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    How big of a reservoir do I need?

    I am planning my water cooling setup now for when I build my new PC. I decided to water cool this one since i have not done that in 15 years or so. I know what I want to use for my reservoir, but not sure how much volume of liquid I will need. I am only planning on cooling the CPU, GPU, and...
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    Coolermaster Hyper212 EVO install Q

    Its been a long time since I have built my own PC, and I just got done building a new one. I went with this HS and am a bit concerned that it is not tightened down enough. If I grab the top of the heatsink I can move it. I am used to heat sinks not moving at all when installed. Should I...
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    Best AGP card for about 100 bucks

    title says it all. I need to get an AGP video card, and my allowable budget from the wife is 100 bucks. what is good to get?
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    WTB: PCI Video card

    I want either a TNT or old radeon . Something where I can go on ATI or nvidia's site and download drivers and have them work. I have spent a bit o time and money trying to find drivers for 3 cards now and tired of hte hassle. Looking to spend about 20 shipped . max . Since I am buying , I...
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    Need new cooler for 9800 pro

    I need a new cooler for my 9800 pro. Are there any packages out there that have the cooler and sinks for the ram ? if not , what do yall recomend ?
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    Frickin ATI support

    I am in my comp room about to wrap presents , when I hear a funny noise. I think its the ceiling fan, but i want to make sure. I open up my case, and my fan for my 9800 pro is sitting on the bottom of my case !!! I quickly kill the power , and the noise is still going on . It was my ceiling...
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    Troubleshooting a PS2

    My brother gave me a PS2 , and the thing is broken . The drive ejects, and I can put in a disk, and the drive will spin up. BUt it makes a loud "grinding" noise. I can goto the browser menu thing on the screen, but it will not load any games or dvd's . Anyone know a site that I can...
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    WTB: Palm M125 palm pilot USB Cradle

    I am wanting to buy a palm m125 palm cradle. It has to be a palm cradle, and it has to be usb , and it has to work with an m125. I wouldnt mind getting 2 cradles if truth be told . I am trying to use them in a project so condition is not important as long as they work. looking to spend...
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    GRRR @ best buy and Doom 3

    So , I was a little tipsy just getting done with dinner and me having a few shots and beer and a crappy mexican martini . So my friend and I goto best buy to talk to another friend who works there . I look around and HOLY CRAP . DOOM 3 for only 10 bucks !! I am freaking out and grab 5 boxes . I...
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    Palm Cradle and cell phone charger in a 5 1/4 drive bay

    My question is it possible to install some kind of movable tray into a 5 and a 1/4 drive bay. some thing that I can pull out and push in when not needed that can charge my cell phone and sync my palm ? so its all in one nice little package ? Is what I am saying making sense ? :D Just my...