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    GNOME 3.14 Is Winning Back Linux Users

    I'm one of those people that actually liked Unity when it came out (and still use it), and didn't really mind Gnome 3. I also instantly liked Windows 8 when it came out and much prefer it to Windows 7. Judging from everyone else's reactions to these desktop environments, I feel like there's...
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    Windows 8.1 Update Deadline Pushed Back

    Installed Win 8.1 update 1 just fine on 6 out of 7 machines. I have a Dell XPS 12 that would not successfully install update 1 no matter what fixes I attempted to try. Eventually reinstalled Windows 8 and went through the processes of upgrading to 8.1 and then installing update 1 and it...
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    TV Subscriptions Fall for First Time as Viewers Cut the Cord

    I'm in my mid 30s, and I'm a "cord never". I attribute this mainly to growing up in a rural area though. I notice that most people in my age group still subscribe to pay TV services and have a need/expectation to watch the latest shows and favorite news channel. I don't see that type of TV...
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    Oracle Installs Deceptive Software With Java Updates

    Really? Crap. :( *throws Ubuntu box out the window*
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    Ten Years Ago Today In Tech

    Yeah, I gave my old NF7S board with the 2500+ barton (axda) and 9800GT to a friend of mine a long time ago, he uses it to this day in his polebarn where he fixes cars that were in accidents. He uses the computer to pull up schematics and stuff, and it doubles as his music/mp3 player.:D If you...
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    Windows 8 Will Be Available Oct. 26th

    I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to OS preferences. I really like Ubuntu on my home desktop. I think the Unity interface is a great improvement over the previous gnome interface. I don't like Mint nearly as much. I sometimes use the KDE DE for the fun of something different, but...
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    Windows 8: A Design Disaster

    I think what MS should have done is just made a bar on the left hand side of the screen for all the application icons, and make it so users can rearrange the order or add/remove program icons from the bar on the left. At the top of the left bar, have a search function that users can use to find...
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    Today Is World Backup Day!

    Funny. Have a raid mirror in my SBS 2008 server for the small business I work for. One of the drives fails last night. No big deal. Took bad one out, ordered a new one today. Well, this evening, the other drive fails. What luck. Ran out to the store and paid a lot of money for a...
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    21 Break Ideas to Boost Your Productivity at Work

    Phil has more or less just become a running joke over on consumerist. I don't think I've ever seen him post a story that actually had anything to do with their mission statement of "The Consumerist empowers consumers by informing and entertaining them about the top consumer issues of the day...
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    The Random Sentence Generator

    "Only one teacher kicked the dancing dead body. "
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    Google Guesses Your Age And Sex

    Aww. Oh well, apparently I have my browser set up "correctly".
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    Free Game Friday

    It's certainly not new, but I've been playing Battle for Wesnoth, which is a free game. I can play it in Ubuntu, which is a plus.
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    Why I am Dumping Firefox

    On my Windows computer at work, I use Firefox 4. I don't like Chrome at all on a Windows based system. I don't mind IE9, but I am used to the addons that I use for Firefox and don't see any need to switch. However, on my home computer running Ubuntu 10.10, I don't like Firefox 3.x at all...
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    Mozilla Firefox Celebrates 6 Years

    I was a Mozilla user, and switched to Firefox in February or March of 2004 I think? I remember thinking that I'd rather stick with Mozilla, but it seemed like they were replacing it with Firefox, so I better just get used to it. I still use Firefox. I think it's pretty darn refined. I...
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    Halo 2600

    Well, no red ring of death this way I guess.
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    Best Buy Responds To “3D Glasses Syncing Service”

    So if I go to a Best Buy knowing what I want, pick out the product, and purchase it without buying additional services, this means I have no money?
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    BBC Reporter Breaks ‘Unbreakable’ Phone

    Yeah, same here. I've had my Type S for two years now, and I've put it through far worse than that just showing it off to people.
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    Thank you so much for your offer YeOldeStonecat. I think I *might* have things working properly now. Under the smallbusiness SMTP connector properties (yes, I now have this connector after running the wizard :) ), I selected the option to "use DNS to route to each address space on this...
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    I was successful in getting the wizard started and going. I went through the steps in the wizard and everything seemed to go ok. I was getting pretty hopeful at this point. I then went to my workstation, and clicked to open up outlook, and get this message: "Cannot start microsoft outlook...
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    This server has been running for about a year now. Everything besides this issue works fine. marley1 - I think you are right on about the restarting idea. Now that I think about it, I may have had to do that once before to get one of the other wizards working when I was initially setting...
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    Great, for some reason the wizard isn't working. None of them are. I open them up, get the opening screen, click next, and nothing happens. I'm having nothing but luck and great times here.:(
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    Ok, I'll try to make sense of what you just said. I think maybe it got me closer to what I need to do. So on the server, I only had the pop3 connector, so I went into the "exchange system manager". Under the connectors folder, it showed the one pop3 connector. Under the "action" menu...
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    E-mail issue regarding SBS 03 using pop3 connector, how to forward DNS?

    I am attempting to resolve an issue with e-mail. Right now, we use SBS 2003. We also have e-mail (and domain, and webhosting) through godaddy. I have the server set up with the pop3 connector tool or whatever to check for messages and deliver them to the appropriate user mailboxes. Now, I...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    count me in
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    Monitor fuse?

    I have a 17" Aopen lcd that "died" on me recently, and I ordered a 19" Acer lcd to replace it. I walked up to my computer one day and the 17" was not powered on (I had left it on) and it wouldn't turn on again. I figured I'd pull it apart just to have a look, and it all appears to be fine, but...
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    Transfering an old program?

    If anyone has time, let me know if you can think of anything to help my dilemma here. So, one of the partners at the accounting firm I work at purchased a new laptop. Her old laptop she figured she would give to one of the employees for fieldwork. The thing is old, but useable, and she...
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    Minnesota/Twin Citie Gamers?

    I don't check these forums a whole lot and just noticed I got a PM about this thread (like 2 months ago, lol). For those of you interested, I do occasionally host a LAN party at the office I work at. There are 6 A64 computers available, and a 16 port gigabit switch with space for more...
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    About to buy a couple of laptops

    Yeah, my boss and I have been going back and forth on what to get. We are trying to decide between these two: I initially thought the Acer would be the choice...
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    About to buy a couple of laptops

    I know nothing about laptops, and briefly learned a thing or two by reading the faqs on this forum. I hate to be the stereotypical poster that posts "what should I get?" or whatever, I actually have one picked out. I was just wondering if I could swing it by a few other people and get some...
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    Needing DVD Burner...

    I have a Lite on DVD burner in both my computer and my girlfriend's computer. Mine is an 8x dual layer and works just fine, though I burn far more CDs, I have maybe burned 2 DVDs so far. Have yet to have a single error burning a CD. My girlfriend on the other hand has the 16x dual layer Lite...
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    75GXP Class Action Settlement, $100 refund if eligible

    Well, looks like I have 2 harddrives that qualify for this. There is only one problem - they are still in running computers that are being used. I don't think I am going to worry about it, since the drives have been working out fine for quite some time now. If something was going to happen...
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    Post your "Which games never get old?"

    Alright, I can think of a couple. Ice Hockey - NES My brother and I fire this up at the cabin when there is nothing else to do, and engage in constant team fighting. Remember when you were a kid and mashed the buttons just to see a bunch of pixellated figures pile up together and...
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    Anybody play Warcraft 3 anymore?

    I guarantee that you would slaughter me. I am so rusty with the ladder/normal game that it is not even funny. The only game I really play now with my limited time is TOB.
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    Anybody play Warcraft 3 anymore?

    Just seeing if anyone still plays Warcraft 3, now that WOW has been out for a while. I am still playing it because of my...affliction (I can't play any FPS type games due to motion sickness). Anyways, we have been playing a custom game called Tides of Blood that has basically become it's own...
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    Newest Drivers screw with my DPI

    Alright, I have a bone to pick with ATI's current drivers. I have an ATI Radeon 9800Pro. The drivers I had on here were downloaded September. I figure that I should download the latest drivers once in a while (like twice a year) so I went ahead and just downloaded the current drivers from...
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    Minnesota/Twin Citie Gamers?

    I know where you are. I grew up in Maple Plain.
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    Nostalgic Gaming

    Wow, I feel outdated. I still use the SNES for my main gaming console, though I still have way more games for the NES, so that gets played a lot too. Ice Hockey is fun when you have friends over and stuff. I bought a PSone when the price came down to 40 bucks, but the only games I have for...
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    Detecting Keyloggers

    Alright, I forwarded those links over to her, she appreciated it. Thanks for the help and quick responses! If anyone has anything else to add, feel free. lol, she says no, but I don't really involve myself in other's affairs (no pun intended :p ).
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    Detecting Keyloggers

    Alright, I just got asked by someone at work if there was something out there to detect keyloggers for her home computer. I told her just to run ad-aware and spybot s&d, and to run a good anti-virus program, like Norton or trend micro. However, she got a little more in-depth and said that she...
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    Im sorry... I cant help but laugh

    I just overclocked my 2.0L Volkswagon to a 5.0L Mustang.