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    "Thread stuck in device driver" crashes. New videocard, reinstalled Windows, still happening.

    PC is Gateway FX6840-01e i7-860, 8GB DDR3 stock. Added a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 DirectX 11.1 11197-97-90G 3GB 384-Bit, and an intel 520 series 120gb ssd. Two monitors hooked up. About 4 months ago I started getting some screen flicker, primarily when playing games and watching videos. Decided...
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    FS: Buy my games, movies, and laptop and help me move across the country

    FOR SALE: All prices INCLUDE shipping! Blu Ray Movies: Django Unchained $9 Iron Man 3 $10 Iron Sky $9 Shaun of the Dead $9 Thor the Dark World $16 Tron $9 Wreck it Ralph $9 Seasons of TV on Blu Ray: Doctor Who Series 5 $20 Generation Kill $9 TV on DVD: Archer Season 2 $10 Archer Season...
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    FS: Acer V7-582PG 15.6" $600

    Selling my Acer Aspire V7-582PG-6854 laptop Specs: (doesn't appear on their US store anymore) Still holds 4 - 6 hour battery depending on how intense you're using it, and what battery setting you're on...
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    Search with quotes breaks search

    I've been trying to search for a specific string ("mac mini") but the search tells me that this doesn't fit the minimal search length of three words. Yet... mac mini works just fine, even though it's two words. Is the search borked or does it just not support string searches?
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    I am a huge jerk

    So I was trying to sell a laptop here, but it got sold on Amazon first, to a guy that frequents FS/FT! I got the email Monday night and didn't notice it until Tuesday afternoon. Because of how long my commute is (~1 hour of mass transit) I wasn't able to start preparing to send it out until 7:30...
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    FS/FT: Toshiba P775 S7320 17" laptop, Want $750 or Mac Mini/Macbook et all

    Edit: Price lowered to $650 I want to start developing iOS apps so I'm willing to trade for a newer-ish Mac Minis or Macbook /Pro/Air with cash to make up the difference in value. It doesn't have to have 10.7 on it right now as long as I can upgrade without too much trouble. The laptop...
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    FS: Toshiba P775 17" laptop, $800 shipped

    Bought about two months ago, don't really need it anymore as my desktop is working again. Has a fresh install of Windows 7 Home waiting for you to complete (so it'll have your name/etc), Windows Key is on the underside of the laptop as usual. Specs: 17" screen Intel Core i7-2670QM 6GB DDR3...
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    FS: Toshiba P775 laptop, $850 shipped

    Bought about two months ago, don't really need it anymore as my desktop is working again. Has a fresh install of Windows 7 Home waiting for you to complete (so it'll have your name/etc), Windows Key is on the underside of the laptop as usual. Specs: 17" screen Intel Core i7-2670QM 6GB...
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    FS: HP Touchpad 32GB, $225 shipped

    New in box, can provide pictures if desired. Seems to go for about $250 shipped on ebay so I think a 10% cut from that is pretty reasonable. No accessories or anything fancy, just the shiny new tablet in the shiny new box. $225 shipped to continental US, of course. Sold. Also, VZW Droid 1...
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    FS: Droid 1, just the phone, $55 shipped

    And I mean just the phone. No battery, no battery cover, no micro SD card. Decent amount of wear and tear. Edit: Yes, VZW. Forgot to link to the pictures. $55 shipped to continental US. Edit edit: Car charger also included. Heat...
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    Maybe making the heathen change to a pre-built, again, looking for brand suggestions

    A few years ago I got a Velocity Micro, and decided to upgrade a few specific parts in January. Well 9 months later I've got what seems to be a dead motherboard, but they can't tell me for sure. With the back and forth of problems in the past few weeks I'm considering selling off the rest of...
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    FS/T: Smartstor NS4300N 4-Bay Nas Got it in a trade with another [H] user for my Eee netbook a while ago. I have never used it and I as I understand it he used it quite sparingly. Asking $250 shipped I now have this thing called "rent" due at the end of each month so I'm only...
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    OCZ 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive $30 (after $40 rebate) + shipping Hair over two days left, not counting stock. Buy buy buy buy. Once... or twice. Maybe three times. Edit: My apologies, did not see it was a rebate. Much unhappiness followed. Sorry.
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    FS: Stargate SG1 Seasons 1-10, Asus EeePC 1000H

    Stargate SG1 Seasons 1-10. Seasons 1-8 are on ye olde large-style DVD cases, 9 and 10 are on the newer slim-line DVD cases. This is *not* the full series collector's pack, but it is the entire series. The season 8 pack has the extended version of Threads, not the shortened version on the...
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    FS: RAM, 7600GS, QX6800, Vista Ultimate

    Since we're too childish here to be allowed to change our own thread titles and the mods I've asked haven't responded to my request, I locked the old thread and here's a shiny new one. RAM is...
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    FS: RAM, videocard, DVD burners, iBook G4 14" Everything is in prime working order, the RAM, videocard is lower midrange but let me play CoD4 pretty... prettifully? It was pretty. And the iBook is nice. RAM is: Two 1GB sticks of Corsair XMS...
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    16GB iPod Touch for $354 at newegg (old model?) I can't figure out why it's almost $50 off retail, maybe it doesn't have the software update? But hey, if you want it, looks like a good price.
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    FS: 2x1GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800, WD 500GB SATA

    Hey kids Everything is in prime working order, the RAM is fast as hell and the hard drive will be as blank as Paris Hilton's brain. Title...
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    FS: DBZ Budokai 3 for Wii

    Title says it all this time... I have more stuff to sell but too lazy at the moment. Got the game for Christmas and just opened it last night. Never was much a fan but figured I'd give it a shot. Played for about half an hour. The game also came with a DVD titled "Best Fights" or...
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    Got a 3850... and lost my sound

    Have no idea what's going on here. ATi's tech support closed an hour ago, and I can't get through to Velocity Micro. Very straightforward. Uninstalled nVidia VIDEO drivers, took out the 7600gs, put in the 3850, installed the ATi suite, restarted. Went to play cod4... 'hey shouldn't...
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    Good (free) alternative to MS Access?

    So I'm taking a databases and SQL class and we use Access from Office 2003 in the lab. I've gotten pretty good with it, which is good. Problem is, I (shockingly enough) don't have office 2003. I've been using Open Office for as long as I can remember but for the life of me I can't get into...
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    For trade: $53.99 Best Buy gift card, want CC, Costco, or BJ's

    Keep it civil. Looking for an even trade. If you have on in the ballpark and feel it's worth a trade, let me know. Don't really want to go any lower than $50. I'll send you my card or give you the numbers if you just want to use it online. I intend to use what I get IN STORE. I can pay...
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    WTB: Broken airsoft P90 and/or 92FS Pistol

    Yes.. broken. Doesn't matter if it is spring, gas, or electric, just needs to *not* be able to fire. It does, however, need to look good. I don't want something that's snapped in half. I realize this is strange, but I'm a college kid still living at home over the summer, and if I buy a...
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    Westinghouse 42" $899, (+-$100 rebate, shipping) @ the egg Looks fairly hot. Says HD, but it doesn't list the exact specs. Reviews are decent.
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    Upgrading from 7600GS and need some help

    So I've got me a (PCI express) 7600GS, 256MB. Also, a Core 2 Duo 6300, and 1GB of PC2-5300. The little guy has done pretty well the past few months, but Supreme Commander just came out, and I don't want to be running it at 400x300 with 16 colors. I've got about $200 to spend, and it looks...
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    FS: Parting out PC

    Hello folks. **************edit************** Help this college kid in need, buy stuff! don't pay themselves! Here's what I got. AMD 64 3200+ Socket 939 $40 Heatsink/fan for CPU: Zalman CNPS7000B...
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    New computer, can't get to "My Documents" on old hard drive.

    Some of you may be familiar with my story from the Computers & Gadgets forum. Here's the short version. I have a hard drive that absolutely will not boot. I've tried safe mode, adding another installation of Windows, etc etc. Won't boot. I've got it as secondary on my new computer, and I've...
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    VM is my new favorite company.

    So a little over a month ago my PC burped, and I hit it. This was not a good idea, as it stopped working. Short story short, I ordered a Campus GX PC from Velocity Micro. I was understandably concerned when it took a full week (business and calendar) for my payment to go through. Then about a...
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    Possible Woot-off Thursday night

    Just got an e-mail newsletter from Woot. All the typical stuff, but at the end it says they have a lot of products to write about before Thursday night, and they suggested getting a lot of sleep beforehand. Here's hoping.
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    Need suggestions on where/what to buy.

    Hello all. There comes a point in everyone's life when they realize that even though they love doing something, they just plain suck at it. This point, for me, was last night, and the thing was building my PC. Let's just say I'm using a DVD copy of Knoppix. Now don't get me wrong, I 'm not...
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    FS: Wide variety of PC games

    AoE2: $9 AoE2E: $9 Or Both for $14 Alone in the Dark: $6 Quake: $6 Serious Sam: $5 Sim Theme Park: $4 Hitman 1: $6 The Sims: $8 The Sims: House Party: $8 The Sims: Livin Large: $6 Or all three for $18 Diablo 2: $8 (Just D2, no expansion packs) Unreal Tournament: $4 Half Life...
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    FS: PC and Xbox 360 Games on the cheap

    Edit: All prices lowered. Xbox 360: PDZ Limited Edition: $20 Sold DoA4: $24 Sold PC: AoE2: $9 AoE2E: $9 Or Both for $14 Alone in the Dark: $6 Quake: $6 Serious Sam: $5 Sim Theme Park: $4 Hitman 1: $6 The Sims: $8 The Sims: House Party: $8 The Sims: Livin Large: $6 Or all...
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    Having some issues folding.

    Hey all. It used to take me anywhere from a week to a month to go through a work unit, since I keep the CPU dedication low and turn it off as it disables my ability to play games (alt-tabbing during loading screens in every game). However, it is now taking over 3 months to do any work unit...
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    FS: 4GB iPod mini, $140 shipped

    I have a 4GB 1st gen iPod Mini for sale. Everything is included, wire/charger, brick charger, iPod CD, box, and ofcourse the mini. I can leave the songs on it (filled to the busting brim, songs and a few podcasts) or format with the most recent firmware. Charge holds for...
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    Fs/ft Xfx 6600gt Agp 128mb

    Hey folks. Got a slightly used XFX 6600GT AGP 128MB. Newegg link: I only used it for a few weeks before I found the $100 off of an x850XT at ATI's store, it has been snug in an anti-static bag for the past few weeks. Worked...
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    Buying an iBook, any suggestions for accessories/etc?

    I'm a student, and on a budget, so nothing that will cost toooo much please :) That said, I want to get a backpack carrying case, ya know, something that doesn't scream "steal me!" and will have some kind of protection so that on the off chance I forget my 1K investment is in side, it won't...
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    WTB: Demolition Racer for Playstation 1

    No, this is not a joke : ) I would like to purchase a copy of Demolition Racer for the Playstation 1. Preferrably in decent condition that actually works, the original case would be cool but not required. I sold my copy years and years ago, but I desperately want to play it again...
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    Would a regular AGP card work in a Mac?

    I bought a PowerMac G4 450MHz from a cousin of mine, and it has an AGP port... woo hoo. Would an AGP card I had for my PC work in in it, too? I don't know much about Macs... any help would be great : )
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    FT: $300 Sam's club/Wal-mart Gift Card for Bestbuy/Circuit City/Compusa

    Hello folks. I have in my possession a Sam's Club/Wal-Mart Gift Card with $298.## on it. I would like to trade this for a gift card to Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA, perhaps even Cost Co. I'm looking for a gift card with anywhere from at least $250 on it, much less and it wouldn't be much...
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    FS: AMD 3000+ Barton/Vantec Aeroflow

    Sold the barton. Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 For AMD Socket A/ 462 And Intel 370/ FC-PGA/ FC-PGA2 Retail (newegg) $25 ebay feedback...