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    FS: Corsair Vengeance Blue 8GB (2x4 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800)

    Corsair Vengeance Blue 8GB (2x4 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800) Two used 4GB $35 shipped OBO
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    latest android update

    Is anyone else having an issue with the new update and their WiFi? Mine keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Very Frustrating.
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    Batman Arkham City GOTY vs. Standard

    I purchased Batman Arkham City via preorder when it first came out from Best Buy and now Best Buy has the GOTY edition for $10. Seems to include some extra stuff, is it worth it to get the GOTY edition?
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    After four years...

    I've finally complete both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. I feel like I've accomplished a major feat. Only about ten more to go.
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    Wanted: Skt 775 stuff

    Skt 775 M/B with four memory slots; for a Q6600 Still looking! Skt 775 HSF; for a Q6600 Found!
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    PS3 Controller Stopped Working

    So my blue PS3 controller which has seen maybe 100 hours of use stopped working out the blue last week. I tried everything: physically connecting to the PS3, reset button etc. Then randomly it started working again. My google-fu returned similar symptoms and either reset button worked, new...
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    Team Fortress 2 Item Values?

    I have two Bill's hats and two Ellis' caps. What is the value of one Bill's and one Ellis'? I'm wondering if the Bill's is worth trading for a Strange Mini Gun + extra or just a straight one to one.
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    Need a recommendation

    Chipset Z68 Intel i7 1155 Hate Gigabyte Like Asus Open to ideas Suggestions?
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    Firefly Barnes and Noble $18/12.49

    From SD: Firefly Blu-Ray Also some a of 30% code : E7U4N9X Use the code to get it down to $12.49
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    Wanted: Batman Arkham Asylum PS3

    As title says looking for a copy of Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition for the PS3 in good shape. PM with offers!
  11. H HELP!

    I have a text box that user can enter any one character into. What I'm searching for is either for that character to be a "J" or "F". If a lowercase of either is entered, and errorprovider and messagebox spits out a message. If anything other than "J" or "F" is entered the same errorprovider...
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    PS3 Acting Slow

    So H console gamers I need to know if any of you have experienced the symptoms I'm having with my PS3. Last night I updated to newest firmware, installed the free games from the Welcome Back promotion, and downloaded some themes. Fired up netflix and went to browse through my instant queue...
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    Droid X vs. Droid 2

    So its about time for me to upgrade my phone and it seems the cheapest ones I can get are the Droids. Some of my family and co-workers have the Droid X, while it has a bigger screen and better camera no one can explain why they picked it over the Droid 2 (which happens to be the cheapest Droid...
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    eSata Hard Drive Dock

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a hard drive dock? I plan on using it mostly for copying files to and from via eSata from various drives for backup. Thanks.
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    FS: Cable Modem

    Motorola SB5101U $55. Purchased two week ago from Frys, used for a week.
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    Dropped Internet Connection Win7

    Hey guys this problem has been stumping me all morning. Installed Windows 7 Professional x64 last night. Everything was working alright. Then this morning, when I open Windows Live! Mail my connection just drops off on my desktop. When I run ipconfig I get information that I am connected...
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    PS2 Light gun...?

    Does anyone know where I can find a PS2 light gun that works with LCD TVs/Monitors? I have a couple shooter games I would love to play again...
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    Vista x64 and BF2142

    I can't play BF2142 online with Vista x64. The game starts up fine, I can see my friends online playing. But as soon as I attempt to join a multiplayer game it just crashes to the desktop and windows tells me 2142.exe has stopped responding. However, I can start and play in single player. Ive...
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    CMOS Checksum Error

    When booting I get a bad checksum error press F1 to enter setup. I do that, restart and then I the same error with date and time not set. I set the date and time, restart and its reset again with the same error. Ive tried swapping the battery out with another one, leaving the battery out...
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    Help set me at ease [H] VC gurus

    Im pretty sure my XFX 8800GTS 320mb card started to die late sunday afternoon. I loaded up TF2 left the room and come back to both my monitors in a reddish tint with green boxes going diagonal across my screen(s). Computer was un-responsive so I hard reset and upon boot at the POST and...
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    Ugg...Controller card issues

    I have this card and have 2x WD75000AAKS drives attached to it. I recently got this card and hooked the 750gb drives to it. The problem? During boot the Raid screen appears and detects one 750 gives the model number and then just sits there with a blinking dot. Hit the power button...
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    Hows this for a camera?

    I want something simple, with a high MP and able to take still shots while the camera or what Im shooting is moving.
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    Aux in Recording Software

    What does the [H] crowd recommend for recording from an outside source? My grandpa wants to record/backup a bunch of old cassettes in .mp3 format.
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    P180 Lower HDD Fan

    How did you guys get yours installed? I bought the correct sized fan, but not quite sure how to go about getting it in there. Do I need another one of those plastic fan brackets that snap in?
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    C2D E6600 and ECS G31T-M

    Non-CC Paypal Shipping is extra based on location Some heat under hity645 ECS M/B G31T-M Brand New Never used/opened $40 SOLD!!! C2D E6600, 2.4GHz
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    Buy 1 Get 1 Free TV Series, Stargate Xfiles etc

    Linky!!! As title says. Anyone wanna get 2x of the X-Files Ultimate Collection and go halves on the price PM me!
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    What do you guys think

    Defiantly gonna purchase a new drive later this week. Ran outta room on my Media drive. Currently Im sporting two 500gb wd drives. Both are the WD5000YS. Up until today all retailers have had it out of stock, and newegg doesn't have it at least when I searched last friday. Should...
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    Master Volume is at Zero but sound sitll plays?

    This just happened today, I have a 6.1 setup that Im using in 5.1. Rear center speaker isnt hooked up. I have a X-Fi Fatal1ty. Ive had no problems what so ever until last night. The master volume is set to zero, yet I still get sound out of the speakers. The only thing that seems to control...
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    CSS Radar Disappeared

    Dunno where it went or how to toggle, Ive pressed all sorts of buttons. It does show my location in text when moving around the map, but no map... help please?
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    New Starcraft Patch

    Thought some of you might enjoy this.
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    Good Software Based Firewall?

    In the market for a nice software firewall that won't hog alot of resources, be easy to use and config and not block every program/network setting. Windows Firewall has failed me... Ive been using Norton Personal Firewall 2003 since it was released and have been very pleased with what it...
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    CnC 3 Patch 1.03 out :)
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    FS: Old Computer

    MAKE ME OFFERS!!! Also open to trade ideas!!! Like hard drives or lower end/generic DDR ram also hdmi/dvi converter. Antec SOHO Case PlusView $35 Link Antec True Blue II 480watt $55 Link Kingston HyperX PC3200 (4x256MB) $110 or $25ea - 1 stick/all pending Link ATI 9800 Pro 128MB AGP $45...
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    Another help me pick some memory thread.

    Going to be building a new machine soon, Im looking at getting the: C2D e6600 Asus P5B-E and pairing it with CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Link That ram is kinda expensive though...too much for my taste. I want to overclock the CPU at some point to...
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    Windows Home Server

    Anyone else get an invite to beta test this product? After reading about it in Max PC and applying online to beta test Im now able to download it and will prolly install on my server this weekend or following weekend. Just from the short articles and such Ive read it sounds like it will have...
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    For you PC Gamers/Console Gamers
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    How fast can you type?

    How fast can you type:
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    Black Friday 2006 Deals

    Black Friday 2006 is over, links taken down, files deleted. :)
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    Starcraft on a Stick
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    Chain Reaction