
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    using temperature to split cooper pairs into entangled separate electrons

    So simple, a wonder it hadn't been tried or noticed before...
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    Vaping game consoles

    No paraphenalia explosions yet, but its only a matter of time...
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    Two hundred and forty-seven zeptoseconds, with some wiggle room

    Thats what she said...
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    DOOM for potato heads still crunching z80s "Also, just in case you were curious, apparently a garage full of rotting potatoes smells a lot like rotting fish." "By day 6, you can hear Equalo struggling for air that doesn’t smell like the world’s worst storage...
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    They just need to shut ANITA down before we confuse ourselves any worse

    I love science! Especially all the well thought through half baked conclusions. Apparently this baloon thingie sees atmospheric showers thrown by heavy particles. Some of those showers are of unexpected polarization, and hard to explain. Unless like neutrinos, they came through the Earth from...
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    Rubidium entanglement diffused in 350F hot nitrogen

    All you klowns who laughed when I said magnetic reconnection in the Sun was quantum...
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    MRAM goes 12nm

    Size cut by more than 50%. I wonder if these might be even faster than the old ones, which were 35nS quick. Not that I care, unless they offer new devices in parallel SRAM pinout. I don't mess with serial or DDR pinouts. They announced an expensive new 32MBit (2Mx16) recently with two dies...
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    Research overlords seek self-aggrandizing citation

    This is why real science goes nowhere.
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    MIT RFocus smart wall / lens / mirror for phone and wifi.

    Passively redirects ambient signals for 10x boost, so they say...
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    Basakwerdz solar Radiate your fury at an empty sky and make an extra 50W doing so...
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    Computing with spins of light Allow me to mislead with my own incomplete grasp. I get the impression this might be describing a kilometer long optical fiber parametrically amplified memory loop. Holding, amplifying, phase locking, possibly doing logic on many...
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    What, we are putting 3D goggles on cuttlefish now?

    Freakin glassholes... Nevermind. Those look like red/blue cereal box glasses. No comparison to VR cows.
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    Giant Unidirectional Spin Hall Magnetoresistant MRAM Giant UDSH may be a simpler, smaller, or faster way to sense an MRAM cell. Not that existing MRAMs have much of a problem in any of those departments. How exactly does this new method improve on the magnetic tunnel...
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    Plano Frys half empty and employees give BS answers

    Whats really going on? I got three inconsistent stories from employees. Newspaper sais they are only closing Palo Alto, but switching to some form of consignment where they will own no inventory? From what I saw, that plan has not put any product on shelves...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    In 1954, Goto Eiichi (Eiichi Goto in English, except he wasn't) developed an oscillating magamp that could perform majority vote logic, amplify the winning state, and hold the result for as long as needed in one of two possible phase locks. All without transistors or tubes, just ordinary...
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    Mining GPUs Is this price from last month still valid? $133.47. And do they ship? Before we draw any wild conclusions based upon a normal RX470. Let us translate: The hole is empty, no connector.
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    ETH is dead to me now.

    Thanks to CryptoKitties slowdown, Nanopool upped payout minimum by factor of four! -edit- Over for the moment, lets hope it don't happen again, but no reason prevents it. Idiots will be torching ETH to breed YuGiOh cards by end of the year, mark my words. Now if it was rats, might could...
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    Crimson 17.10.2 12GPU Gaming/Mining Driver Scroll down, as download links are near the bottom, after all the release notes...
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    Not doing the math, and setting shit on fire.

    I was pulling 750W from the wall, and my 850W Toughpower Grand was handling it fine. Just running a bit toasty, and I'm thinking closer to a 50% load would be more efficient... So, I gank all my mixed bag of AMD/NVidia from this rig and replace with Qty8 1050ti. That got my power down to 550W...
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    Unlocked I3, but no multiplier option in BIOS

    Also tried intel XMU utility from Windows, but offers no higher multipler than 42x. 42x is dead stock, so what gives with an unlocked K that can only go down??? I read 5GHz is not difficult, is that entirely BCLK, or the multiplier will go further than XMU is offering? What do I need to be...
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    48V Point of Load regulators, the time is now.

    Vicor, ST, TI, seems like everyone and their 1st cousin are ready and see this coming but us. Problem is power wasted by hot [H]ard switching regulators each time they open and close. Yeah, you can have lots of phases, and spread the problem out over an area, but it still adds up the same wasted...
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    Heatpipes upside down?

    I notice my (easily overheated XFX RS) GPU heatpipes return against gravity. Supposing thats normal for PCIe. I'm wondering if anyone has ever attempted flipping thier entire case over for purpose of measure? I may try later tonight...
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    Ryzen_Balanced_Plan.ppkg Installation Failure (Hint: Privacy Settings)

    I couldn't get the provisioning package to install. Then I noticed provisioning is in section of settings for School (WTF??) I figure maybe this ppkg for no good reason wants to know who I am. So I disconnect from internet, un-immunize Spybot Anti-beacon, and tell windows its OK for apps to...
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    Dual RX480, is my spare DOOM code transferable to friend with RX470?

    Exactly how locked down is this promo? Would I have to temporarily, or permanently loan one of My RX480?
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    X370 vs B350 vs SOC

    I'm running crossfire RX 480's on my ASUS Prime B350 Plus. "fast" 16x-sized socket is offered directly from the Ryzen SOC. "slow" 16x sized socket on this board branches off the B350, offering only PCIe 4x2.0, sharing bandwith with both Ethernet and SATA. NVMe is Direct from Ryzen, though I...