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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Thank you! Worked perfect...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    TooBooKoo, how do you do the shadow/reflection thing with the text icons? I downloaded the template for one of them, and can't figure it out...
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    Where do you buy your game consoles from?

    Wii at PS3 at
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    PS3 wireless connection problems

    It was the biggest pain in the ass to get my PS3 to hook up to the wifi. What I ended up having to do, was reconfigure my wifi without a password or anything and download the newest system update. Then I did it back with a password after the update and added the password on the PS3. It...
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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

    It was the 3rd best selling game in Japan last week... :eek:
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    Any specail PS3 deals going on right now???

    That deal is still going on. The movie selection has improved though.
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    UT3 for PS3 impressions.

    I too am curious if my MS bluetooth mouse and keyboard will work with the PS3/this game.
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    March Madness 2008 or College Hoops 2008

    Get the one with Durant on the cover. Hook 'em.
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    When I bought my PS3 I had to decide between Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank to get as the included game. I picked Uncharted and although I'll probably get Ratchet later I hope I made the right decision. It seems like I couldn't go wrong with either but it's good to hear good things...
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    Super Mario Galaxy Impressions Thread

    Well technically Luigi has different jumping abilities, but the game doesn't change all that much. I got the 120 stars, but I probably won't play it unless I'm bored on the quest to get 121...
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    PS3 Outsells Wii in Japan, finally...

    Yes, worldwide...
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    PS3 Outsells Wii in Japan, finally...

    I still stand by my prediction I made before the Wii and PS3 came out that when all is said and done the PS3 will come out on top, Wii in 2nd place and 360 in last. It won't be a huge lead for the PS3 though like the PS2 had... I may have underestimated the price point of the Wii and its...
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    Warm... Probably the best PS3 deal you will get before X-mas

    Yeah, the games in the offer are what sold me on it. Getting Motorstorm and Uncharted with the 80 gig version for what it costs at some retailers without either. Also, the Blu-Ray remote is nice and the 5 free Blu-Ray movie deal isn't going to last that much longer.
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    Warm... Probably the best PS3 deal you will get before X-mas 40 GB + Spiderman 3 + Blu-Ray Remote + Your choice of 1 game from a good list + 5 Free Blu-Ray movies = $399 80 GB + Motorstorm + Blu-Ray Remote + Your choice of 1 game from a good list + 5 Free Blu-Ray movies = $499 It's...
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    Super Mario Galaxy Impressions Thread

    I'm up to 113 stars. The levels I have left are a bitch... 100 coin challenge on Toy Time Planet or whatever its called is owning me.
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    Who loves NCAA Football?

    No NCAA game for Wii so I can't play it until I get a PS3, but yes I love me some college football.
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    Honestly if it's going to be more trouble than buying it for the same price and doing something simple like inserting a disk to play DVD's it isn't worth it. I'm not that OCD... :p
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    It just came out and it probably won't come to the US until next year if ever... I'm getting the PS3 within a month or so...
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    Skins never look all that good, and I would have to pay for it to be painted ($99 at colorware)... I don't dislike the black, it just doesn't fit in as well... might be a bit OCD but whatever...
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    Ah, thanks for the info. The DVD thing still kills it for me. I know it seems silly but my DVD player just died so not only is the timing of getting a PS3 good, I really don't have room for a DVD player and the PS3... I heard there is some disc you can buy and stick it in the PS3 (or any...
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    Exactly, I don't have any black in my entertainment center... just silver, dark gray, and white from the wii...
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc... edit: I did some googling and it appears that the JPN PS3 will not play US DVD's. Also, supposedly you can only play on the Japanese servers, not the US ones which causes all sorts of problems. Looks like I may just have to go with the black one...
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    White PS3 questions: region locking, etc...

    Ok so I definitely want to get the white PS3 after seeing it. I found a place to import it from Japan for the same price the black one is here. Anyway, will I run into any problems with region codes for PS3 games or Blu-Ray movies? (I know these shouldn't be a problem... What about DVD's...
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    PS3 40GB + Spider Man 3 for $320 at K-Mart

    I was so happy when all the Austin K-Marts closed... until today :mad:
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    Super Mario Galaxy Impressions Thread

    I played it for a few minutes at my friends and I'm definitely going to unload some of the crap games I don't want (super monkey ball :mad:) and get this...
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    Is Rockband for the PS3 delayed

    Don't listen to people who work at ebgames.
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    40GB PS3 + 80GB price cut confirmed for the US

    Awesome. After my stupid money issues recently I can finally afford one for X-mas this year.
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    Portal achievements not recording...

    Ok, so when I try to check my Portal achievements it tells me that I can't because I need to login to Steam or something... well I am logged into Steam... and when I try to check them through Steam it doesn't even record that I played the game... When my roomie just beat the bonus maps that I...
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    Weird graphics problem *Pic Inside*

    Card is not OC'd (actually it may have been factory OC'd now that I think about it) Case temp reads out around 89-90* F I figured it was some type of artifacting but when I have had it, it was different.
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    Weird graphics problem *Pic Inside*

    I'm posting this for my friend. What could be causing the line coming out of that dude. It happens pretty often where weird lines come out of objects and people in games. They go away in a few seconds but it's definitely not supposed to happen. It's not just in Team Fortress 2 either that it...
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    Playstation 3 or Wii for me?

    This was the oddest written post I've ever seen on HardForum The way you spaced your posts Really confused me Anyway... I have the Wii But if I did it again And money wasn't an issue I would get the PS3
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    Guitar Hero 3, best song list yet!

    I would bold every single one of those songs. There's not a bad song on there. This might be the game that finally makes me break down and buy GH... or I'll just let me roomie buy it :p
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    PS3 will have DVR capabilities by March 08

    I really think what Sony is trying to do is make the Playstation the only piece of equipment you need in your living room beside your TV and speakers. Honestly, they're not doing a bad job. As gamers, we may not completely like this because it will cost a bit of a premium compared to a...
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    98% confirmed $50 Xbox 360 price cut.

    $50 cut doesn't make people buy it unless they were really close to before.
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    Sony announces PS3-exclusive Rockstar franchise.

    I'm almost positive this is L.A. Noire... which looks to be an AWESOME game.
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    GT5 Interior shots

    Gotta say I'm not that impressed with aspects of these shots. That said, I doubt Polyphony would send out anything half-assed so I will just assume at this point they get all those things worked out before they release it.
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    Wii Takes the Lead in Exclusives Under Development

    Yeah but the Wii's ratio is something like 9/10 shit...
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    Wii Takes the Lead in Exclusives Under Development

    There's a lot of shitty exclusives on the Wii right now. Just because something is exclusive doesn't make it good.