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    Could use some knowledge....

    hi everybody. my recent planing to upgrade my CPU was blown to shit, thanks to my parents, ofcourse.:( so i decided to upgrade my current bucket. but then i was pulled to hold by not knowing what's the "strongest" Intel's proc. from sck. 478 and what's "strongest" graphic for PCI graph...
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    Is my computer WoW-able?

    I have been looking WoW for a while, and looking it's minimum requirements. For WoW it saids this: Pentium III 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 3D acceleration, 56k Modem. And I have this: Celeron 1GHz, 512 MB SDR RAM, 3D acceleration, 56k Modem. (yes i'm dial-up :( ) So i'm asking you: is it possible for...
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    Pentium III vs Celeron

    what do u think is best: Pentium III 800 MHz or Celeron 1 GHz?
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    I'm just asking when did sck,775 went to the market, 'cause i've got an PC about 3 years old, and i don't know its sck, or graphic card sck, or anything but i want to upgrade to something a little bit better. (from 1000 MHz Celeron, GeForce MX 100/200, 378 MB RAM) And if someone knows what...
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    would you prefer Celeron over Sempron? Is Pentium 4 stronger than Pentium D?
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    Is it possible for computer with 1 GHz, 376 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Graph to work faster than the one with 2 GHz, 356 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Graph?
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    I recently heard from a friend that he's playing a game called arcanum. he said its an older game, but pretty good one. Has any1 ever heard for it, and should i try it, or is it just a waste of time?
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    OCing celeron 1000GHz on Energy Mobo

    The title tells it all. How much can I OC Celeron 1.0 Ghz on Energy's mobo? And how do I do that?
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    Advice over x1950 Pro

    Does any1 has an advice which card to use over x1950 Pro within that price range?
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    OCing my Card

    I've bought 7800gt, and i'm wondering how much can i overclock it without actually buying a cooler? :confused:
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    Panic over cards

    OK. i'm starting to freak out here! For almost 2 weeks now, i've been researching for my video card, now that im found one, I recently found another (i'm talking about 7600gt and 7800gt). 7600gt: 560 CC MHz, 700 MC MHz, Mem. Bandwith22,4 GB/s, Shader Ops 6720ops/s, Pixel fill Rate 4480...
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    Need Stats

    I'd apreciate any1 who can get me stats for nvidia 7600GT, 7800GT, 6800GT and ATi x1600XT. I only need GPU speed, core clock, pipelines, pixel shaders, vertex shaders, memory speed, and please as less as posibble OCing and links. Thanks! :(
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    A bunch of things i'd like to know

    well, i'm not very in to this sofware and stuff, so i'd like to ask one or two (thousands) of things. But let's take it slowly first i'd like for someone to tell whats the deal with OpenGL, DirectDraw, D3D; where can i find them, are they on a graphic cards or what? once i get answers to...
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    Is it (really) worth of sacrifice?

    I was building myself a PC with AMD 3500+ (possibly 3800+) single core processor and 2x 512MB DDR2 RAM. But then i've done some researching and built another config. with C2D E6400 processor, but I lacked of fundings (which are VERY limited) for another 512MB of DDR2 RAM. So i Don't know is D2C...
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    Question of CardPower and replacement

    i'm building my PC and have considering these options: 2 Graphic cards: 7600GT and 6800GT (on SLI mobo), or an 7800GT (no additional cards). What do you think will best buy? Buying only one 7800GT but later buying another 7800GT or possibly 7900GT or 7950GT; or buying 7600GT and and 6800GT now?
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    RAM speed

    I just want to ask is speed in RAMs, like 533MHz DDR2, really that important, cause i've seen DDR2 with 800MHz and 300MHz. Are Hz's more important then MB's? :confused: :D
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    Which would you take

    I have currently built this configuration: CPU AMD Athlon64 3500+ BOX, Sck AM2 MB ECS RS485M-M, sAM2, ATI RS485, VGA, SATA, (2x)DDR2 512MB PC4200 (533MHz) Kingmax HDD HITACHI HDT722516DLA380 160GB SATA300 7200rpm 8MB...
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    AMD or Intel, Enlighten me!

    i made myself a PC with athlon 3800+ Dual Core processor. i haven't bought it yet, but i'm sort of changing my mind and turning towards Intels Core 2 Duo. Are there any recomendations within $250 budget? And is really a smart move?
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    Manufactorer Problem

    I have been deciding which card should I buy. the choice was between 7600GT and x1600xt. I went for 7600GT. now i'm asking myself which manufacturer? here are the options: Club 3D, EVGA, Gainward, and Leadtek which do you think is the best? :confused:
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    nVidia or ATi?

    I have been makin' my configuration lately and i have debated with friends about choosing 7600GT or 6800GT. well it was about even, and i decided for 7600GT altough it only had 8 pipelines more and speed difference was not so great(does it really matter, and what are pipelines for?) But now i'm...