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    Noob in PC need help purchasing gaming laptop 800~1000€

    If your budget is 800-1000 Euros, I would also be considering used laptops. You might be able to get a more powerful used laptop at that price point, compared to something that is new. For 1000 Euros, I'm sure you can find a laptop that will play those games you listed, with ease. Look for...
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    Your CPU progression

    The only trade off so far that is noticeable is the increased fan noise, but i've kinda gotten used to it over time. I'm using a very good, but loud laptop cooler.
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    Would upgrading from a Xeon 1620 v2 to a 1650 v2 or 2667 v2 help with gaming?

    I remember going from an i7 950(4C8T) to a W3690(6C12T) and it was a substantial upgrade which i'll never forget. But that was back in 2014.
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    Are all 3.5mm AUX cables the same?

    LOL <3 I remember back in the day...Using built-in, cheap motherboard soundcards I could hear interference from the CPU, and PSU. Never heard interference from the mouse scroll though, nor have I seen anyone mention that before. That's a new one ;)
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    If you're resetting windows, then the product key should automatically be applied because it's a laptop IIRC.
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    Looking Back At ATI Technologies

    Bump and shoutout for the 9800Pro !!!
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    Your CPU progression

    Hello all! :D Hope everyone's having a good day! Anyways, my chip progression IIRC is/was: Intel 486 Pentium 1 Pentium 2(I think) Pentium 3 Pentium 4 Core 2 Duo Core 2 Quad(Q6600). What a strong, memorable chip. i7 950 Gen 1 Xeon W3690. Cheapest best bang-for-the-buck upgrade for the x58...
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    Linux + Asus Laptop + Steam, a little Help please!

    I've never used Linux, but, i'm pretty good at learning how to use software pretty fast. The reason why I made a separate thread for my question, was because I have a newly released laptop, and I didn't want to go on the Asus forums as i'm locked out or something. Anyways. I have a G733ZX(Asus...
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    So, Linux is also problematic, with backdoor access and the same shitty problems Windows has?
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    Windows installed updates magically, even though I set them to pause and turned off auto updates. It actually did this while offline without any notifications. Everything else is also trying to update itself as soon as I connect to the internet and run the program. Like Steam. Man O Man.
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    I really wish it was in my mind, as a matter of fact the thing that happened to my MSI GT75, I eventually became completely in denial of the truth. I did believe that it was in my head, and I thought that if I kept it that way things would be alright this time around. It's been 3 years of me not...
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    I actually got some responses, wow wasn't expecting that! I respect you both for coming out of the dark and admitting what you guys know and feel. So, the problem I see with this laptop is basically the following: •The serial number/hardware ID is basically flagged by Microsoft and Asus, I'm...
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    Okay, so Armoury Crate is an application that is preinstalled by default on Asus laptops. This software has the ability to directly monitor and control hardware components in your laptop, because it is connected to them on a deep & direct level, also it is connected to the BIOS because it has...
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    Dedicated sound card or onboard sound

    Yeah you’re right.
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    Dedicated sound card or onboard sound

    No height, count me out then. Height is something I can’t go without now that I’ve tasted it.
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    When will Watercooling come to Laptops and is it possible?

    Wow, got any links to that Asus laptop? Didn’t know they SLI’d 1080s on laptops. I know space should be a concern, but I don’t think it has to be. P.S found the Asus laptop on Amazon, thanks.
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    When will Watercooling come to Laptops and is it possible?

    The new 3080 mobile gpu sucks compared to the desktop 3080 version. It’s because of the low TDP on the mobile version that crippled its performance. Anyways, the only way I see anything close to getting that desktop performance shoved into next generation laptops is if they incorporate water...
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    does a core 2 duo and ddr2 ram decrease preformance?

    As others have said, buy a used PC with a graphics card and better processor, instead of just a 1060. Core 2 duo is dead and in the coffin, you can’t resurrect it
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    Dedicated sound card or onboard sound

    I too come from the days of the original Soundblaster. Creative’s software is amazing IMO…I had a ZxR and I really do miss it. You could really fine tune your audio. However with an AVR connected with HDMI it’s pretty much plug and play. I was using an Onkyo and the 5.1.2 setup was awesome...
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    Win 10 Malware/RAT circumventing ESET Nod32

    Long story short, I am many things, one of them a Gamer with Skillz. Them Mad Skillz, know what I mean? So people get pissed off(naturally). It seems that 'somebody' has taken a vested interest in annoying me by forcing themselves into my personal life through my PC. I want to deal with this...
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    Wait....what? I thought the I9's trumped the AMD's? All the benchmarks i've seen always pointed at the Intels' for maximum performance. AMD would only come out ontop in a couple random ass games/tests that I didn't even care about anyways.
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    55” OLED $1300 - flagship LG E8-Series OLED55E8PUA 55" 4K HDR Smart ThinQ OLED Glass TV

    Can you name the improvements compared to this E8 series in the OP?
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    CPU Utilization Win 10 after Steam/PUBG install...

    OMG I think I figured out the problem(and it wasn't Steam or PUBG). Rogue modded drivers off of A *lame* forum(consisting of SCAM artists). My fault. I hope. An i9 idling at 25% Utilization and causing the fans to spin-up because of heat is definitely a cause for concern.
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    Q6600 was the bomb what U talkin' bout! EPEEN chip <3
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    CPU Utilization Win 10 after Steam/PUBG install...

    Goes from 2% idle, to 20% idle even with steam closed. What gives??? Should I just VM steam and all concurrent games??
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    Nobody can deny what is said. For me, coming from an X58 + Xeon, and having a really competitive asshole 'acquaintance', is making me want to adopt an x299/i9 combo. Srsly.
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    What do U guys think!! I wanna hear it ALL!! all your reasons <3
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    I wanna set up my own VPN server. Best way(client & server ideas)??

    delete* accidentally hit enter
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    What is the best Version of Linux 4 PowerUsers(2019)?

    Hey guys WaSSuP What is the best version of Linux for gaming/power use as of 2019? :D c wat I did thar?? LoL thnx!
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    Is 50 svchost.exe processes running in the background Normal?

    Hey guys WaSSuP (H) So, is 50~ svchost proccess running in Win10 normal?
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    Well, there IS a choice in filesystems under Win 10(win XP->win10). Nobody mentioned fat32. Obviously, windows is not strictly tied to NTFS because fat32 exists, and can work. You can even have drives with different filesystems all under the same O/S(E.G mixing NTFS with fat32). Don't know if...
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    What laptop manufactuers have battery software to control battery charge, besides Dell?

    I have a recent MSI model, and it's got a dedicated Battery program(made by MSi), in which you can calibrate, set charging options, & set Power output mode. I don't think other laptops will have more settings, than this one when it comes to battery options & settings. It's beefy.
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    I thought filesystems kinda became redundant after the introduction of non-spindle drives, AKA SSD's(and beyond)?
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    Not really. I'm just saying that if people were a little bit more consciously aware of what's going on with their RIG, then they would probably be able to spot a lot of issues and fix them, maybe even before a complete drive failure or somethin'.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    21 Billion? OMG that's aloooot of Money. Sure it ain't a typo?
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    Soulja Boy Says He's "Not Scared of Nintendo" as He Releases Rival Games Console

    Nothin' Soulja bout' this B0y Drop the Soulja, and add Stupid. What U get? StupidBoy. I like it
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    Personally, I've never really had any problem with Windows rot, on any version besides 10(haven't used 10 long enough yet to judge). Doing simple things like: 1) Never installing anything you DON'T need to. If you install things temporarily, make sure they are completely uninstalled so any...