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    Some thoughts on these models

    I'm in search of a new monitor for my rig at home and could use some suggestions. I've done a bit of research, so I know the basics: differences between TN and IPS, response time, etc. However, there are definitely things I haven't encountered yet, and figured the [H] is the best place to...
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Wanted to get some additional eyes after pouring through a ton of reviews and research over the last couple weeks. Anyway, here is what I came up with: GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard $120 Intel Core i5-3550 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz...
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    Fallout - Good or Evil?

    After talking with a few friends, I've found it interesting that some folks could not bring themselves to play evil in Fallout 3. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to play good. With Fallout: New Vegas soon to be released, I was wondering what folks do on their first play though?
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    Must have titles for xbox 360

    I was eyeballing one of the new slim models and was wondering which titles everyone thought was a "must have" for xbox (outside of Halo series and Red Dead).
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    Rather perplexing system problem

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife's main system decided to stop working without notice. However, our house had apparently taken a power hit, as all the clocks were reset. I do keep it on a surge protector. Anyway, it would not power on - no fans, nothing. Thinking of the simplest solutions...
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    Problems with fresh Vista install

    Ok, I'm almost ready to give up on this thing. Figured I'd go ahead and make the move to Vista Ultimate x64 (from the 3 month WFP program), so I've got a fresh install with SP1 and updated drivers to go with it for the main rig in my sig. The problem comes in getting network connectivity. I...
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    Gal Civ 2's new expansion pack

    Anyone here checked out Twilight of the Arnor? If so, thoughts? Saw it had been recently released and I spent many hours on the original, so was considering picking it up.
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    For anyone that hasn't played Bioshock

    It's selling for $29.99 at many outlets these days. Anyway, I wanted to pick this up based on all the forum hub-bub and good reviews it got earlier, but couldn't justify the $49.99 price tag for a SP only game. So far, it's definitely worth it. Great fun that I missed out on.
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    GW:EN at Target - $9.99

    Wasn't sure whether to stick this here or in the gaming section, but if anyone still has yet to pick up the Guild Wars:Eye of the North exp pack, Target had it for $9.99. Not sure how long the sale is going to last. Wasn't going to pick it up, but I figured for that price, I couldn't beat it.
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    Is 2008 shaping up to be a dry year for PC gaming?

    I was looking at the upcoming releases, and outside of Far Cry 2 and Left 4 Dead, there really isn't much that looks too appealing or "Must Have". Anyone else feel the same way?
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    Odd question on a default WinXP wallpaper

    Ok, I've never noticed this before - mainly because I've never used it as a background - but, does anyone else see a hand giving the user the bird in the Purple Flower.jpg wallpaper that comes with WinXP? (I created a login for my 7-yo and she picked it out, so needless to say I went to an...
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    Any upcoming coop games?

    I'm pretty familiar with what exists already (Rainbow 6, SWAT 4, Serious Sam, RTS games). But I'm rather disappointed that most devs seem to gloss over coop for PC games these days. I remember having fun with JO and its expansion back in the day. Is there anything that looks promising outside...
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    Anyone still play World in Conflict?

    I remember the game came out to rave reviews, but I hesitated buying it because the beta seemed rather repetitive. I assumed the repetitiveness would carry over to the full game, and wanted to wait to see if folks still thought highly of the MP months later. I know some folks have picked up...
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    Madden 08

    Just picked this title up for my Wii and played through the tutorials and mini-games before starting my first game. One thing I noticed was that I sucked on the receiving practice in the tutorial - I only caught 40% of my passes. Is there anything special I can do to help out, other than...
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    Need gag PC game...:D

    Ok - turning to the power of [H] for help on this one. I have a few ideas, but still searching for the right gift this Christmas. Anyway, my brother-in-law got a gag gift for me and his other brother - Big Rigs Racing and Gods and Generals - the 2 worst rated games at Gamespot. So now we're...
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    What do you do with your old games?

    My binder was starting to get quite large, and I was thinking of pairing it down before my next LAN party. Anyway, it got me wondering what to do with games I've played, but aren't likely to grace my HDD again.
  17. W me - I'm pulling my hair out

    Ok, I've been a fairly patient and methodical man to this point. So I'll list my trouble here in hopes that someone might be able to assist/point me in the right direction or verify I'm doing everything right. My system is as follows: Intel E6600 @ stock speeds/voltage, Enermax Liberty 500W...
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    Just pulled the trigger on E6600 - coming from AMD camp

    I've been doing LOTS of digging and research and have my planned build. So far I've got: CPU - E6600 Conroe RAM - 2x1GB DDR2-800 Corsair PSU - Enermax 500W Modular (dual 12V rails @ 22A ea) Sound - Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music HDD - 250GB 7200RPM SATA Video - ATI Radeon X1900 XT Mobo -...
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    Savage 2

    Ripped from the Shack: Everyone who pre-orders Savage 2: A Tortured Soul before April 15 will get in on the game's closed beta. The action/strategy hybrid game sequel, which is due out this fall as a digital download, will be sold for $29.99. I...
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    FPS players - Do you use a controller or plain old keyboard?

    I was just curious. Been in the market to get rid of this crappy keyboard, but haven't found anything that grabs me. The gaming keyboard thread gave me some ideas, but seems like there is no perfect keyboard out there. I know it's a matter of taste and opinion too though, so I was curious how...
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    Is the Shuttle SN95G5V3 my only option?

    I've been contemplating a SFF system for a while now, and would like to make the plunge. However, after doing some research, the only Socket 939 SFF system with AGP seems to be the Shuttle XPC SN95G5V3. I've found mATX boards for 939, but most appear to be PCI-E, and purchaing a new video...
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    So...what games get your adrenaline going?

    I've played a LOT of games, and so far have found only a handful that accomplish this. The best so far seems to be Call of Duty and the United Offensive expansion pack. These are required at almost every LAN I go to. Once I was in a small 5 on 5 match, and I swear it seemed as though I had to...
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    Ripped from Shacknews: Computer Games Magazine is reporting that Stardock is working on a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game, which will be free to play. According to Stardock head Brad Wardell, the game will sort of be 'The Sims meets...
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    Silent Hunter 3

    Has anyone here picked this up? My pre-order just arrived today, and while I would normally be excited and open it up right away, I heard a nasty rumor that said it had StarForce CD protection on it. Now, while I'm ok with a CD copy protection being in place, what I'm not ok with is that while...
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    Act of War

    Anyone here planning on picking this up? I must admit that it sounds like it might be a good RTS, but without a good fanbase, any game is liable to die rather quickly.
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    Would you join a WoW [H] group on either Firetree or Spirestone?

    I know this is related to the other thread, but a vote would put this to rest. If nobody wants to migrate to a server other than what they are on, then that's fine too. PS - both Firetree and Spirestone are new PvP servers.
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    Killing time

    Well, I am finally returning home from Iraq. However, it wasn't quite in the way that I had planned for. I was injured in the attack on the Mess Hall in Mosul, and so I will be spending quite a bit of time at home as I heal. Anyway, to the point, since this is a gaming forum. What sort of...
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    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

    Ok, I've been living in a rock for the last 4 months (Iraq), and will be glutting myself on games when I return this month. My wife sent me a PC Gamer that had the demo on it, and I must say it was rather fun. However, I ran a search here, and I don't see many threads discussing it. Granted...
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    $400 to budget for vid card & hdd

    I'm building a new system beginning next month and am torn on which would provide the bigger boost to performance. This system will be my primary gaming rig. Anyway, I can either: (a) pick up a 74GB 10K RPM Raptor and a GF6600 GT, or (b) stick with my existing 80GB 7200RPM 8MB cache Maxtor...
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    Why no interest in Joint Ops around here?

    Granted Doom3 is big news, but Joint Ops came and went without raising too many eyebrows. While it's far from perfect (the heli physics and grenade spammers suck), I don't feel that it was THAT bad of a game overall. It's got decent coop to it, which is good since coop generally doesn't get...
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    Audigy 2 NX for laptops

    Wasn't quite sure if this was more audio or mobile computing. But I figured it was relavent in here since the product seems as though it were designed for notebooks. Anyway, does anyone out there own this device? I was contemplating picking one up to augment the shitty sound that came with...
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    Wireless questions

    Ok, first off, I'll caveat this with saying I did some homework before buying a wireless router and setting it up on my home network - especially in regards to security. However, I'm still rather new, and have a couple things I'm a bit curious about. So is the bandwidth provided by the...
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    WCPUID alternatives

    I've noticed that there have been no recent versions or updates to WCPUID on H-ODA's website. He's got a snazzy utility, but I'm in a bit of a jam, because it causes BSODs on my Dell Inspiron laptop. (I figure it's because he hasn't updated to account for the P-Ms yet.) Anyway, is there a...
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    Multiplatform releases - console or PC?

    Was just curious as to how folks here judge which platform to purchase for when a game is released. I was thinking about picking up Simpsons Hit & Run, but was unsure as to go with Gamecube version or PC version. Noticable control differences?