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    MicroCenter: eVGA Geforce GTX 970 4gb SuperClocked $139.99 AR I'm sure i'm missing something pretty important, but this seems to be a screaming deal..? ETA: Deal is dead, most likely a pricing error. Shows as $339 AR now, which isn't terrible, but not nearly as...
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    Warm? $113 Acer S231HL bid 23" LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor 1/4" bezel, no built in speakers, DVI/VGA/HDMI inputs. Even comes with all 3 cables. Seems like a pretty decent deal to me.. and its not in-store only either.
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    Like Microcenter on Facebook - get i5-2500K for $159.99

    Fill out the form, print your coupon. Coupon available only via filling out the form on Facebook. Edit: Deal dead as of 12/26/2011
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    System powers down

    Just built a new machine (see sig for specs), and I'm having a devil of a time getting the gremlins out of it. Windows 7x64 keeps giving me fits.. error messages of "This operation requires an interactive window session" to install when I try to plug in a flash drive, trying to run...
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    WTB DDR-400 ram, 2x1Gb

    As the title suggests, trying to get my hands on another 2gb of ram for my main system, so that I can survive until tax time rolls around. Would like to get something that comes close in performance to matching what I've got (see sig), hopefully for around $40 shipped.
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    Jawbone2 $25 w/fs.. stolen from SD

    Verizon Wireless has the Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset for $30 - $5 coupon ACC5 = $25.. Free overnight shipping. They must be clearing out inventory for the Jawbone Prime/Earcandy. Sellout.Woot just had this a couple days ago for $42.99.. glad i...
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    Hot-ish? Refurb Name-brand PC - $99 B&M Only

    Refurb Name-brand PC - $99 What makes this deal sorta hot isn't so much the PC, its the full (legal) license of XP Pro. Pic in link shows SFF Dell, but can be HP/Compaq as well, YMMV.
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    Sellout.woot: Refurb EeePC $184 shipped

    * Display: 8.9” Display, 1024×600 resolution * Color: Galaxy Black or Pearl White * CPU: Intel® Mobile 900 MHz CPU * Chipset: Intel Mobile Chipset * Memory: DDR2 512MB * Display Card: Intel UMA * Storage: 4GB built-in SSD * Audio: HD audio / built-in speakers...
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    Warmish: Trendnet Wireless-G card $3.99 AR Not great for gaming.. but to put in the kid's box so i dont have to run a cat5 in my apartment, it should be pretty good. Available in-store only. Rebate...
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    Got Folding? Sempron 3000+ 1.6GHz Desktop PC with 19" Widescreen $279 + $5 ship

    Sure its a refurb, but for $280, if any parts fail, the cost is negligible. Not a gaming powerhouse, but for a kid who needs their own box, or for the wife who wants one in the kitchen, or whatever, not too bad. Has a PCIe 16x slot too, if you're like me and just upgraded your vid card on your...
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    Asus 3850 512mb GDDR3 + Alone in the Dark $60 after MIR Dont forget to add the combo down near the bottom of the page for the free AitD. Comes with Company of Heros: Opposing Fronts as well.
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    Possible Woot-Off, 2/12

    Woot newsletter.. last paragraph.. Last newsletter mentioned something like this and the next day and a half was the wootoff.
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    ThingFling: 25 cables, $25 shipped guaranteed $65 Monster HDMI-DVI cable, $21 flat 50' cat5 cable, $35 firewire cable. I figure even if half of them are scsi/parallel cables, it should have at least something i can use for the hometheater i'm building.
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    Office Depot-brand blank media sale

    50pk spindle CD-Rs $5.99 100pk DVD+/-R spindle $17.99 Memorex 100pk CD-R spindle $12.99...
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    Possible Woot-Off Thursday!

    From the e-mail newsletter:
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    Microcenter: Kingston 1gb MicroSD card + Adapter $9.99 ($11.98 shipped) Coupon for in-store pickup:
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    $49 1gb DDR2 667/PC5300 - Microcenter Coupon for in-store pickup: Not really familiar with the brand.. but if all you're lookin to do is fill the...
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    Fairly [H]ot: JVC Car Reciever w/ built in HD-Radio Tuner $199 $199 for a head unit that includes HD tuning is pretty sweet, IMO.
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    Warm-ish: 400gb PATA 8mb 7200rpm - $99 @ Microcenter

    3 year warantee is nice, ATA/100 is sorta bleh. Product Specifications Manufacturer Samsung Capacity 400GB Interface Type IDE UltraDMA ATA/100 Buffer Size (Cache) 8MB Spindle Speed (RPM)...
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    1950XT $199, couple other nice deals @ Microcenter 8am-10pm 12-26 only

    Apologies for the big graphic. These are in-store only, no web/phone orders. There's a few other ones available:
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    400gb SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 - $99 shipped

    Stolen from Slickdeals: Newegg has 400GB OEM Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Serial ATA hard drive with perpendicular technology for $140 - $20 instant - $20 coupon FREDSBARCUDA1211 = $100 with free shipping. Model Brand Seagate...
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    1gb flash drive, $9.99 Microcenter (online only) no rebates Shipping may vary. Its $5.99 to ship one to me (near detroit), but only $14.90 to ship 10. Ad specifically says not available for in-store pickup.
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    [W]armish.. 1gb flash drive $15.99 @ Microcenter Bulk drives, no annoying plastic packaging. They have them up at the register. Also 1gb SD cards for the same price.
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    [H]ot? Sandisk 512mb USB Flash Drive $9.99 @ Microcenter, no rebates

    Cheaper than any 512mb drive on the egg.. pretty snazzy. Product Specifications Capacity 512MB Interface Type USB 2.0/1.1 Interface Supported Windows Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 98se, ME, 2000...
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    Costco - Olympus 8.0MP Digital Camera $199 - B&M/Web Available online and in-store. Uses xD cards.. OfficeDepot has a 1gb card for $35 after MIR right now. ------ Features and Benefits: * Prints will most definitely do justice to your pictures -...
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    [W]arm to [S]ultry - Verizon "Music Essentials" package $99 B&M

    Pretty snazzy deal for phones that support the MicroSD cards. 2gb MicroSD card (with fullsized SD card adapter) USB cable to transfer stuff to phone Headphones Music Organization software Saw it at 3 different Verizon stores while trying to get my e815 fixed.. can't seem to find link to...
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    CompUSA: 250gb SATA hd $59.99 AR I've never heard of this manufacturer.. and 1 year warrantee is sorta bleh.. but good price.
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    Pretty Warm: 300 gb Maxtor 16mb cache PATA $99AR @ CompUSA
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    Motherboard Issue?

    Running an Opteron 165 @ stock right now due to stability issues.. and CPU-Z is showing a massive fluxuation in the voltage.. from 1.322 up to 1.416... is this normal? or is this just a faulty motherboard voltage regulator? Rest of specs in the sig.
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    20gb iRiver Video Player, Woot! $199 + 5 shipping... cheapest froogle is $237.
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    $289 XFX PV-T71G-UDF7 GeForce 7900 GT PCI Express 256MB DDR3 Video Card Free fedex 2nd day too. Not super-hot, but better price than anyone else has.
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    (2) 7600 GT, SLI mobo and 600w PSU $586.99 @ Egg Special combo deal.. pretty shweet.
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    7900GT and GTX @ Egg

    The EVGA ones: 7900 GTX $599 7900 GTX $549 (lower clocked) 7900 GT $359 Wow. Was expecting closer...
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    Warm? Ultra Wizard case + X-Finity 500W $39.99 AR
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    Ultra X-Connect 500W Modular $19.99 AR

    unit: rebate Not a bad price for B&M.. or if you missed out on the radioshack dealypoo.