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    Ryzen 7 2700x or Ryzen 5 2600x

    2600x w/ 1080. I may be biased. :P AM4 supposed to be Ryzen 3xxx friendly, but I'd guess that it's the quality of the VRMs that will limit CPU support for the next-gen upper tier CPU's on the X470 boards + BIOS updates from a reputable manufacturer.... but that's pure conjecture at this point...
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    The Top 5 Worst CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    Many good times were had with a MyComp/TMC TI5VGF and an AMD K6-3 450.... and that awesome 4-in-1 VIA driver package on Win98 :(... /s
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    Was thinking "BE" in the respect of some type of top-end / halo SKU of the R7 family.... as I would guess that the "FX" moniker is to be buried along with the previous gen stuff. And agree on that halo/HEDT piece... the chipsets aren't there yet, but simply a I'd say a function of time and...
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    Also.. here's a thought... what if AMD were to "halo" one of their new Naples/Snowy Owl's as an R7 HEDT or "R9" variant in the family like the 6800K/6900K options from Intel and re-work an improved X370 with quad channel memory support? Or could we see the return of the Black Edition R7 to be...
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    The AMD K5 PR133 wasn't so good :D But still, not bad for Socket 3 drop-in! :)
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    CCX being a cluster of 4 cores and 8MB L3, the question would be is the 6C R5 2x CCX's with 3/4 operational cores sharing L3 (ie: failed R7 QC on 1 of the members of the each CCX). More importantly, is the CCX on the 4C R3 a set of 2x CCX's with 2/4 operational cores sharing L3 cache or a...
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    Ryzen 8 Core is actually made of 2 quad dies? (It's Not)

    So beautiful.... that could be a painting. :)
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    Tide o' Ryzen reviews

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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    For lulz... Q9550 @ 3.5 GHz -- 02:56:75 :p
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    Damn, its nice to see people getting legitimately EXCITED for an AMD product

    I'm excited that we as customers have 2 viable choices again in the CPU realm --- PC power advanced rapidly when Intel and AMD were neck and neck in the ~500 MHz+ days of K7/TBird & P3 Katmai/Coppermine and customers had a choice between platforms that leap-frogged each other all the time. Maybe...
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    Ryzen Neural Net Prediction and Smart Prefetch with benchmarks?

    First glance, and I could be dead wrong on this. :) NNP looks like its centered in the branch prediction portion of the core -- so maybe some type of hashing table internally for instructions with counters as well as addresses/data in the load/store queues for cached fetches (maybe also...
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X on the [H] Test Bench

    But..... where's the RGB? :P Can't wait for the review on this! It feels like the early K7 days again! :)
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    Who's buying AMD Ryzen? And Why? 30 day poll after intial release!

    I have a Core 2 Quad. Ryzen because the jump to ~Broadwell-E performance from Yorkfield will be ... mind-blowingly awesome. :)
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    WTB: MSI K8N Neo Platinum or equivalent

    Man, my FX-55 and 6800 Ultra had a home on a Neo 2 Platinum back in the day. Traded up to an A8N-SLI so I could go for my first PCI-E 8800 GTX. Good times! :) GLWS!
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    WTB: Nvidia 680

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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    Been a while - changed locations and spruced up the decoration slightly. Must say I'm a big fan of that cherry finish on this desk - 10 years going strong and still looks new! Mind the cabling mess - out of sight, out of mind! Major additions since last posting is the audio system - had...
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    What brand memory sticks are you running? POLL

    Rockin' the OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Edition. 4x2GB for a grand total of 8 GB. EOL of Course :) I think it's time for 'Yorkie' to be replaced...
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    Your CPU progression

    Motorola 6809E (Tandy TRS-80 lol) Intel 80286 8 MHz (IBM PS/2) Intel 80386 SX-16 (complete with Turbo button!) Intel 80486 DX/2-66 (33 MHz, 2x multiplier and FPU!) AMD KR133 486 Overdrive Chip (aka Am5x86) - (Supposed P133 performance for Socket 3... more like P75..) Intel Pentium 75 P54C...
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    FS: Core2Duo E6600 s775

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    FS: Q6600 - G0

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    Sound Card Recommendations

    Finally had the chance to retire my 4.5 year old single-core Athlon 64 FX-based system and move up into the world of Core 2 Duo for the right price. New system has 8 GB of RAM, and as such, moving to x64 was inevitable. Hence, I'm running Vista x64 SP1 on this new box. Current Audio Setup...
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    I'm still using an Opteron 165 :(

    Single core goodness still rocking here. Honestly I'm surprised the FX-55 hasn't kicked it yet, since it's been running 3.00 for almost its' entire lifespan (this isn't those cooler running San Diego's either... she's a Clawhammer). Sure, it isn't as flashy as it once was and certainly isn't...
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    Anyone on a S939 system planning on upgrading to the 4870?

    Keeping an Athlon 64 FX-55 @ 3.00 GHz (Clawhammer... none of this fancy San Diego stuff) and 2 GB's of TCCD, I swapped out an old MSI K8N Neo-2 Platinum and BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra (AGP) for an Asus A8N-SLI & BFG GeForce 8800 GTX. There was a big difference. :) As in, I'm able to game at...
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    What Resolution U Guys Use For Gaming

    1920x1200 when possible. :)
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    Will you attempt to purchase a GT260 or 280 on Launch Day if reviews look good?

    Ahh.... to 280 or not to 280... This FX-55 needs replacement before anything like a 280 goes near my case.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Main Workstation for 2008 - Desk Shot @ Night: Changes from 2007: ** Replaced Dell 21" Trinitron with 24" Westinghouse L2410NM LCD ** Replaced Lian-Li PC71 with CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Desk Shot with flash (will update with a daytime shot later on) Obligatory Angle Shot...
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    post your Server Screenshots

    Nautilus, the main server here @ home. Surprisingly snappy on Windows Server 2008 for an aging platform (760-MPX). Specs: Lian-Li PC71 Full Tower MSI K7D Master-L 760-MPX Motherboard 2x AMD Athlon MP 2400+ 2x 1024 MB Crucial DDR400 (running @ 266) Built-By-ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Intel...
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    Network pics thread

    Network Layout Diagram It's been steadily growing over the last few years. All workstations on 1000 Mbps ethernet. All laptops on D-Link proprietary 108 Mbps wireless. Nautilus is the central server, being ADDS DC, File Server, AV Server (NOD32), DB Server (MySQL & SQL2K8) & Web...
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    WTB: i815 ATX motherboard, 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 AGP, AWE64 PCI, GUS, misc.

    I want to, but I just can't part with the red behemoth! :( ^Free Bump^ for a guy who's looking for a working GUS with drivers! These things rocked! **memories**
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    AGP club

    GeForce 6800 Ultra in my backup desktop. Radeon 9800 Pro in the media centre. Radeon 9700 Pro in the file server. Radeon 9200 in yet another desktop. GeForce 4 Ti4400 in a test linux box. GeForce 3 in the domain controller. :) GeForce 2 GTS lives on in a Slot A Athlon Smoothwall box :)...
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    64-Bit Anti-Virus Suggestions

    Not too long ago, CA was offering a free 1-year license (including updates) to their eTrust Anti-Virus package for use on Vista systems. Not sure if this is still valid, but it's been working for me since August 2007...
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    GF 9xxx in February 2008

    Just as a passing thought on memory bandwidth... What's to keep NVidia from re-designing or re-working the actual layout of the GPU backend so that 2 seperate memory busses could provide the required bandwidth, instead of lumping it all on to a 384-bit bus... why not break this up across a...
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    Socket 939 Upgrade or Dump?

    *sigh* The upgrade bug is starting to bite again... But it's just so damn hard to part with the better part of $1000 of hard-earned cash for a serious C2Q upgrade when a single-core FX-55 @ 3 GHz and 8800 GTX OC still can handle just about anything I can throw at it on a 24" LCD (Crysis &...
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Pulled the trigger on an L2410NM tonight from the brand new Best Buy that opened up here in Ottawa. Got it for a steal. :) FWIW, I'm coming from a 21" Trinitron CRT. Box stated 700:1. Manual stated 700:1. 1.1 Firmware. Graphics card is a BFG 8800 GTX OC with Forceware 169.09 on WinXP...
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    GTX Owners say Ouch!! (Part II)

    In February, I faced a dilemma: Upgrade an entire system.... OR swap out from an AGP-based 939 board & 6800 Ultra to a PCI-E 939 board and drop in a 8800 GTX. :) Glad I chose the second. Even with this older Single-Core A64 system, the GTX certainly has made gaming this year quite...
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Very intense. Definately one of the most memorable missions in CoD4. Running through the entire gunship battle in the capital city, saving the downed pilot and getting nuked is more than enough to get the adrenaline pumping. :)
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Warning: Spoiler Alert (well, not necessarily, but still an interesting viewpoint from the game) Act 1 - Mission: "Shock & Awe" :). Click for 1600x1200 full-size.