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  1. Homey D. Clown

    Help troubleshooting.

    First off specs. of my computer are in signature, i'm not sure if I have a bad power supply or video card,when I first started having problems I could play CS Go no problems, but when I would try to play PUBG or GTA V I could load the game but as soon as I actually tried to play computer would...
  2. Homey D. Clown

    Ryzen 3 1300x to Ryzen 5 1600X?

    Anyone know of any threads or articles comparing the 1300x to 1600x? Reason for asking is I currently have the 1300X and am considering upgrading to the 1600X
  3. Homey D. Clown

    Samsung 960 Evo

    Have this mounted in a PCIe adapter, this look about right?
  4. Homey D. Clown

    Crack or Scratch?

    So does this look like a scratch? or a cracked screen?
  5. Homey D. Clown

    Crossfire HD6870 or single GTX570?

    Title pretty much says it all which would you go with and why? I already have all the cards mentioned just want people opinions.Almost forgot to mention i'm running this on a 43" Samsung Plasma with a resolution of 1280x720. The tv is 720p
  6. Homey D. Clown

    GTX 570

    I have a chance to get a second GTX 570 identical to the one I already have for $180 what you guys think?
  7. Homey D. Clown

    Vinyle Dye clear acrylic case?

    Has anyone ever tried or seen anyone use vinyl dye on a clear acrylic computer case? I was thinking of maybe painting the insides of all the panels with white vinyl dye. I'm looking for the appearance of white acrylic nails,something very glossy.
  8. Homey D. Clown

    Mixing SATA

    I have 2 SATA II SSd's and 2 SATA III WD Blacks my motherboard has only one SATA controller and I have it set to raid with my 2 WD set in raid 0 and the SSD's single.Would there be any difference if I were to switch to another motherboard with 2 seperate controllers? Almost forgot to mention I...
  9. Homey D. Clown

    SanDisk SSD

    Just ordered a 120Gb SSD was wondering if anyone here is using one and what there experience with it has been so far?
  10. Homey D. Clown

    Second 6870 or 570

    I'm contemplating on either getting a second 6870 and running crossfire or selling my current card to a friend and buying a 570 now and possibly getting a second one later and running sli.Main use of computer is FPS gaming.SPecs. are in my sig.My motherboard is capable of doing crossfire or sli.
  11. Homey D. Clown

    Warning! very sad!

    Ordered a corsair 600T SE white edition from amazon,I paid for 2nd day shipping and this is what I recieved! [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Good news is I contacted the seller and they apologized for the damage and sent me an email with a printable shipping label.They don't do exchanges so...
  12. Homey D. Clown

    Old 8800gts 640MB better then HD5770

    Why does everything look so much better with my 8800gts then it does with my 5770? I've tried call of duty black ops,Dirt 2,crysis and crysis warhead and the 8800 makes everythin look so much better.weird.
  13. Homey D. Clown

    ATI 5770 silent cooler?

    I have a ATI 5770 reference design pc card flashed for mac use anyone have any recommendations on a fanless or extremely silent aftermarket cooler for this card? It is going into a first generation Mac Pro?
  14. Homey D. Clown

    Not a question

    So I just won an auction for an old Mac G5 desktop(pre-intel) it's missing a hardrive and power cord but I already found a power cord for cheap and have several spare hardrives lying around.I've never used a mac before in my life but I thought it would be fun to mess around with one! Oh yeah...
  15. Homey D. Clown

    WTB: Modded MAC G5 case

    Anyone have a Mac Pro case modified to fit PC componets they would like to get rid of? I love the looks of these cases but do not have the tools or time to mod one myself.
  16. Homey D. Clown

    785G And DDR2 to 890GXE DDR3

    Would I notice much difference going from the 785 to the 890 ? right now i'm running 4sticks of DDR2 800 for 8gb. My current ram is supposed to be 1066 but I can not run at 1066 and I have tried everything I could find to try and get them to run at there rated speed! including only running 2...
  17. Homey D. Clown

    Aircooler for SG03

    Of the 2 which would you pick and why? or As of right now i'm running a fanless coolermaster Gemini IIS and accordin to PC...
  18. Homey D. Clown

    Sundial Micro

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but has anyone here had any experience with Sundial Micro? Reason I ask is i'm looking to purchase a couple items that so far they are the only place I can find them in stock. I've never purchased anything from them,i've gone to some review sites and...
  19. Homey D. Clown

    Sundial Micro

  20. Homey D. Clown

    Will this work?

    I have some spare parts laying around so I was wondering if this would be possible Asus M4N82 Deluxe SLI motherboard,ATI HD5850 and a Nvidia 8800GTS 864mb for Physics? Only thing I would need to buy would be a power supply.Except for the power supply I already have all the parts.So does this...
  21. Homey D. Clown

    351B side panel

    Sorry for the crappy quality taken with cell phone
  22. Homey D. Clown

    Does this look right?

    How acurate is AMD overdrive? I've been having problems with computer randomly rebooting,don't get error messages or BSOD's or freezing,just randomly reboots. "][/URL]
  23. Homey D. Clown

    HD 5850 or DDR3

    Would I see more of a performance boost by upgrading my 5770 to a 5850 or upgrading motherboard and memory to ddr3?
  24. Homey D. Clown

    LIAN LI PC-V351B

    Anyone here have any recommendations for modding this case to allow for better airflow and cooler running temps? No watercooling.
  25. Homey D. Clown

    Whatever happened to?

    I was sitting here thinking about some of the older case mods like the doom 3 case mods and other's that were done a few years back and was wondering if any of them are still being used or what happened to them? So I figured i'd start a thread for people to post pictures and info of old case...
  26. Homey D. Clown

    Upgrade Advice

    I'm looking into doing some minor upgrades and would like you people's advice. You can see what I currently have in my sig, now what i was looking at was a LIAN LI PC-V351B,what i'm having trouble desiding on is what video card to get? ATI HD5770 or 4890? I do play games like COD and FEAR but...
  27. Homey D. Clown

    Will this work? Would this still be enough if I were to switch my video card to this? Is it even enough now with what I have? I've tried a couple of online power supply calculators...
  28. Homey D. Clown

    What is going on here?

    [/URL][/IMG] i'm using the newest 190 drivers from nvidia, is it possibly just a driver issue or is my card dying? Nothing is overclocked and i'm running a corsair HX52o power supply which I bought just last week.Nothing feels very hot but unfortunately at the moment I dont have any temp...
  29. Homey D. Clown

    New Motherboard

    I have a ASUS M4N82 Deluxe motherboard on the way and was wondering if this is one of the motherboards having issues with filling all ram slots with ddr2 1066?
  30. Homey D. Clown

    DDR2 With this motherboard? will it work? If you take a look at my sig you will see the memory I currently have and just recently bought so I really dont feel like replacing it already. Is anyone else running this motherboard? How's it working for you?
  31. Homey D. Clown

    cant deside

    I'm trying to deside should I go with a GeForce 8300 chipset and run Hybrid SLI or get a AMD 790? I've heard a lot of really good things about the AMD chipset but would I get better performance running a Hyrbrid SLI? Comp. is used almost totally for FPS gaming! Far Cry 2,Crysis,Gears Of War etc...
  32. Homey D. Clown

    Which One?

    Trying to deside between or I want to keep it below $100.00, mostly used for gaming, Far Cry 2,Gears Of War, etc. and also ripping and burning movies. Which would...
  33. Homey D. Clown

    Which One? Help me deside! or current specs. are in sig. thanks
  34. Homey D. Clown

    Bye Bye X-Fi

    OK, I used to have an X-Fi extreme gamer but I finally had it with all the issues and the lack of support from creative! So I ditched it and switched to running on-board sound which actually didn't sound too bad but it was using more of my processor then I liked so I desided since i'm on a tight...
  35. Homey D. Clown

    Overclock! Processor Or Video Card?

    On a gaming machine which would be more beneficial to overclock? Processor or Video card?
  36. Homey D. Clown

    Overclock! Processor Or Video Card?

    On a gaming machine which would be more beneficial to overclock? Processor or Video card?
  37. Homey D. Clown

    Memory Question

    I Know this is probably a newb question but I 've searched this site and googled it but I still haven't come up with a clear answer. So i'm running a AMD6000+ Dual Core at stock, no overclocking and no oc in mind, 2 Gigs of Corsair Value Select 667, yeah I know not the greatest but it was free...
  38. Homey D. Clown

    Fry's Combo

    I recently purchased a Fry's combo, ECS Matx Geforce 6100 Motherboard with an AMD 6000+ processor, I currently have a EVGA 8800GTS 640MB video card. I read that the x16 PCi-Express slot runs at X8, is this crippling my video card? Should I replace the motherboard with something that has a 570...
  39. Homey D. Clown

    Rocketfish Power Supply

    Is anyone here using or has used or know anything about rocketfish power supplies? I work for bestbuy and we just got some 700w ones in. They retail for 169.99 but with my employee discount I cant get one for a lot less then that. I didn't really have much time to totally check out the specs on...
  40. Homey D. Clown

    Vista Home Premium 32 bit to 64Bit?

    How would I go about upgrading my home premium 32 bit to 64 bit? I have an oem edition I bought from a local pc store, i've tried googleing but have only found comparison pages but nothing about going from 32 to 64.