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    Dell X58 Cleaning Time. Should get a new HSF.

    Hi, all. I have a Dell T3500 with the beefier HS, and X5672. The time is coming for me to give the computer a good cleaning, as I'm a smoker. Keeping in mind that I really don't have much money to play with, would this be good...
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    MS Bing Rewards

    Hi. I've been using Bing as my search engine for a while now because I hope that the rewards points might win me something someday. Bing is, imho ok. I have Google as an easy backup. My question is, have any of you folks ever won, or knew somebody that won, anything through the MS Rewards...
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    My mom needs a very simple physical remote control for her PC.

    Hi guys/girls. My mom, who is 78, needs a very simple stand-alone, as in not an app, remote control for just controling Spotify on her computer. She only needs volume, pause, next, etc. Nothing serious. Do any of you know of a good product? It would have to have a USB dongle, I guess. Her...
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    Free Google Home Mini

    This is somewhat old news. I'm just trying to help. If one person learns about the deal, great. Mine's shipped. I'm just trying to be helpful. I understand the issues associated with these kind of devices. But if...